Triumverate of the Imperium: Belisarus Cawl and the Astra Militarum

Belisarus Cawl  is one of the new HQs available via the Fall of Cadia and, at the cost of 40 MBs, he has the following profile:


WS5, BS5, S5, T6, W5, I3, A3, Ld10, Sv 2+


-Arc Scourge: S+1, AP4, Melee, Haywire, Master-Crafted, Machine Scourge (can re-roll the result of the Haywire rule)

-Solar Atomiser: Range 12″, S10, AP1, Assault D3, Master-crafted, Melta

-MCed Power Axe

-Mechadendrite Hive:  When a model with a Mechadendrite Hive makes it attacks, it makes an additional 2d6 attacks with its Mechadendrites (S4, AP-, Melee), and a single attack with its Dataspike (S User, AP-, Melee, Haywire), at the initiative 10 step (this does not grant an additional Pile In Move).


-Refractor field


-Canticles of the Omnissiah

-Feel No Pain

-Independent Character

-Very Bulky

-Artificer Self-repair Mechanisms: At the start of each of your turns, Belisarius Cawl recovers D3 Wounds lost earlier in the battle

-WL Trait – Masterwork Bionics: Belisarius Cawl can re-roll failed FNP rolls.

-Canticles of the Archmagos (they can only be used if he is on the battlefield, in the same way as regular Canticles, except they also affect friendly Army of the Imperium vehicles within 12″ of Belisarius, even if they don’t have the Canticles of the Omnissiah rule):

Harmony of Metallurgy:

  • 1-3 Units: It Will Not Die
  • 4-7 Units: It Will Not Die.  Make two ITWND rolls for affected units instead of only 1
  • 8+ Units: It Will Not Die.  Make three ITWND rolls for affected units instead of only 1

Utterance of Neutralization:

  • 1-3 Units: +1 Ballistic Skill
  • 4-7 Units: +2 Ballistic Skill
  • 8+ Units: +3 Ballistic Skill

War Hymnal of Fortitude:

  • 1-3 Units: 6+ Invulnerable Save
  • 4-7 Units: 5+ Invulnerable Save
  • 8+ Units: 4+ Invulnerable Save


So, you can see, Belisarius brings a lot to the fight, both personally and in terms of buffs and, even though he is pretty expensive points-wise, he can be taken as a HQ choice for ANY Imperium army CAD or Allied detachment. He also “unlocks” Relics that can be taken by Imperium HQ choices in the same army as him.

All this got me thinking about Astra Militarum and how he could work if we taken as an HQ for their faction. Right out the gate, he can serve as a powerful “anchor” unit for an AM gun-line, especially if you put him in a big blob squad and use his Ld10 and high survivability (5Ws at T6 with 2+/5++, re-rollable FNP, and the ability to “regenerate” D3 wounds a turn) to keep them in position and “tank” for the unit (he can also use certain Canticles, such as giving himself Stealth for a turn, to force-multiply the entire unit, especially if it is in some cover). If the unit is charged, he provides some very respectable close combat hitting power, both against hordes (Mechadendrite Hive), more elite troops (Power Axe), and vehicles (Arc Scourge).

On top of all this, he can use the Canticles of the Archmagos to make AM vehicles around him significantly better: imagine a squadron of three Vendettas that are bumped up to BS4 for a turn, or a squadron of Leman Russes that all have IWND for a turn, or even an artillery battery that has a 6++ for a turn. You can even use him to buff AM Lords of War, like Baneblade variants or Imperial Knights (imagine a BS5 Avenger Gatling Cannon on a Knight Warden, or a BS4 Vulcan Mega-Bolter on a Stormlord), making them more potent over the course of the game. Finally, he also comes with a Scryerskull (for uncovering Mysterious Objectives at a distance) and what is, in essence, a S10 meltagun with D3 shots a turn (at BS5, don’t forget, with the option to re-roll misses via Canticles once a game), so those give him some additional utility.

