Shield of Guilliman Strike Force

I have greatly appreciated the effort GW has put into providing Gladius equivalents for White Scars, Raven Guard, Salamanders, Iron Hands, and Imperial Fists.

I realize that the Gladius Strike Force, and pretty much everything in C: SM, is supposed to be the Ultramarine’s version of things, since they are the most “Codex-adherent” chapter out there, but I still think it would be neat for the Sons of Guilliman to have their own unique Detachment, Relics, etc.

Here is my stab at that concept:



*1-2 CORE

*0-3 HQ

*1+ AUX


1 – Rites of Command — If WL from this detachment is alive, all units from this detachment may use his Leadership value instead of their own for any Morale or Pinning tests.

2 – Veteran Skill — Once per game, Veteran Sergeants in Tactical squads from this detachment may give their squad and any attached characters Relentless. Once per game, Veteran Sergeants in Assault squads from this detachment may give their squad and any attached characters Shred for their close combat attacks. Once per game, Veteran Sergeants in Devastator squads from this detachment may give their squad and any attached characters Interceptor for their shooting attacks.

3 – Battle-Tested Leaders — If this detachment includes 2 CORE choices, one with a Captain and one with a Chaplain, then any Tactical, Assault, Devastator, Scout, Scout Biker, Assault Centurion, or Devastator Centurion squads may upgrade their Sergeants to Veteran Sergeants for free.



1 – Battle Demi-Company (See C:SM)

2 – Assault Demi-Company (1 Captain or Chaplain, 0-1 Command Squad, 0-1 Dread/Ironclad/Venerable Dread Squadron, 3 Assault/Bike/Attack Bike squads, 0-2 Assault Centurion squads)

**RULES — Assault Doctrine (can choose to use once per game for models in this formation), free Eviscerators in Assault squads

3 – Devastator Demi-Company (1 Captain or Chaplain, 0-1 Command Squad, 0-1 Dread/Ironclad/Venerable Dread Squadron, 3 Devastator squads, 0-2 Devastator Centurion squads)

**RULES — Devastator Doctrine (can choose to use  once per game for models in this formation), free MMs and HBs in Devastator squads



1 – Strike Force Command (see C: SM)

2 – Librarius Conclave (see C: SM)

3 – Command Tanks (see Angels of Death Supplement)

4 – Guardians of Ultramar (Marneus Calgar, 1-3 Honor Guard squads, one of which must take a Chapter Banner or Relic Banner)

**RULES — All units in this formation have Preferred Enemy and Fearless as long as Marneus Calgar is alive



1 – 1st Company Task Force (See C: SM)

2 – 10th Company Task Force (See C: SM)

3 – Stormbringer Squadron (See Angels of Death Supplement)

4 – Skyhammer Annihilation Force (See Angels of Death Supplement)

5 – Ravenhawk Assault Group (See Angels of Death Supplement)

6 – Raptor Wing (See Angels of Death Supplement)

7 – Armoured Task Force (See C: SM)

8 – Centurion Battle Group (1-2 Devastator Centurion squads, 1-2 Assault Centurion squads)

**RULES — Monster Hunter, Tank Hunter, Overwhelming Fusillade (any unit hit by shooting from Devastator Centurions from this formation may not fire Overwatch if charged by Assault Centurions from this formation)

9 – Armorium Support (2 Land Raiders/Land Raider Crusaders/Land Raider Redeemers, 0-1 Chronus)

**RULES — Blessed Hulls (Lance Weapons only reduce armor to AV13, Melta Weapons only gain +D3 to their penetration rolls, and Haywire weapons suffer -2 on the Haywire Table against vehicles from this formation)

10 – Talon of Ancients (3 Contemptor Dreadnoughts, 1 Techmarine)

**RULES — Battle Doctrines of the Great Crusade (all Contemptors from this formation within 12″ of the Techmarine from this formation may enact EACH of the doctrines once per game at the start of each friendly game turn: i) Advance Upon the Foe! — May move 9″ this turn [or] ii) Smite the Foe — Gains Rampage this turn [or] iii) Decimate the Foe — May shoot twice in the shooting phase this turn, but must shoot the same target)



1 – Victorum Laurels  — Bearer may choose his WL trait, instead of rolling for it, as long as it is from the Ultramarine WL Trait Table

2 – Helm of Varthion — (Veteran Sergeant from a Tactical squad only). Gives Bearer and his squad one free use of Tactical Doctrine

