Triumvirate of the Primarch: Guilliman as a Force Multiplier

So, after sleeping on it a bit and thinking about it, here are some ideas I have on how to best employ Guilliman with other Imperium forces (especially regarding how his 6 Command Trait WLs can buff units within 12″):

[1] Mass Contemptor Dreads — Since Guilliman provides re-rolls of 1s to Hit for BOTH shooting and close combat, I figured the most efficient units to buff with him are ones that can do well in both of these phases. Thinking of this, Contemptor Dreadnoughts jumped out at me as a unit that might do very well in conjunction with the UM Primarch, since they really are a balanced unit that has about the same mobility as him (6″ movement and Fleet) and solid abilities in both Shooting and Assault. Not only doe they come with WS5/BS5 stock, but they have 5 x S10 AP2 attacks on the charge, all at full I4, and they can be upgraded to have 6 x S6 AP4 Rending shots a turn each. Combined with re-rolls of 1s to Hit and they become hyper accurate (97% chance of hitting) for shooting and, against most opponents, very likely to hit in close combat (3+s to hit, re-rolling 1s). Add to all this their Av13/12/10 armor and 5++ Invul save and they make for a tough target which will force your opponent to choose between engaging them or concentrating on Guilliman (this becomes even better with target saturation, if you have say 4 or more Contemptors running alongside the Primarch). Finally, with Guilliman providing them Move Through Cover and +1″ to Run/Charge distances, they become even more agile and should be able to get across the battlefield quicker than your opponent might expect. The one downside to Contemptors is their high points cost (37 MBs a piece, with the Kheres Assault Cannon), but if want to take a cheaper version of this, just run Venerable Dreads with Assault Cannons instead… not quite as durable or capable, but only costing 27 MBs per model to mass alongside Guilliman.


[2] Dark Angel Ravenwing Support Squadron — I have already talked about this in previous posts, but this is basically a squadron of RW Landspeeders and either a Darkshroud or a Landspeeder Vengeance combined into a single unit. The squadron then gets some very good special rules, including Interceptor and Strafing Run (so BS5 against basically any non Flyer/FMC targets). Combined this with re-rolls to Hit of 1s from a nearby Guilliman and either lots of Bolters, MMs, Assault Cannons, and/or CMLs and the squadron has a 97% chance of hitting with its shooting at ground targets that can be deployed against either enemy units arriving from Reserve or just normally as fire support for your main army.


[3] Skitarii and Secutarii Infantry — Whether it is Vanguard, Rangers, Infiltrators, or even the Forgeworld Peltasts, all of these units can use Doctrina Imperatives to boost their Ballistic Skill to BS5 or higher for at least turns a game. Combined with Guilliman and they, just like the units above, become hyper-accurate and can do even more damage than usual with their already strong shooting (this is especially great with Plasma Cavaliers, since they can re-roll Gets Hot! rolls of 1 and with Arc Rifles, making them almost auto-strip HPs from any vehicle in range, be it tanks, walkers, skimmers, Super-Heavies, or Imperial Knights. Secutarii Peltasts in particular, with their multiple ammunition types, can be very deadly when bumped up to BS5 and re-rolling 1s to hit, whether shooting at Hordes with their Flechette Burster rounds or tougher infantry/vehicles with their Kinetic Hammershot ammo. Finally, if any of these Skitarii/Secutarii troops do end up charging after shooting (thinking of Infiltrators here, especially), then Guilliman’s buffs to Hit, to Charge range, and for Move Through Cover all help them significantly.

I am sure there are many other types of units/battle groups that will synergize well with Roboute Guilliman, but these are just a few that jump out to me right away… overall, I am quite excited to see how he will play out on the competitive tabletop (and we haven’t even looked at how he buffs Ultramarines yet!).

Assault Vehicles for All!

While I think there is a need for “macro-changes” in 8th edition to help rectify the current discrepancy between shooting and assault, one thing I think that would help accomplish this at the more immediate level would be to provide an additional, affordable assault transport for every major faction so that their close combat troop are not stuck with either footslogging, riding in non-Assault vehicle transports, and/or paying 200+ points for Assault Vehicles.

Here is my stab at making this kind of vehicle for each faction (minus Chaos Daemons):


RETALIATOR APC — (FAST ATTACK choice for Space Marines, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Deathwatch, Sisters of Battle, Inquisition, and Chaos Space Marines) — 100 points

BS4   AV13/11/10   3HP (Vehicle, Tank, Open-Topped)

Transport Capacity: 10 models (no Bulky/Very Bulky/Extremely Bulky models)


-Pintle-mounted TLed Flamer (may upgrade to a TLed Melta Gun or TLed Plasma Gun)

-Siege Shield

-Omni Grenade Launcher — Every turn may choose to use Smoke Grenades (not limited to one use, unlike most vehicles) OR Concussion Grenades (enemy forces may not fire Overwatch at any unit that has disembarked from the Retaliator APC for the rest of the turn)

[***May take normal vehicle upgrades, per parent Codex***]


-Advanced Repair Servo — Can repair Immobilized or Weapon Destroyed results or a lost HP on itself each turn (instead of shooting or moving Flat Out) on a successful roll of a 5+


TELEPORTATION POD — (FAST ATTACK choice for Grey Knights) — 80 points

BS4   AV13/13/13   3HP (Vehicle, Immobile)

Transport Capacity: None


-Gatling Psycannon


-Deep Strike

-Drop Pod Assault

-Psychic Pilot (3) — Always knows Force, Banishment, The Shrouding (from Telepathy), and “The Summoning” powers (“The Summoning” is a WC1 blessing with 72″ range and no LOS requirements that teleports one friendly Grey Knight non-vehicle unit or Walker unit to within 6″ of the caster with no scatter, using the rules for Deep Strike; you can upgrade it to a WC3 power which acts in the exact same way, except that the teleported unit can charge on the same turn that it is teleported)


CERBERUS APC — (FAST ATTACK choice for Astra Militarum and Genestealer Cult) — 75 points

BS3   AV12/12/10   3HP (Vehicle, Tank, Fast, Open-Topped)