In terms of the Relics that Belisarius unlocks, if you take a Commissar Lord with the Memento-Mortispex and attach him to the same blob squad as Belisarius, then you can have a 50 man unit that can choose to Skyfire, use Monster Hunter or Tank Hunter USRs, or fire Snap-shots (including Overwatch) at BS2 each turn, making it even more versatile and dangerous on the tabletop. Combine this with the Belisarius and the buffs he can hand out to neighboring AM vehicles and you can create a really effective Imperial Guard task force against almost any opponent, I think.

Triumvirate of the Imperium: New Relics

I am excited about the arrival of the new Triumvirate of the Imperium characters (i.e. Celestine plus her bodyguard Geminii, Belisarius Cawl, and Inquisitor Greyfax), especially since it appears that ANY Imperium army can choose to take any of these three as a HQ choice, so Space Marines, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Grey Knights, Deathwatch, Militarum Tempestus, Astra Militarum, Cult Mechanicus, Skitarii, Inquisition, Sisters of Battle, etc. can all take them in their armies.

Aside from what the characters themselves bring, which is significant, Celestine and Cawl both “unlock” special Relics that can be taken by any friendly characters in the same army. Here are my thoughts on what I think are some of the best of these:

—Unlocked by Belisarius Cawl—

[1] Memento-Mortispex (5 MBs) – At the start of each of your turns, choose a rule to apply to the bearer and their unit (or weapons as appropriate): Cognis Weapons (BS2 Snapfire, Flamers do 3 hits rather than d3 with Wall of Death in overwatch), Monster Hunter, Skyfire or Tank Hunter.

*APPLICATION — Perhaps the best new Relic available, I see this in the same class as the Hunter’s Eye and Gorgon’s Chain and Astral Grimoire (i.e. very competitive, don’t leave home without it). Being able to give an entire unit Cognis Weapons, Skyfire, Monster Hunter, or Tank Hunter, without any kind of Ld test/Psychic test/dice roll, is exceptional. Right out the gate, some of the best units to use this on include Grav Centurions, Astra Militarum blob squads, Kataphron Destroyers, Sternguard, Deathwatch Veterans, Deathwatch Terminators, Grey Knight Purifiers (with max Psycannons), Long Fang Packs (with max Lascannons), Blood Angel Gunslinger Vanguard Veterans, Sanguinary Guard with max Inferno Pistols, and Repentia Squads (with max Multi-Meltas).

Probably one of the very best options would be on a Dark Angel Biker Interrogator Chaplain leading a 10 man squad of Black Knights… the entire squad already has 18″ Rapid Fire TLed Plasma Weapons, so they can greatly benefit from Tank Hunters against vehicles, Monster Hunter against MC/GMCs, and Skyfire against Flyers and FMCs. On top of this, even if the squad Jinks (to take advantage of re-rollable Jink saves, from the Ravenwing special rule), you can use Cognis Weapons to make them Snapfire at BS2 which, combined with TLed, gives them a 50%+ hit rate even after Jinking, making them survivable AND potent in the same turn (usually you can only have one or the other).

[2] Omnissiah’s Grace (2 MBs) – Bearer has 6+ Invulnerable Save.  If they already had an Invulnerable Save, they get a +1 to their Invulnerable to a max of 3+.

*APPLICATION — Not that great on a character without an Invul save already, but on one that already has a 5++ or 4++, like most Space Marine Captain equivelants or models in TDA, this in essence gives you a “free” Storm Shield without the drawbacks of losing attacks in close combat. Grey Knight Grandmasters, Thunderwolf Lords with PF/Wolf Claw combos, Tech-Priest Dominus with Conversion Field wargear, Interrogator-Chaplains and Chaplains of all flavors, Cataphractii Terminator Captains, Imperium Psykers that can cast Forewarning on their unit, Watch Masters, Skitarii Ruststalker Princeps with dual Transonic Blades/Chordclaw and Conversion Fields, and TDA Inquisitors all can benefit quite a bit from this very affordable Relic.