3 – Mantle of Ultramar — TDA that gives bearer +1W

4 – Marian Blade — S: User AP2 Swiftstrike (gives bearer +1WS/+1I)

5 – Orbital Command-Link — Bearer may bring in one friendly unit from Reserves automatically each turn

6 – Banner of Macragge — (Command Squad/Honor Guard only) All friendly Ultramarine units within 12″ gain Preferred Enemy



1 – Champion of the Blade —  Warlord and his unit gain +1 WS

2 – Eye of Precision — Warlord and his unit gain +1 BS

3 – Master of the Vanguard — Three friendly units chosen before deployment gain Scout

4 – Master of the Keep — Three friendly units chosen before deployment gain Objective Secured

5 – Indomitable — Enemy units must re-roll successful To Wound rolls made against the Warlord

6 – Unequalled Warrior — Enemy units must re-roll successful Armor and Invul saves of 6+ made against the WL’s close combat attacks

Blackmanes + Skyhammer

This may seem like an obvious one, but based on the new rules for Ragnar’s Blackmanes and the already outstanding rules for the Skyhammer Annihilation Force, I think you can have a really potent Drop Pod army as follows:


*Ragnar (rides with Grey Hunters)

*5 man TDAWG Pack (combi-Meltas)

*4 x 5 man Blood Claw Packs (Flamer, Drop Pod)

*1 x 5 man Grey Hunter Pack (Meltagun, Wolf Banner, Drop Pod)

*3 x Land Speeders (Dual Heavy Bolter)

*1 x 5 man Long Fang Pack (4 x ML, Drop Pod)


*2 x 5 man ASM Squads (Jump Packs, dual Flamers, MB)

*2 x 5 man Devastator Squads (4 x Grav Cannon/Amps, Drop Pod)


*2 x 3 man Scout Biker Squads (Locator Beacon, MB)

*1 x 5 man Scout (Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles)

So, total, that is 8 Drop Pods (Long Fang pod is empty, but can be used to grab objectives or block LOS), all coming in automatically turn 1. Also, all Blackmane units in this formation are Fearless and have FNP(6+) that first turn, plus they have Counterattack, the Blood Claws get re-rolls to Hit as long as Ragnar is alive, and any units within 6″ of the Wolf Banner get +1A.

That same turn, this battle group can put out 6 Melta shots, 8 Flamer Templates, 40 Grav-Cannon/Amp shots, 4 Krak/Frag Missiles, and 18 Heavy Bolter shots (remember, UM Skyhammer can use Devastator doctrine to twin-link all their Grav Cannon shots turn 1)

Scout Snipers, Land Speeders, and Long Fangs can sit back in cover and provide long-range fire support while RG Scout Bikers use their Locator Beacons to bring in all the Drop Pods precisely between their Infiltrate and Scout abilities (remember, even if you go second, they have a 2+ Jink save because of their first turn access to Shrouding).

Ultramarines Assault Centurions and Librarious Conclave

A Battle Group idea that I have been batting around is as follows:

-6 man UM Assault Centurion squad with Sgt Upgrade, TLed meltaguns, and Hurricane Bolters

-3 man UM Libarious Conclave with Tigurius and 2 x  TDA/SS/Force Axe Librarians with PML(2)

Assault Centurions provide durability (12 x T5 wounds with 2+ armor), anti-tank/anti-MC (meltaguns shooting and Siege Drills in assault), and anti-horde (36 TLed Bolter shots at 12″). Tigurius provides great Psychic support (more on that later), the Storm of Fire WL Trait (making all those Hurricane Bolter shots Rending!), plus the ability to force multiply the rest of your army with his Reserve re-rolls. Finally, the 4 TDA/SS/Force Axe Librarians provide Warp Charges, NUMEROUS chances to roll on the desired psychic disciplines, and the ability to tank for the Centurions against AP2/1 attacks with their Storm Shields.

So, how does all of this work? Well, the key to this “Assault Centurion Deathstar” is of course Psychic powers. LOTs of Psychic Powers! Between Tigurius and the Librarians, this battle group is generating 7 powers (not counting Primaris power from Psychic Focus) each game, with Tigurius able to re-roll to have a better chance at getting his preferred 3 powers. Additionally, based on the rules of the Libarious Conclave, Tigurius can use ALL of the powers from the entire formation and harness WCs on a 2+ (re-rollable thanks to his Hood of Hellfire) as long as he is within 12″ of the other two Librarians and they are not used to harness WCs.