Transport Capacity: 20 models


-Pintle-mounted Quad Heavy Stubber

-Smoke Launchers

[***May take normal vehicle upgrades, per parent Codex***]


-Suppressive Fire — Any non-vehicle units hit by the Quad Heavy Stubber must take a Pinning Check at the end of the Shooting phase


CHAMELEON — (FAST ATTACK choice for Craftworld Eldar and Harlequins) — 90 points

BS4   AV12/12/10   3HP (Vehicle, Skimmer, Fast)

Transport Capacity: 12 models


-TLed Shuriken Cannon

-Specter Holo-Matrix — Vehicle may re-roll failed Jink saves

-Star Engines

[***May take normal vehicle upgrades, per parent Codex***]


-Assault Vehicle


SCORPION (FAST ATTACK choice for Dark Eldar and Harlequins) — 110 points

BS4   AV10/10/10   3HP (Vehicle, Skimmer, Fast, Open-Topped)

Transport Capacity: 18 models


-6 x Black Venom missiles (72″ S6 AP1 Fleshbane)

[***May take normal vehicle upgrades, per parent Codex***]


-Unrivalled Assault Vehicle — Any units that charge into combat on the same turn that they disembark from this vehicle add +3″ to their charge range and gain +1S to all their close combat attacks during that fight sub-phase.


KROOT WAR SKIFF (FAST ATTACK choice for Tau) — 60 points

BS3   AV11/11/11   3HP (Vehicle, Skimmer, Open-Topped)

Transport Capacity: 16 models


-2 x Heavy Kroot Guns


-War Totems — Only Shapers, Kroot, Kroot Hounds, and/or Krootox may embark on this vehicle. On any turn that a unit disembarks from this vehicle, it gains Hatred, Rage, and Furious Charge for the rest of the turn.


DA CHOPPA’ WAGON (FAST ATTACK choice for Orks) — 110 points

BS2   AV14/11/10   4HP (Vehicle, Tank, Open-Topped)

Transport Capacity: 30 models


-4 x TLed Big Shootaz

[***May take normal vehicle upgrades, per Ork Codex***]


-More Dakka! — All vehicle weapons can fire at full BS if the vehicle has moved 12″ or less

-Da Biggest to da Front! — Every Nob, Mega Nob, and/or War Boss in a unit that disembarks from this vehicles gains +1A until the end of the phase.


NECRONTYR WAR BARGE (FAST ATTACK choice for Necrons) — 80 points

BS4   AV11/11/11   4HP (Vehicle, Skimmer, Fast, Open-Topped)

Transport Capacity: 10 models


-Gauss Cannon (may upgrade to a Tesla Cannon)

-Quantum Shielding


-Living Metal

-Combat Protocol Beacon — Any friendly Necron non-vehicle units within 12″ of this vehicle gain Hatred


BROODOFEX (FAST ATTACK choice for Tyranids) — 130 points

WS3 BS3 S6 T6 W4 I2 A2 Ld8 Sv2+  (Jump Monstrous Creature)


-Acid Spray

-Stinger Salvo

[***May take normal Biomorph upgrades, per Tyranid Codex***]



-Instinctive Behavior (Hunt)

-Brood Beast — Up to 30 Termagaunts/Hormaguants, 15 Genestealers, or 10 Tyranid Warriors may ride on a Broodofex exactly as if they were embarked on an open-topped transport vehicle (i.e. they can all shoot their weapons, they can disembark 6″ and assault the same turn, they are vulnerable to Template Weapons due to the No Escape! rule, etc.).

Hidden Gem: Centaur Weapons Carrier

Something which all the different Imperium factions have lacked, and still lack, is an affordable open-topped transport that provides their infantry with some mobility and protection, but still allows all the embarked models to shoot and/or assault when required. The closest thing to meeting this criteria is the Land Speeder Storm, but while an excellent multi-purpose transport, it is only allowed to transport Space Marine Scouts, so its utility in this role is quite limited for anything besides those Troops.

Enter the Centaur Weapons Carrier, a Forgeworld Astra Militarum vehicle that can be taken as a Fast Attack option in a CAD or Allied detachment (not to mention as a DT for certain DKOK and Armoured Battle Group units). The Centaur has the following stats/rules:

BS3 AV11/11/10 HP2 (Transport, Fast, Open-Topped)

*Heavy Stubber, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers

*Transport: 5 models

*1-3 Centaurs per Squadron, costs 8 MBs per model

On first glance, this vehicle costs the same points as a Land Speeder Storm and seems inferior in almost every way, with less mobility (Fast Vehicle vs Fast Speeder), less firepower (BS3 Heavy Stubber vs BS4 Heavy Bolter and Cerberus Launcher), and roughly the same survivability (AV11 on the front vs the ability to Jink).

So, why even consider taking a Centaur Weapons Carrier? Well, number one, it is not restricted to SM Scouts, so ANY Imperium infantry that can fit into it can load up as passengers (note: unlike Rhinos/Razorbacks, there is no restriction against Bulky models as passengers) and, number two, since you can take up to three Centaurs in a squadron, you can get a lot of them cheaply with even a “bare bones” AM Allied Detachment. On top of this, Centaurs are Fast Vehicles, meaning they can move 12” and then Flat Out another 12” turn 1, setting up an almost guaranteed Turn 2 charge if they are not destroyed (also, almost guaranteed to be in range of short-range shooting like meltas and flamers on turn 2). Combine this with some Psychic support, like say casting Invisibility on the Centaur squadron, and you can rapidly and reliably have up to 15 models in your opponent’s face by Turn 2 of the game.

So, based on all this, what are some tactical applications for the Centaur and allied Imperium units? Here are some ideas that come to mind for each major faction:

[1] Grey Knights – The Centaur makes an excellent little transport for a 5 man Purifier squad, since not only can the entire unit shoot out of it with SBs/Incinerators/Psycannons, but they can also using Cleansing Flame and assault out of the vehicle all in the same turn, thus maximizing all their different strengths while mitigating their lack of mobility and durability issues.