[3] Saint Curia’s Autopurger (5 MBs) – Models charging the bearer and their unit do not get extra attacks for charging.  All models that are locked in combat with the bearer and their unit must pass a Toughness test at I10 step, or suffer 1 Wound for each test failed (can take saves as normal).

*APPLICATION — The debuff against enemy charging units is quite handy, especially against strong melee squads like Wulfen, Death Company, and Khornate unit which rely on Rage to increase their attack numbers, but where this Relic really shines is against low Toughness opponents (i.e. Eldar of all types, most T3 “human-based” forces, Gaunt/Ripper swarms, Necron Scarabs, etc) due to the second half of this rule. Forcing a wound for every failed Toughness test can be a game-changer, ESPECIALLY if you can combine it with Enfeeble (from the Biomancy discipline), Rad grenades (from an attached Inquisitor), and/or Skitarii Vanguard, with their “Rad-saturation” rule to reduce enemy toughness even further (imagine charging Eldar units reduced to T2 by Rad Grenades from an attached Inquisitor and then using this relic, causing Wounds on rolls of 3+ for every model locked in combat with you!). Overall, this is best used as a “crowd-control” Relic to rapidly thin out enemy hordes, especially since it inflicts these wounds at I10, before your opponents can strike back (I think this Relic is particularly potent against Genestealer Cult, who have high Initiative and close combat output, but low T and weak saves, meaning you can be charged by them and inflict massive damage before they even get to swing).


—Unlocked by Celestine—
[1] Blade of the Worthy (6 MBs) – Replaces a melee weapon.  S User / +2, AP3 / 2, Melee, Divine Fury:  At the start of the Fight Sub-phase, the bearer makes a Ld test.  If they pass, the sword uses the second profile for the duration of the phase.
*APPLICATION — This is basically an AP2 Relic Blade (with no draw-back from being Two-Handed) that requires an Ld test to use which, given that most characters potentially wielding it are Ld10, is pretty darn reliable (i.e. 91% chance of passing an Ld10 check). I think there are several ways to go with this… a Grey Knight Grand-Master could take NF Falchions, then replace on of them with this Relic, giving him the option to use an AP3 Force Weapon or a S+2 AP2 blade each turn (and both can be “buffed” up by +2 with Hammerhand as well)… alternately, you could give it to a Biker Captain Master (with AA) for a cheap, hard-hitting, mobile IC that can attach to a unit or go solo if required. Finally, you could give the Blade of the Worthy to an Astra Militarum Company Commander to make a surprisingly punchy combat unit that your opponent will likely not be expecting.
[2] Desvalle’s Holy Circle (7 MBs) – Bearer has a 4+ Invulnerable.  Enemy units cannot Deep-Strike within 12″ of the bearer.  If they scatter within 12″ of the Bearer, they suffer an automatic Deep Strike Mishap.

*APPLICATION — Like the “Saint Curia’s Autopurger” Relic, the first part of this piece of gear is solid (i.e. giving a 4++ to the bearer), but the real reason for taking it is for the second part of the rule, preventing Deep Strikes within 12″ and causing an auto-Mishap if they scatter to within 12″. This is such a potent piece of Wargear, especially when use to protect key units/vehicles (like your Warlord or an Imperial Knight, for example), against threats like Drop Pod Meltacide units, Wraithguard with an attached Dark Eldar IC with a Webway Portal, deep striking units with massed Flamer templates, enemy units that can assault on the same turn they Deep Strike (i.e. CSM Raptor Talon, Skyhammer Annihilation Force ASM), etc. etc. Putting this Relic on a mobile character, like a Bike or Jump Pack equipped IC, allows you to move this 24″ circle of “no Deep Strike” rapidly all over the table-top, thereby denying you opponent significant real estate and greatly hampering his tactical options.

Belial: Master of the Deep Strike

So, reviewing the rules of Belial, he has all the standard Deathwing rules (Fearless, Hatred (CSM), Grim Resolve), plus some bonuses to fighting in challenges and the option to use a Relic Sword (Sword of Silence — S: User  AP3  Fleshbane, Master-crafted)

What really stands out about him, though, is the Tactical Precision rule which states “Belial and his unit do not scatter when arriving by Deep Strike.”