Summarizing, this means that Tigurius and company have a very strong chance of getting at least some of the powers they are aiming at, plus an almost guaranteed chance of successfully casting those powers (he has a 97% chance of successfully harnessing each individual Warp Charge). Now, how do all these powers support the Assault Centurions? Let’s take a look by each available psychic discipline:

1 – Divination – Prescience for re-rolls to Hit in close combat, Forewarning to give the Assault Centurions and Tigurius a 4++, Perfect Timing to allow weapons shooting to Ignore Cover, and Precognition to turn Tigurius into a close combat champ are all great options from this discipline for the Centurion/Conclave Battle Group

2 – Pyromancy — Fire Shield gives everyone a 4+ Cover save in the open, Fiery Form gives Tigurius a 4++ and basically Shred for all the Pyromancy Witchfires, plus a whole bunch of “crowd control” Witchfires to help the battle group deal with hordes makes this a decently useful discipline to roll on.

3 – Telekinesis — Not the greatest options for maledictions and witchfires, but Levitation addresses one of the key weaknesses of this battle group (i.e. lack of mobility) with a free 12″ additional move in the Psychic Phase, Telekine Dome gives the Centurions and nearby allies a 5++ against shooting, and Psychic Maelstrom provides an “uber psychic demo charge” to Tigurius every turn, making him a real threat to anything T5 and below with its S10 AP1 Large Blast.

4 – Telepathy — Invisibility of course is a winner her, but The Shrouding is solid as well for giving the unit a 5+ cover save in the open or a 3+ cover save in basic terrain. Additionally, Psychic Shriek is a great Primaris witchfire against tough opponents and the other Blessings/Maledictions can all support your army effectively.

5 – Biomancy — Some useful Witchfires in this one, plus the ability to make Tigurius into a monster stomper with Iron Arm and/or Warp Speed, but what really shines here is Endurance (for EW and FNP(4+) on the entire unit) and Enfeeble (making enemies -1T/S, which amps up the offensive and defensive capacities of the Assault Centurions multiple levels.

6 – Sanctic Daemonology — While the dangers of perils increases here, Tigurius’ ability to harness WCs on a re-rollable 2+ means you can reliable cast almost any power with minimum dice, in turn minimizing the chance of a Perils. Banishment is only good again Daemons and Hammerhand doesn’t really help the Centurions (they are already S10 AP2 and striking at I4), but Gates of Infinity for mobility, Sanctuary to give the SS Librarians a 2++ for tanking purposes, and the three witchfires are all quite solid.

7 – Librarius — One of the best options, IMHO. Emperor’s Wrath and Fury of the Ancients are decent witchfires and Psychic Fortress/Psychic Scourge provide solid buffs to your ability to beat enemy Psykers, but the real winners are Might of Heroes (making Tigurius into basically a Lord of War), Veil of Time (Centurions can re-roll their 2+ saves and Librarians can re-roll their 2+/3++ armor and Invul saves), and Null Zone (reducing enemy Invuls by -2 makes Assault Centurions even more potent in combat, especially against enemy close combat characters like Lysander, Calgar, Abbadon, Greater Daemons, Dreadknights, Wraithknights, etc.).

8 – Fulmination — Again, some decent witchfires for crowd control and Electroshield providing a 3++/Fists of Lightning providing more close combat power to Tigurius, but where this shines is Magnetokinesis and Electrodisplacement powers, which allow for almost OP levels of mobility, especially with the ability to move the unit up to 18″ for “free” or switch its position (and charge afterwards) with another friendly unit.

9 – Technomancy — Most of these don’t apply to this Battle Group doesn’t have any vehicles, but Warpmetal Armor can make the unit majority T6, which basically turns the Centurions into mini-MCs and VERY hard to take down with anything but heavy anti-tank firepower or Grav Weapons.

10 – Geokinesis — One of the less useful disciplines for the Centurion/Conclave battle group, but Shifting Worldscape allows the unit to “ride” a piece of levitated  terrain up to 24″ around the board, making for basically an improvised “transport” that they can then assault out of in the same turn, which can obviously be a game changer for Assault-focused unit like this.

Of all these, the top 5 psychic powers I would aim for in this battle group are Endurance, Invisibility, and Veil of Time for improved survivability, Magnetokinesis for improved mobility, and Prescience for improved close combat to Hit rolls.