[2] Dark Angels – A Centaur makes for an excellent “mobile bunker” for a DA Command Squad with 5 Grav Guns and Relic Banner (making them Relentless). The Centaur can move up-field and have its passengers put out 15 Grav shots at 18” all game long, all the while protecting them from small arms fire and even serving as a LOS blocking vehicle for other DA units (i.e. say some RW Bikers moving up behind the Centaurs).

[3] Space Wolves – Whether using Centaurs as cheap Bunkers for Long Fangs (all five Heavy Weapons in a Long Fang squad can shoot out, since it is Open-Topped) or as cheap, mobile transport to “Rhino Rush” Blood Claws or close combat oriented Wolf Guard up-field, the Centaur can synergize quite well with a SW force (and again, the Centaur(s) can form an excellent LOS blocking shield for foot slogging Wulfen as they advance toward the enemy as well). Finally, even Lone Wolfs and Wolf Scouts can grab a ride in a Centaur to make them more effective on the table-top, especially in getting into assault.

[4] Blood Angels – BA Vanguard Vets (whether of the melee or gunslinger loadout) and Death Company without JPs both benefit tremendously from having a mobile assault transport that can move 24” Turn 1 and get them in range to assault the rest of the game. Similarly, basic BA Tac squads (with Heavy Flamers and dual Hand Flamers on the Sgt) and BA Assault Squads (with two Meltaguns and dual Inferno Pistols on the Sgt) get much better when they have a cheap Open-Topped transport to shoot and assault out of.

[5] Deathwatch – Unlike most factions, Deathwatch can take Terminators in squads of 1-2, which means they can load them into a Centaur (despite each TDA model being Bulky) and move safely up-field, all the while shooting with whatever Heavy Weapons they are packing (i.e. CMLs, Assault Cannons, Heavy Flamers, Melta PFs, etc.). On top of this, they can subsequently charge out of the Centaur later on, maximizing their value as close combatants as well. Aside from Terminators, DW Veterans also benefit tremendously from grabbing a ride in a Centaur, whether using it as a static Bunker for a Stalker Boltgun squad, an Assault Vehicle for a squad loaded up with PWs and Heavy Thunder Hammers, or a mobile firebase for a squad with maxed out Frag Cannons or Infernus Heavy Bolters. Even if you just keep the baseline Bolters/Special Issue Ammo or the DW Shotguns, a 5 man Veteran squad in Centaur is much more durable and mobile than normal for a relatively cheap points investment and suffers no loss in firepower in the process.

[6] Space Marines – Honor Guard, Command Squads, Devastator Squads, Vanguard Vets, Sternguard Vets, min-sized Tactical and Assault squads, Crusader squads, and even Sniper Scout squads can all take great advantage of a squadron of 1-3 allied Centaur Weapons Carriers. Of all of these, I think Honor Guard are one of the units that truly get the most out of riding in Centaur APC, as it allows them to rapidly move across the battlefield and assault into combat, thereby maximizing their tremendous points-value while mitigating their weakness, namely lack of mobility and no Invulnerable saves. Alternately, a Devastator squad with max Grav Cannons can move into mid-field and set up a massive, 48” “area denial bubble” with their 20 Grav shots fired safely from within the Centaur “bunker” (at least until your opponent takes out the Centaur itself). Finally, the Centaur makes an exceptional transport for a Librarius Conclave, which can use it to move into position to disembark and cast their powers, cast Witchfires from inside the vehicle, and even assault out of the vehicle if you have Iron Arm and Endurance up on the squad!

[7] Skitarii – Both Rangers and Vanguard can make excellent use of Centaur support, especially since they lack any organic transport of their own, and also because it mitigates their poor durability while simultaneously letting them still use all their firepower to full advantage (especially with their Plasma Calivers, Arc Rifles, etc.).

[8] Imperial Assassins – Whether it is a Vindicare using a Centaur as shooting bunker or an Eversor/ Callidus/Culexus using it as an “assault taxi” to get the quickly across the board into combat, I think Centaur squadrons can be quite a force multiplier for Imperial Assassins (especially in new detachments, like the Castellans of the Imperium, where you can have up to 6 Assassins on the field at once).

[9] Sisters of Battle – Dominion squads, Retributor squads, Battle Sisters squads, and Command squads all can benefit from an extra layer of mobility and protection while they employ their ranged attacks to best advantage. Additionally, Centaurs can take Repentia from almost unplayable to very dangerous, since it protects them from enemy firepower and allows them to get into assault reliably, even against units on the other side of the battlefield.

[10] Inquisition – Henchman War Bands, whether they are close combat oriented (i.e. like DCAs, Crusaders, and Priests) or shooting oriented (i.e. like Acolytes, Joakeros, and Heavy Weapon-toting Servitors), can all benefit from the Open-Topped nature of Centaurs, especially if you take multiple War Bands riding in a squadron of multiple Centaurs (attached Inquisitors can also shoot and/or assault effectively from these vehicles).

[11] Militarum Tempestus/Astra Militarum – Whether as a transport for Scions/Scion Command Squads or as mobile Bunker for AM Command Squads, Ratlings, and/or Wyrdvane Psykers, there are lots of applications for the Centaur with a MT/AM list proper, especially if you flood the battlefield with them (i.e. up to 9 Centaurs if you take three squadrons of them in CAD Fast Attack slots). In particular, I think Scion Command Squads with four Hotshot Volleyguns and AM Command Squads with four Special Weapons are excellent candidates for grabbing a ride in Centaur APCs.

As you can see, there are numerous options for utilizing Centaur Weapons Carriers with Imperium allies, and I did not even touch on using them as a “Hero Hammer APC” to ferry around 1-5 Independent Characters for shooting, Witchfires, and/or Assault (i.e. imagine, say, an AM Priest and four Wolf Guard Battle Leaders with Runic Armor and TH/Wolf Claws all assaulting out of a single Centaur). Bottom line, while this is a little known Forgeworld vehicle, I think it could be a tremendous boost to the competitive lists of most Imperium armies out there.