As you can see from the rule, there is no restriction on what unit Belial is joined to, and thus no restriction on what friendly units can benefit from his “no scatter” deep strike ability.

This opens up numerous tactical possibilities across all armies that can ally with Dark Angels as Battle Brothers, specifically all the Imperium codices/supplements. Below is a list of allied units/formations that could benefit from having Belial attached and conferring his “Tactical Precision” rule when they come in via Deep Strike:

(1) – Ultramarines Strike Force Ultra — Attach Belial and Marneus Calgar to one of the 10 man Tactical Terminators squads equipped with dual Heavy Flamers, then Deep Strike in with no scatter and release 4 Flamer templates and 24 Storm Bolter shots (Strike Force Ultra allows the formation add one more shot to all weapons when the unit arrives by DS), all with Rending (thanks to Calgar using the Storm of Fire WL Trait)… even Wraithknights will have trouble absorbing that kind of firepower and “normal” infantry will just evaporate… plus you will have a massive Terminator squad right where you want it in the enemy’s face turn 1, thanks to no scatter DS.

(2) – Deathwing Knights and attached Brother-Captain Stern — While they cannot put out any shooting the turn they come in, they are super tough with the potential for 2++ saves and T5 all around, thanks to Sanctuary from Stern and the Fortress of Shields rule. They should be able to absorb all kinds of enemy shooting (even Grav weapons, with a 2++ save), and then charge turn 2, using Hammerhand from Stern to strike with WS5 in either “Normal mode” S8 AP3 I4 or “Smite mode” S10 AP2 I4 (but only one attack per model), which will bring down just about anything they encounter.

(3) – Wolf Guard Terminators with Combi-meltas and attached TDA Rune Priest — The ability to land EXACTLY where you want is invaluable for this combo, as it means you can put the WG Terminators precisely in melta range of whatever high-value target you want to bring down (i.e. Imperial Knight, Monstrous/Gargantuan Creatures, AV14 vehicles, Grav Cannon Centurions, etc.). You then use the Rune Priest to cast Prescience on the Terminators, twin-linking their meltas (and making them better in assault if they are charged in the next turn) for even more reliable destruction.

(4) – GK Paladins with 4 x Special Weapons — Being able to put a squad of Paladins exactly where you want them provides exceptional flexibility and offensive capacity, whether you equip them with four Incinerators and “burninate” down a unit with multiple S6 AP4 templates or four Psycannons and cut loose with 16 x S7 AP4 Rending shots into a vehicle squadron’s rear armor. On top of this, like with Strike Force Ultra, DW Knights, and WG Terminators, you also have a dangerous CC unit right on the enemy’s doorstep with no risk of scatter.

5 – GK Terminators/Strike Squads/Interceptors with dual Incinerators — A cheaper, more “economy” version of the Paladin build above, this still is a viable battle group that can put multiple Incinerator templates and lots of SB fire right where you need it, plus provide lots of threat from force weapons in the next turn, with Belial attaching to the squad and bringing them in precisely.

6 – Sanguinary Guard with multiple Inferno Pistols and JP Sanguinary Priest — A combo that is perhaps not very conventional, this unit benefits greatly from being able to get all of its Inferno Pistols within “3” melta range because of Belial’s DS accuracy and then, in subsequent turns, use its superior 2+ armor and 12″ Jump Pack moves to continue to deal significant damage to the enemy lines.

7 – JP Death Company with attached Astorath — Similar to the Sanguinary Guard, you can add Inferno/Plasma pistols or Hand Flamers to taste, but the real benefit is having up to 15 bloodthirsty Death Company models on your opponent’s doorstep, ready to charge with 5A per model and re-rolls to Hit/to Wound, thanks to Astorath’s buffs.

8 – JP Vanguard Vets gun slinging massed Grav Pistols and attached JP Librarian — A more mobile alternative to Grav Centurions or Grav Bikers, you can potentially have up to 20 Grav shots at 12″ with this battle group, all twin-linked via Prescience from the attached Librarian.

