Powering Down (Part II)

Looks like it is time to take a break from the blog again, with a combination of work and life events taking my focus away from 40K (in general) and tactical blogging (more specifically).

Thank you to all who have added their comments and knowledge to this site and I hope that you all have excellent hobby experiences and enjoyable/competitive 40K games in the future.




7 comments on “Powering Down (Part II)

  1. Siph says:

    See ya when you come back mate


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, I really enjoy reading your thoughts.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent articles. Hope you return soon


  4. Thomas W says:

    Thank our for the time you have put into the blog. I have enjoyed reading your articles and your tactical advice/thoughts were always interesting.


  5. greggles says:

    Real life most important! Stay frosty!


  6. Thomas says:

    See you on the rebound.


  7. Mark Penn says:

    Looking forward to your interpretations of 8th!


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