Secutarii Peltast: “Hidden Gem” Tactica

With all the focus Codex: Deathwatch, the Traitor’s Hate supplement for CSM, and the Angel’s Blade supplement for Blood Angels lately (plus the incoming Genestealer Cult codex) recently, I think one very interesting and competitive new unit has been lost in the shuffle: Forgeworld recently released models and rules for Secutarii Hoplites and Peltasts, both of which can be taken as Elite choices in a Skitarii Maniple:

Of these, I am most intrigued by the possibilities that Secutarii Peltasts bring to the game, especially in conjunction with other Imperium allies. Looking at their profile, they have “standard” Skitarii stats/rules:

WS3 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 Ld9 Sv4+ (Peltast Alpha is +1A /Ld, but not +1W like other Skitarii “sergeant” characters)

-Doctrina Imperatives — Buffs to either BS/WS; very good for helping Peltast shooting 3 times a game

-FNP(6+) – Small boost to survivability, but with T3 a lot of weapons will ignore this

-Relentless – Combines well with their Galvanic-Casters, allowing them move and shoot to full capacity

In addition to these rules, Peltasts get the “Blind Barrage” rule, which enables them to forgo their shooting once per game and instead give Shrouding to a friendly unit within 18” until the start of the next player turn (this has several potent tactical uses, which I will discuss later).

In terms of Wargear, Peltasts have Secutarii War Plate (basically Carapace Armor for a 4+ save), plus the following:

I — Kyropatris Field Generator – If a squad has at least 5 models with this War Gear, then ALL models in the unit can re-roll failed Armor Saves of 1; additionally, if the squad has 10 models with this piece of equipment, then all shooting attacks against the unit have their strength reduced by -1. While the Kyropatris Field Generator makes the Peltasts themselves bit more survivable, they are pretty fragile already with T3 and a 4+ save, so I think the real value of this piece of Wargear is its ability to help protect attached Independent Characters. For example, if you attach an allied Space Marine Biker Chapter Master with AA and a Storm Shield to this unit, then not only does the Chapter Master basically have EW against shooting as long as there is at least 10 Peltasts alive (i.e. S10 shooting against the unit is reduced to S9, meaning that his T5 cannot be “doubled out” and he is therefore immune to Instant Death except against Force Weapons or weapons with the ID rule specifically), but he also gets to re-roll 1s for any failed Artificer Armor saves against non AP2/1 shooting, giving him a 97% chance to successfully save against those attacks for the unit. This makes both the Chapter Master himself more survivable and also improves the durability of the squad’s as long as he is positioned correctly to “tank” the shooting for them.

II — Galvanic-Caster – This is basically turns Peltasts into the Skitarii version of Sternguard, with three different shooting/ammo profiles to choose from each turn:

[1] Flachette Burster — 24″ S3 AP– Salvo 2/4, Shred

*This is the “go to” ammo type against almost any non-vehicle unit, since it allows 4 x S3 Shred shots per Peltast at an effective 30” range (24” + 6” move, thanks to Relentless). Given that you can take up to 20 Peltasts in a single squad and you can improve their shooting up to BS5 (or better) with Doctrina Imperatives, this makes for up to 80 x BS5(+) shots a turn with a threat range of 30” and Shred for re-rolls to wound. Doing the Mathhammer, that can easily take down pretty much any MEQ unit or worse in the game and can even torrent down Terminators with sheer volume of highly accurate shots. If you can combine this with the Misfortune power from the Divination Discipline, then a squad of 20 Peltasts can bring down Wraithknights, Stormsurges, and even the mighty KX139 Ta’unar Lord of War with pure volume of Rending shots.

[2] Ignis Blaze — 18″ S3 AP5 Heavy 1, Blind, Parabolic Shot, Ignores Cover, Small Blast

*This is your ideal weapon for taking out cover-camping GEQs like AM Guardsmen, Gretchin, Gaunts/Termagaunts, CSM Cultists, Necron Scarabs, Tau Pathfinders, Eldar Guardians, DE Warriors/ Wyches, etc. (“Parabolic Shot” allows the Peltasts to even hit units out of LOS, as long as they are not in a completely enclosed space, like inside a building). Having between 10-20 x S3 AP5 Small Blasts that Ignore Cover can absolutely tear up any light infantry in cover and can even force enough massed wounds against large, tightly packed mobs (say Ork Boyz or Necron Phalanxes) to deal significant damage to these “heavier” infantry types. Finally, the ability to force Blind checks is exceptionally handy against low Initiative enemy forces that rely heavily on shooting/gun lines, such as Tau, Astra Militarum, and Necron armies.

[3] Kinetic Hammershot — 30″ S4 AP3 Heavy 1, Rending

*Probably the least useful ammo type (in almost every case, it is better to use the “Flachette Burster” ammo instead of this, even against MEQs, because of their high rate of fire), the Kinetic Hammershot still has a role for long-range shooting (threat radius of 36”), for use against light/medium vehicles (Rending allows Peltasts to threaten up to AV13 targets), and for dealing with T7 and above opponents that the other two types of ammo cannot hurt (unless you have Misfortune cast, of course 😉 ).

So, based on all this, I think the Peltasts are not only a very competitive addition to a Skitarii army, with their versatility in shooting and “force-multiplication” for survivability they offer, but I also think they make a great unit to add to an allied list for other Imperium forces. Here are some example battle group combinations using Peltasts that I think would be competitive on the table-top:

[1] 20 Peltasts with attached White Scars Librarian (TDA, SS, PML(2), and Hunter’s Eye Relic) – The White Scar Librarian provides Ld 10/ATSKNF, Hit and Run, Psychic Defense, re-rolls to hit via Prescience (combines with Doctrina Imperatives for hyper-accurate shooting), Ignore Cover via the Hunter’s Eye relic, and strong “tanking” power with his 2+/3++ saves (with re-rolls of 1s for the Armor Saves, as long as at least 10 Peltasts are still alive).

If the Librarian rolls up Misfortune, then he can make the Peltasts’ shooting even more deadly and, in a pinch, he also provides some close combat punch of the unit gets charged (80 shots of overwatch, backed up with re-rolls from Prescience, makes it pretty darn dangerous to charge this unit). Finally, the Peltasts themselves provide the powerful, flexible shooting and also numbers for staying power to complement the Librarian, making for an overall very versatile, dangerous battle group.