9 – Blood Angel JP Assault Squad with dual Special Weapons and dual pistols on Sgt — With only 5 members, this squad can pack quite a bunch of specialized firepower, be it two flamers and two hand flamers <or> two meltas and two inferno pistols <or> two plasma guns and two plasma pistols/Grav pistols. Any way you do it, Belial can bring this squad in precisely and deliver all the firepower exactly where it needs to be.

10 – Militarum Tempestus Command Squad with 4 x Special Weapons — You have multiple options here, including Flamers, Grenade Launcher, Meltaguns, HS Volley-guns, and Plasma Guns (plus a Plasma Pistol for the Tempestor Prime, if you want it), all of which combine well with Orders that either Twin-Link the shooting or give the squad Preferred Enemy. Add in the fact that the squad has Move through Cover and you have Belial Deep Strike them into terrain with no scatter and no risk of Dangerous Terrain tests, significantly improving their survivability as they deliver all that shooting exactly where you need it.

11 – Sisters of Battle Seraphim with 4 x Inferno Pistols/Hand Flamers and attached Celestine — Another great utility unit that can be configured for clearing hordes (Hand Flamers/BPs and Celestine’s Heavy Flamer) or bringing down vehicles/MCs (Inferno Pistols). On top of this, the whole unit has Hit and Run and, between Belial and Celestine, is actually quite a dangerous close combat threat in subsequent turns.

12 – Cult Mechanicus “Holy Requisitioner” formation — A bit of an unusual battle group here, this formation consists of a Tech-Priest Dominus and 2-3 Kataphron Breacher squads and gives them all the ability to Deep Strike. Additionally, they all come in on a single Reserve Roll (which can be re-rolled if desired) and the Breachers do not scatter if they DS within 6″ of the Tech-Priest Dominus. Now, the Tech-Priest can “organically” deep strike with no scatter, provided he lands within 6″ of an Objective, but attaching Belial to him means he has the option to deep strike ANYWHERE, objective or not, and then bring in the Breachers around him with no scatter, making for a much more flexible battle group. Once they arrive, the Breacher can put out significant anti-vehicle firepower with Heavy Arc Rifles (i.e. 2 shot Haywire weapons) or anti-MC/TEQ shooting with Torsion Cannons (S8 AP1 shots that inflict D3 wounds for each unsaved wound or D3 HPs lost for each penetrating hit). Also, while not exceptional, the Breachers have decent close combat capabilities for future turns, especially if they take the Hydraulic Claw upgrade for S10 AP2 attacks.



Lias Issadon and the Cohort Cybernetica

As I study the new Cult Mechanicus book, one of the formations that jump out at me is the Cohort Cybernetica. For those who are not familiar with it, it consists of (1) Tech-Priest Dominus and (2) Kastelan Robot Maniples, all grouped into a single unit (which the Dominus cannot leave).

In practice, this means you have a minimum of one Dominus, two Data-Smiths, and four Kastelan Robots, with the option for up to four more Datasmiths and eight more Robots, though that becomes ridiculously expensive very quickly.

In terms of Special Rules, as long as the Dominus is alive he allows the Kastelan Robots to change their Protocals instantly at the end of your turn (rather than waiting until the start of your next turn for the change to take effect) and every Dominus/Data-Smith in the unit can sacrifice its shooting to allow a single Kastelan Robot to shoot a different target than the rest of the unit. Finally, the whole unit yields (3) Victory points if it is completely destroyed (which is quite difficult to do) and also counts as three units for the purposes of calculating Canticles of the Omnissiah.

So, how to use this unique formation? First of all, I recommend having all the Kastelan Robots replace their Incedine Combustors (i.e. Torrent Flamers) with Heavy Phosphor Blasters. Not only do these have 36″ range, S6 AP3, and 3 shots a piece, but they also have the Luminagen rule, potentially serving as “quasi-Makerlights” if they inflict an unsaved wounds/glance/penetrating hit). While the Torrent flamers are nice, I think the Heavy Phosphor Blasters are much more versatile (they can even be used against light vehicles in a pinch) and force multiply the rest of your army as well.

Shooting aside, where the Kastelan Robots really shine is in close combat with the Conqueror Protocol activated (this doubles their base Attacks, but at the cost of not being able to shoot at all). This means that, with Conqueror Protocal on, each Kastelan Robot has T7, 3W, a 3+ save, and 6 x S10 AP2 attacks on the charge, all at I2 (so still slow to strike, but importantly striking before any enemy PFs, THs, or other Unwieldy weapons). Using the Cohort Cybernetica, with its minimum of four Kastelan Robots, that’s 24 x S10 AP2 attacks on the charge, plus another 6 x S8 AP2 Unwieldy attacks from the attached Datasmiths and another 4 x S5 AP2 Power Axe attacks from the attached Dominus. Given that the entire unit is Fearless and goes with majority T7 (at least until two of the Kastelan Robots are killed), this is a brutal formation in close combat which can threaten any and everything it gets close enough to assault.

The difficulty, of course, is getting this formation of Monstrous Creatures and attached characters close enough to the enemy to get into combat to begin with. Since it can only move 6″ a turn, cannot ride in vehicles, cannot DS, and cannot have additional ICs attach (ICs cannot attach to a MC or unit containing MCs unless given special rules to do so, as is the case of the Dominus in this formation), thus preventing use of Psychic Powers like Gates of Infinity or Levitation to improve its mobility, there is a very real possibility that a savvy opponent will simply “kite” this unit all game long, shooting it to death or ignoring it while never allowing the Cohort to get into close combat.

This is where Lias Issadon comes in. With his WL Trait allowing him the ability to Infiltrate himself and 3 other non-vehicle units, he can Infiltrate the Cohort Cybernetica to within 18″ of the enemy DZ (or 12″, if you have blocked LOS) before the game even begins. Better yet, he can infiltrate the unit into cover and turn 1 you can activate the “Shroudpsalm” Canticle, giving them either Stealth, Shrouded, or Stealth+Shrouded, depending on how many Cult Mechanius units are in you army.

Combined with terrain, that means the unit has between a 4+ and 2+ cover save in addition to its 19 wounds at majority T7, 3+/2+ armor, and the Dominus’ ability to repair a single wound each turn on a roll of 2+. Use the Aegis Protocol in conjunction with all this to give the Kastelan Robots FNP and give the Dominus the “Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land” relic to give the entire unit IWND and, even if your opponent dedicates his entire army’s firepower toward the Cohort, you will likely be able ot weather the storm with plenty of combat power left in the unit.

Once you get to turn 2-3 move up, shoot as required, and charge your opponent’s DZ with the force of a unit of T7 Monstrous Creatures. Basically, infilitrating a Cohort Cybernetica is what Carnifex Broods would kill to do, but the Cohort does it AND still has effective shooting between the Kastelan’s Heavy Phosphor Blasters (switch to Protector Protocols if you need to shoot and then you are putting out 24 x S6 AP3 shots a turn), the Datasmith’s Gamma Pistols, and the Dominus’ Eradication Ray and Macrostubber. Intelligent use of the Canticles of the Omnissiah and split firing the Kastelans as required only makes this battle group even more effective and truly adds a balanced, capable, and potent “anvil” unit to your army.

Kataphron Destroyers and the Dust Prophet… Ahazra Redth

Looking at the new Cult Mechanicus book, one of the units which pops out at me immediately is the Kataphron Destroyers, which are a Troops choice for these scions of Mars.

Kataphron Destroyers are S/T5, so pretty durable despite their 4+ armor save, and they have excellent firepower in the form of either 24″ Heavy 2 Plasma Cannons or Heavy Grav Cannons (30″ Salvo 4/6 Grav weapons). They can move and shoot at full capacity due to special rules granting the equivelant of Relentless and they make up for their BS3 with the high volume of shots and great range of theur Heavy Grav-Cannons. What’s more, you can take up to 12 of them in a single squad and they only cost 2 PFs and a MB each, making them very affordable compared to Grav Cannon Centurions. Against anything with a 4+ armor save or better, they should be absolutely devastating.