[2] Minimum sized squad of Peltasts, Deathwatch Aquila Kill Team with 5 Heavy Thunder Hammer Veterans, 3 Power Maul/SS Vanguard, 1 Librarian, a Corvus Blackstar with Infernum Halo-Launcher, and Skyshield Landing Pad – The tactic here is to get the Heavy TH Deathwatch Veterans into combat “at any costs,” so to speak. Have the Aquila Kill Team start the game in the Corvus Blackstar, which itself is on the Skyshield (Peltasts can also be positioned on the Skyshield to benefit from improved LOS and 4++ save). Turn 1, move the Blackstar up 12”, then cast Blind Barrage on it during the shooting phase with the Peltasts, then move it Flat Out another 18” (thanks to being a Fast Skimmer while in Hover mode).

This results in Blackstar having a 2+ cover save when it Jinks (Jink + Shrouded), which can be re-rolled thanks to the Infernum Halo-Launcher… in other words, unless your opponent has Ignore Cover weapons, the Blackstar will basically be invulnerable to any shooting for the next turn. On turn 2, move the Blackstar another 6”, disembark the Kill Team 6”, then have them charge their designated target 2D6” (with re-rolls thanks to Heroic Intervention). With the Librarian casting Prescience, that is 15 x S10 AP2 Heavy Thunder Hammer attacks, all with re-rolls to Hit, re-rolls of 1s to Wound/to Penetrate (thanks to Aquila Doctrine), and Instant Death on any rolls of 6+ to Wound… basically, there is almost no unit in the game that will survive this charge… as long as the Vanguard Vets can absorb enemy attacks with their Storm shields, then the Heavy Thunder Hammer Vets will survive long enough to bring down their target 😉

[3] Three squads of Peltasts and allied Lias Issodon (as WL) – Issodon uses his WL Trait to Infiltrate the three Peltast squads within 18” of key enemy shooting units, ideally things like Tau Stormsurges, Necron Destroyers, AM Blob Squads, etc. which have low Initiative and lots of shooting potential. Turn 1, engage multiple enemy targets with the “Ignis Blaze” ammo, forcing Blind tests and hopefully shutting down several key elements of enemy firepower (or at least forcing it to fire as BS1 only).

An alternate way to employ Issodon/Peltasts is to use his WL trait to infiltrate a squad of 20 Peltasts and two attached Wolf Lords (Runic Armor, SS, TH, TWC mounts on each) right up toward enemy lines. The two TWC Lords tank any enemy shooting on turn 1, relying on their 2+/3++, 4W, and T5 in conjunction with re-rolls of 1s for their Armor saves and enemy shooting reduced by -1S (thanks to the Kyropatris Field Generators) while the whole unit advances 6” and the Peltasts engage their enemy with their Galvanic-Casters. Turn 2, the Wolf Lord can split off and charge up to two different enemy units, while the Peltasts continue advancing, grabbing objectives, and/or providing fire support.

[4] Max size squad of Peltasts, Draigo, PML(3) GK Librarian, and two Dreadknights with PTs and Heavy Incinerators/Psycannons — In this battle group, Draigo and the GK Librarian attach to the Peltasts and force multiply their shooting, durability, and mobility with Divination powers (the Librarian can give squad Overwatch at full BS, a 4++ save, Ignore Cover shooting, Rending for all its attacks on a specific target, and/or re-rolls to Hit, based on what powers he rolls up) and Gates of Infinity/Hammerhand (from Draigo). At the same time, the Dreadknights “shunt” forward with the Peltasts, providing a “screening” element against enemy close combat threats, additional firepower via Heavy Incinerators and Heavy Psycannons. The Peltasts make Draigo and the Librarian more survivable with their Kyropatris Field Generators and provide powerful shooting support as well. Taken all together, this battle group provides mobility, the ability to absorb lots of damage, dangerous close combat capability, and lots of shooting, making it very capable on the table top, I think.


Overall, as you can see, I think Secutarii Peltasts are a very strong unit, especially for their points costs and combat power (they are only 12 points a model), and can make a great addition to any Skitarii army or allied Imperium force.

Codex Deathwatch: Skitarii Allies

As I continue to look out how Deathwatch can be played in a competitive manner on the tabletop, another group of allies that I think work quite well to support them is the Skitarii faction. Here is how I see an allied force of Skitarii units (either from formations or in the Skitarii Maniple detachment) integrating with a primary detachment Deathwatch army:



[1] Skitarii Vanguard – Costing less than 2 MBs per model and coming stock with a 4+ save, FNP(6+), Relentless, and a 3 shot Radium Carbine, Vanguard are exceptionally good value infantry who can provide the “economy” complement to the expensive Deathwatch forces. While they are somewhat fragile, with their T3 and lack of any organic Transport options, Vanguard can put out plenty of solid firepower for their points, with the Radium Carbine generating lots of wounds, even on T8 Wraithknights, due to its high rate of fire and Rad Poisoning rule (each To Wound roll of a 6+ causes two automatic wounds, regardless of enemy toughness). Radium Carbines obviously combine brilliantly with the Misfortune power, if any of your DW Librarians roll that up on the Divination discipline. On top of this, they can take 2 Special Weapons (bumped up to 3 if they take a full squad of 10 Vanguard) and have access to 3 shot Plasma Calivers, long range Transuranic Arquebuses, and rapid firing Arc Rifles.

Of these, I think Arc Rifles have the most value for Vanguard allied to a Deathwatch army, since it provides solid S6 AP5 shooting against non-vehicle units and exceptional (and rare) Haywire shooting against vehicles. A couple of Vanguard squads using the “Protector Imperatives” from their Doctrina Imperatives rule along with max Arc Rifles (and an Arc Pistol on the Vanguard Alpha) can efficiently deal with enemy vehicles, even massed transports like in a SM Gladius detachment, leaving the Deathwatch units free to use their potent (but limited) firepower on more important targets like elite infantry, MCs, and HQs. Finally, Skitarii Vanguard have the special “Rad-saturation” rule, which causes any enemy units locked in close combat with them to have -1T. This combined beautifully with Deathwatch close combat units, since it reduces T6 enemies, like Riptides and Hive Tyrants, to T5 (making them vulnerable to ID from Heavy Thunder Hammers), T5 enemies, like Thunderwolf Cavalry, Necron Wraiths, and SM Centurions, to T4 (making them vulnerable to ID from THs/PFs), and T3 enemies, like almost all Tau/Eldar/DE/Astra Militarum/SoB infantry, to T2 (making them vulnerable to ID from Power Swords, Guardian Spears, Xenophase Blades, and the “Thief of Secrets” Relic).

Finally, when part of the “Skitarii Maniple” detachment, Vanguard gain both Scout (except the Outflank portion of that rule) and Crusader, making them surprisingly mobile and thus able to synergize well with DW units on Bikes, in Drop Pods, or riding in a Transport vehicle like a Rhino or Corvus Blackstar. Additionally, even though they cannot start the game inside a Deathwatch vehicle, Skitarii Vanguard can jump into an allied Deathwatch transport turn 1 and use it to enhance their durability and mobility (i.e. a squad of 5 Vanguard with two Arc Rifles combines beautifully with a DW Rhino, since it protects them from small arms fire, moves them up the board quickly, and has two firing points for their Haywire shooting to fire from).


[2] Sicarian Infilitrators – A somewhat unique and unusual unit, Infilitrators cost about the same as Terminators, but are significantly more fragile, with T3 and a 4+/6++ save. This is somewhat offset by their 2W, FNP, and Stealth USR, but in general they are quite fragile for their points. Where Infiltrators really gain their value, and where they become an invaluable ally to a Deathwatch army, is in their mobility, damage potential, and “debuffing” capability on the enemy.

With the innate ability to Infiltrate (plus Scout and Crusader if part of a Skitarii Maniple detachment), plus the amazing Dunestrider rule (+3” to their Movement, Run moves, and Charge ranges!), the Sicarian Infiltrators can easily get where you want them to be by turn 1 (or turn 2 at the latest) without depending on transports or deep striking (they also have a very robust charge range, thanks to extra 3” from Dunestrider). This combines well with Deathwatch forces by allowing Sicarian Infilitrators to be in position near enemy lines starting turn 1, when DW Veteran squads and Kill Teams will likely be arriving by Drop Pod. This mobility (i.e. 9” move + 3+D6” run = 14-18” displacement each turn, if they do not shoot or charge) also makes the Infiltrators solid units for claiming objectives, moving up enemy flanks, and/or escaping enemy forces when required. Overall, the Sicarian Infilitrators’ high mobility is an excellent complement to Deathwatch forces and, in a pinch, you can always load the Infilitrators into a friendly DW Land Raider or Blackstar after turn 1 for even more mobility.

In terms of damage potential, in many ways Infilitrators “mirror” Deathwatch units, with high damage potential residing in a relatively fragile unit. If equipped with Taser Goads and Flechette Blasters, Infiltrators can put out 5 x S2 AP- Shred shots at 12” (per model) followed by 4 x S6 AP- Taser attacks on the charge (again, per model), which makes them exceptionally at dealing with large hordes that would otherwise potentially “swarm” a Deathwatch army down (Note: Like with Radium Carbines, the Taser Goad/Flechette Blaster loadout combines marvelously with the Misfortune power, since you generate so many chances at getting Rending attacks). Finally, Infilitrators have the “Neurostatic Aura” special rule. More than anything else, this is probably the reason you would take them to ally to a Deathwatch army. Basically, it any enemy models within 6” of a Sicarian Infiltrator suffers -1 to its WS, BS, I, and Ld. In conjunction with the Infilitrators ability to Infiltrate and Scout, this means you get them right into the enemy’s DZ turn 1 and “debuff” selected units, which synergizes amazingly with a Deathwatch Drop Pod spearhead (and the ability to “teleport” in more DW units with the Beacon Angelus). In particular, the ability to reduce enemy BS by -1 means that, after the DW Drop Pods have arrived and unloaded the firepower of their squads, in the next turn your opponent will be shooting at (and charging) those units at significantly reduced capacity, which in turns enhances the survivability of your costly Ordos Xenos Marines.


[3] Ironstrider Ballistarii – As mentioned in previous articles, one of the weaknesses of the Deathwatch army overall is strong medium-long ranged shooting. The Ironstrider Ballistarii is an excellent ally to help compensate for this, with the options of either a TLed Cognis Autocannon (11 MB per model) or a TLed Cognis Lascannon (15 MBs per model) and the ability to take between 1 and 6 Ironstriders per squadron. Besides being able to be hyper accurate using Doctrina Imperatives (i.e. re-rollable 2+s to Hit on up to three turns a game), the Ironstriders can also provide significant shooting during Overwatch, against Flyers, and against units that have Invisibility cast on them (i.e. with TLed and Cognis rules, the Ironstriders hit all these targets with 50% accuracy, vice the normal 16% accuracy for “regular” Snapshots). Combine all this with the superior mobility of Scout, Crusader, and the Dunestrider rule (mentioned above) and you have an affordable, potent “skirmisher” unit that can supplement many of the weakness (especially in terms of long range firepower) of a Deathwatch army.