Right out the gate, I think one of the best ways to run Kataphron Destroyers is to use an allied Space Marine Mantis Warrior force with Ahazra Redth as the HQ (and as your Warlord). Redth is a PML(2) Librarian with one guaranteed power (Mirage — gives Redth and his unit Shrouded and makes any unit charging them have Disordered Charge) and access to Divination, Pyromancy, Biomancy, and Telepathy for his other powers (one roll on a chart, plus Primaris of that power). Additionally, he has a Relic that allows him to re-roll his first failed Psychic Test and, importantly, his WL Trait grants him and his unit both Interceptor and Night Vision USR.

So, how does he work with Kataphron Destroyers? Attach Redth to a squad of 12 Destroyers, then place them in the center of your DZ (i.e. with maximum coverage/LOS around the board) behind an Aegis Line.

The ADL gives everyone a 4+ cover save, which Redth can then increase to a 2+ by casting Mirage (for Shrouded USR), thus mitigating the Destroyer’s mediocre armor save. He can also automatically get Prescience from the Divination discipline, so if he succesfully casts that on the Kataphron Destroyers he increases their shooting accuracy from 50% to 75%, which massively buffs their shooting potential.

Finally, since he gives the whole unit Interceptor with his Warlord Trait and the Destroyers have a 30″ range for their Heavy Grav Cannons, this battle group can provide an exceptional, 60″ bubble of counter-fire to deep-striking enemy threats, such as DPs with suicide melta units, Eldar Falcon squadrons, Dark Eldar Webway Portal jumps, Tau Crises Team drops, Gates of Infinity shenanigans, Tyranid Mawlocs, Asssault Terminators, Veil of Darkness Necrons, etc., etc.

With Prescience cast, 12 Kataphron Destroyers put out 72 shots a turn, resulting in an average of 54 hits.

Against a squad of 10 DSing Hammernators with 2+/3++, this yields an average of 52-53 wounds, which in turns causes 17-18 unsaved wounds, wiping the entire squad out almost twice over.

Against Farsight and a squad of 7 Crises Bodyguards with 3+/4++ saves, this yields an average of 48 wounds, which in turns causes about 24 unsaved wounds, again wiping the entire squad out entirely.

Against a squad of 10 Veil of Darkness Lychguard with 3+/3++ and 4+ RPs from the Decurion rules, this yields an average of 48 wounds, which in turns causes 17-16 unsaved wounds after 3++ saves, and finally 8 wounds after Reanimation Protocals, killing all but 2 Lychguard as they arrive.

Against a squadron of 3 Falcons DSing with no Scatter, this yields 9 HP/Immobilized Results, destroying the squadron completing before it can even shoot ot diembark any troops.

Against a unit of 10 Wraithguard with D-Scythes using a DE WWP to arrive with no scatter, this results in an average of 48 wounds, meaning that not a single Scythe-Guard even gets a chance to shoot its D-Weapon.

Against a deeps-triking Mawloc or Trygon, this results in an average of 48 wounds, killing the MC handily before it gets any opportunity to get stuck in or do any damage.

As you can see from the above Mathhammer, Redth with a maxed out squad of Kataphron Destroyers makes for an incredible mid-field firebase that can dominate the board and provide amazing protection against enemy DSing threats. Even better, with their T5 and potential 2+ cover saves from ADL + Shrouded, the Destroyers can absorb a lot of enemy firepower themselves and keep fighting. The critical vulnerability of this battle group is, of course, close combat, so you need to shield it from enemy assault units, but with Prescience cast and 72 shots, that means on Overwatch the unit is likely getting 20+ Grav Cannon hits on Overwatch (the Destroyers are not Slow and Purposeful and so CAN overwatch, unlike Grav Cannon Centurions), which should tear up any charging unit with and armor save of 4+ or better.