[4] Onager Dunecrawlers – Finally, whereas Ironstriders provide significant firepower support, albeit on a fragile platform, to a Deathwatch detachment, Dunecrawlers provide more expensive but much more durable shooting capacity as allies to the black and silver Astartes of the Ordos Xenos. With AV 12/12/11 and the ability to have a 6++, 5++, or 4++ save (based on how many of them are in each squadron) on a walker chassis that only costs 18 MBs “base,” Onagers provide a very affordable, at least compared to Land Raiders and Blackstars, vehicle fire support supplement to a Deathwatch primary force. Additionally, Onager Dunecrawlers can be equipped with multiple weapon options to support the needs of a Deathwatch army, including an Eradication Beam (close range, flexible shooting against both vehicles and infantry), TLed Heavy Phosphor Blaster (anti-MEQ at range plus the ability to “mark” a target and reduce its cover saves against other friendly shooting), Neutron Laser (long-range S10 AP1 Concussive Small Blast for anti-vehicle/MC work), and the Icarus Array (high volume/power shooting against any enemy flyers, FMCs, and/or skimmers, which makes it great against Eldar, DE, Tau, Necrons, and Tyranids). No matter what option you go with, have one or more Onager squadrons as an ally to your Deathwatch army is a significant boost which can make the rest of your units more effective with their shooting and ability to absorb damage away from the expensive/fragile DW squads.


As you can see, there are solid uses for each of these Skitarii units in an allied force to a primary Deathwatch detachments. I did not even discuss Skitarii Rangers, Ruststalkers, or Sydonian Dragoons (and these all have the potential to enhance a Deathwatch army as well), but even if you just stick to the Skitarii forces discussed above, I think you can make solidly competitive combination with the squads vehicles, and Kill Teams of a Deathwatch main army.

Sicarian Infilitrators and Rending (Librarious Conclave + Misfortune)

Looking back through the Skitarii Codex, something that caught my eye is the sheer amount of shooting and close combat attacks Sicarian Infiltrators can generate when equipped with the Taser Goad/Flechette Blaster option. A squad of 10 Infiltrators can put out 50 x S2 AP- Shred shots and then follow it up with 41 x S6 AP- Taser attacks on the charge (so a net total of 91 shots/attacks against their selected target).

Since these attacks have no AP and, in the case of the Flechette Blaster, are extremely low Strength, the natural assumption is that they are only good for dealing with light infantry hordes or, at best, overwhelming MSU Power Armor squads through sheer volume. While that may be normally true, if you can support them with an Allied Psyker using the Misfortune power (from Divination dicispline), all that changes.

Imagine the following:

-10 Infiltrators with Flechette Blasters/Taser Goads

-Allied Space Marine Librarius Conclave (5 x PML(2) Librarians in TDA, all using Divination)

-2 x Space Marine Fast Attack Drop Pods

Infiltrators and TDA Librarians each ride in a separate Drop Pod. Turn 1, they both arrive, disembark, and Librarians cast Misfortune on the target (say an enemy Wraithknight) and Prescience on the Infiltrators. Infiltrators use their Doctrina Imperatives to boost themselves to BS5. They then shoot with 50 Flechette Blaster shots at the Wraith Knight… with re-rollable BS5 shots, they average 48-49 hits…. these hits wound and ignore armor on 6+s (due to Rending) and the Flechette Blasters allow re-rolls to Wound due to Shred, so that averages about 15-16 AP2 wounds on the Wraith Knight. If the Wraithknight has a 5++ shield save, then that makes for about 10 wounds inflicted, with FNP further reducing that to about 6-7 total Unsaved Wounds. Result, one dead Wraithknight.

Now, you can simply “rinse and repeat” against other targets the following turns, with the added advantage that the Infiltrators can move 9″, shoot another 50 shots, and then charge 2D6 +3″ (average 10″ charge range) with 41 x S6 AP- Taser attacks… with the additionally generated hits due to the “Taser” rule, Prescience for Re-rolls, and the Neurostatic Aura reducing enemy WS by -1, against most units (and vehicles) the Infiltrators will get an average of about 50 S6 hits… with 6+ to rend, they generate about 8  Rending hits on average rolling, meaning that they can handily kill a MC, wipe out a Terminator squad, or even glance an enemy Land Raider to death. Alternately, if they need to take out enemy hordes, then their mass shooting and close combat attacks can easily decimate even the biggest Ork Mob or AM Blob squad.

As you can see, the tactical applications of Misfortune combined with Sicarian Infiltrators and their exceptional volume of shots/attacks are numerous. The biggest weaknesses of this tactic are 1) Needing to roll up Misfortune reliably before the game begins and 2) the Infiltrator’s fragility, since they are T3, 2W, and only have a 4+ save/6++ Invul/FNP. They do, however, have Stealth (i.e. cover is their friend, especially when they first come out of the Drop Pod) and the allied Librarians can potentially give them a 4++ or Invisibility or Shrouded, any of which can make them much better able to survive enemy return fire. Finally, you are not restricted to deploying them with allied Drop Pods, since they have Infiltration organically and they also can move 9″ and run D6+3″ a turn, letting them get upfield very quickly (i.e. basically the same net mobility as Assault Marines) and work hand-in-hand with the Librarians/Misfortune to wreak all kinds of havoc on the enemy force.

Finally, this unit can be utilized as a “deathstar antidote”… imagine a maxed out squad of 6 TWC, all with PFs and Stormshields and led by a Wolf Lord with PF/SS and Runic Armor. That is 16 wounds, all protected by 3++ saves and (in the case of the Wolf Lord) 2+ armor as well, not to mention some VERY dangerous CC capacity!

Doing the math, if you successfully cast Misfortune on the TWC deathstar and Prescience on a squad of 10 Infiltrators, the Infiltrators can shoot 50 times and then charge with 41 attacks. Shooting at BS5 with Prescience causes about 5-6 unsaved wounds, which means abut 3 dead TWC (assuming the Wolf Lords LoS! the wounds onto the TWC)… the subsequent charge at WS4 (With re-rolls to Hit) versus WS3 (TWC have -1WS due to Neurostatic Aura) generates 41 attacks and, after Taser bonuses, about 50 total hits. Of these, about 8 are Rending, which causes another 2-3 unsaved wounds after SS saves (so a fourth TWC killed)… finally, the non-Rending hits generate about 25 wounds, which means 4 unsaved wounds after the 2+ saves from the WL Runic Armor is used, on average (so the WL is dead, but still gets to strike back, due to I4 vs I4). The remaining TWC attacks back with 8 PF swings, they killing an average of 2-3 Infiltrators… the result, Infiltrators win combat by six wounds, with 7 Infiltrators and 2 TWC left…. next round, the Skitarii melee experts should be able to kill the remaining two TWC before they even get to strike back. As you can surmise, this is a VERY favorable return on your investment against an otherwise quite deadly enemy threat.

Grey Knights and Skitarii…

Skitarii are the newest Imperium codex on the block, which opens up significant allying opportunities across the board.

Looking through the different Imperium armies, the one that jump outs to me as the best “synergistic” ally for Skitarii is, somewhat surprisingly, the Grey Knights. Looking at Grey Knights holistically, they are characterized by the following:

GK STRENGTHS – Anti-horde firepower (mass access to SBs, Incinerators, Cleaning Flame), solid close combat abilities (i.e. Hammerhand, Halberds, mass force weapons), Psychic phase dominance, first-turn deep-striking (Nemesis Strike Force detachment), cost-effective Terminators in the Troops slot, and highly potent Monstrous Creatures in the Heavy Support slot.

GK WEAKNESSES – Low model count/difficulty in objective games, lack of anti-air (outside of Stormravens), expensive Power Armor units, lack of anti-armor options (outside of Psycannons/close combat), lack of long-range support, and lack of fast-moving close combat units.

Now, if you take a look at what the new Skitarii force brings to the fight, it is almost a mirror image of the Grey Knight strengths and weaknesses:

SKITARII STRENGTHS – Relatively cheap, cost-effective infantry (i.e. Rangers and Vanguard), close combat troops that force-multiply units around them (i.e. Infilitrators with their -1 WS/BS/I/Ld aura), excellent long-range fire-support options (i.e. Onager in all its derivations, Ironstriders), great anti-air (Onager with Icarus Array), and fast moving “skirmisher” units (i.e. Sydonian Dragoons, plus troops gets Scout with the Maniple Detachment).

SKITARII WEAKNESSES – Lack of tough close-combat units, no psychic support, no ICs to lead squads/provide force-multipliers, lack of transports, no flyers of any kind, and only moderate ability to deal with horde opponents.

As you can see, these two armies are, in many ways, perfect battle brothers, with each providing exactly what the other lacks. This leads to numerous opportunities for synergy in a Grey Knights/Skitarii joint task force. The following are some examples:

1 – Skitarii Infiltrators, GK Librarian, and Grey Knight Terminators – Infilitrators Infiltrate in and GKTs/Librarian deep strike on the first turn. Infilitrators reduce enemy BS with their unique aura, making both them and GKs more survivable against enemy shooting. Turn 2, Librarian joins Infilitrators, buffing them with Psychic powers (i.e. Hammerhand, Prescience, etc.) and both Infilitrators/GKTs charge in, all of them benefiting from the -1 WS/I/Ld inflicted by the Infiltrator’s aura. This means that 5 GK Terminators with Hammerhand on are striking before other MEQs, hitting on 3+s, wounding on 2+s, and ignoring armor saves of 3+ or worse with a total of 15 attacks, resulting in about 8-9 dead enemy MEQs on the charge.

2 – Grey Knight Rhinos and Skitarii Infantry – Vanguard and rangers are excellent, especially when equipped with Arc Rifles for Rapid Fire Haywire shooting (something that is a tremendous benefit to GKs, who lack melta weapons of their own), but they don’t have organic transports to get them to the fight. Enter the Fast Attack Rhinos from the GK codex. Skitarii Vanguard can hitch a ride on these cheap transport and, with Flat Out moves, be 18” across the table turn 1, ready to light up enemy targets turn 2+. Alternately, with Gates of Infinity and Levitation powers available to GK Psyker ICs, they can “bounce” Skitarii infantry rapidly across the board in the Psychic Phase, removing the need for any transports to begin with.

3 – Dreadknights and Skitarii Vanguard — If you can get both of these units to charge an enemy MC in the same phase, then the Vanguard’s special rule makes any unit in base contact with them have -1T. For almost all MCs, this reduces them to T5, which means that Dreadknights, with their S10 AP2 attacks at initiative, are causing instant death without even having to activate their Nemesis Force Weapons. Riptides, Hive Tyrants, enemy Dreadknights, Chaos Daemons, Tomb Spyders, and Talos/Chronus all hate this combo.

4 – Sydonian Dragoons with Divination Support (GK Librarians) – Since they can easily get to PML(3), GK Libbys are ideal to use with Divination and, depending on the powers they roll up, support a squadron of Sydonian Dragoons. A squadron of 6 x Dragoons already get 24 S8 I6 attacks (with the Taser rule, for potentially generating even more hits) on the charge. Throw in Prescience to increase their To Hit chances by 50% and Forewarning to give the Squadron a 4++ save (both in and out of combat) and they go from dangerous to outright devastating. Alternately, if you roll up Shrouding or Invisibility on the Telepathy discipline, these abilities can greatly increase the Dragoons’ survivability, enabling them to get across the table and successfully charge their target.

5 – Ruststalkers with attached Castellan Crowe – Ruststalkers are already solid combatants (especially when they get to round 2 of combat and make all their weapons AP2), but they become significantly better when they have Crowe attached. First, he can use Cleansing Flame before charging to greatly reduce enemy hordes. Second, he can challenge enemy characters (he excels in Challenges) to free the Ruststalkers to focus on the enemy. Finally, he can cast Hammerhand, increasing the whole unit’s strength by +2, in turn making Ruststalkers MUCH more deadly across the board.

6 – Onagers and Purifiers – Purifiers are excellent infantry, some of the best in the game for their points, but they are still MEQs and are expensive point’s wise. Also, they lack long-range anti-tank and are vulnerable until they get relatively close. Enter the Onager with their S10 AP2 48” Small Blasts. These pair perfectly with Purifiers as they advance (or ride Stormravens in from reserve), bombarding the enemy with highly potent long range shooting and drawing firepower away from the Purifiers. In turn, once they get close, the Purifiers can deal with enemy infantry and draw attention away from the Onagers, allowing them to continue to maneuver and engage unimpeded.

As you can see, this is just the tip of the iceberg with GK/Skitarii synergy. I am excited to try these two armies together and test all the different possibilities they bring to a competitive army list!