Triumvirate of the Primarch: New Ultramarine Relics

I have been hoping for Ultramarine Relics for a long time and now we have them, which is great! Looking at them, they all seem solid, not ridiculously good (like Hunter’s Eye or Grimoire of True Names) or really bad either:

[1] Tarentian Cloak (7 MBs) — Gives Bearer Eternal Warrior and IWND — A very solid Relic, especially when combined with a heavy hitting character that can already take a Stormshield…. an UM Biker Chapter Master with this Relic attached to a Biker Command Squad (with Apothecary, of course) is approaching Iron Hands Chapter Master levels of survivability. I think this also a great upgrade for a character that has an Iron Halo or Rosarious already, since it allows them to be immune to Instant Death while still keeping both hands free for close combat weapons (and so the extra +1A in combat).

[2] Helm of Censure (6 MBs) — Gives Bearer Preferred Enemy, plus re-rolls for ALL to Hits and to Wounds when he attacks Chaos Space Marine models — I have seen that people are “poo-pooing” this Relic a bit, mainly because Ultramarines already gets lots of access to re-rolls to Hit via their Chapter Tactics. I have to disagree with them here, for a couple of reasons: first, as long as the Bearer is alive, the re-rolls from this Relic never run out (even if your game goes 7 turns); second, this also gives re-rolls to Wound of 1, which can make quite a difference. especially when applied to high volume of firepower/attacks units; and third, unlike the Chapter Tactics, this Relic can be a tremendous boon to allied units that the Bearer attaches to. For all these reasons, and its very reasonable points cost, I think the Helm of Censure is one of the better Relics in this list.

[3] Sanctic Halo (3 MBs; Captain only) — Gives Bearer FNP and Adamantium Will — This is probably the best “value” Relic of the entire Ultramarine list, since it allows the Bearer to significantly improve his survivability at a very cheap cost (and, since it does not replace a weapon, no loss of shooting or close combat ability options either). Great on Biker Captains, Terminator Captains, JP Captains, you name it, since they all benefit from extra levels of durability.

[4] Soldier’s Blade (4 MBs) — S: User AP2 — A very simple, but useful, Relic, this sword is great to add a little extra “punch” to an Ultramarine IC without paying much more than he would for taking a normal power weapon. Give this to a Chaplain and then he can choose between using AP2 at full Initiative or his S:+2 AP4 Maul, also at full Initiative, all while not losing any attacks in the Assault phase (since he is still rocking two CCWs).

[5] Vengeance of Ultramar (4 MBs) — 24″ S: 1 AP5 Assault 4, Poison(2+) — Continuing the theme of cheap but useful items, I think this is another solid “value” Relic that is worth taking on a character that has a few extra points left over with… imagine taking this on, say, a Librarian attached to a Drop Pod squad of Sternguard… this gives you even more Poisoned shots into the mix to support that squad, while the Librarian also buffs it with Prescience and/or uses Psychic Shriek on the enemy target.

[6] Standard of Macragge Inviolate (12 MBs; Honor Guard or Command Squad only) — Friendly UM units within 12″ add +1 to their Ld and all models in the Bearer’s unit (including the Bearer) gain +1A. Additionally, any UM infantry models slain within 6″ get to roll a D6 and, on a roll of 5+, get to make an out of sequence shooting attack (if in the Movement, Shooting, or Psychic phases) or an out of sequence pile in/attack at normal initiative (if in the Assault phase) before being removed as a casualty — A bit of a complex item here, and an expensive one, but the bonus to attacks (for the squad) and to Ld (for units around the banner) are quite solid. The ability to shoot or attack before dying is a bit unusual, and since it only occurs on a 5+, a bit unreliable as well, so I am not sure it is worth the high points cost. I feel it can be useful in certain circumstances and effective with an infantry “gun-line” style army, since you can maximize the shooting even “after death,” but overall I think this is one of the lower value Relics available in this supplement.


2 comments on “Triumvirate of the Primarch: New Ultramarine Relics

  1. Anonymous says:

    Standard of Macragge Inviolate: This deserves more attention, especially if the Marine player runs drop pods and faces Tau with Interceptor a lot. Even 1/3 more shooting that shouldn’t be there after the Tau Intercept can put the hurt on a Tau gunline or suits army.


    • greysplinter says:

      Great point about a Drop Pod alpha strike army, ESPECIALLY against Tau, with their massed Interceptor abilities, as you point out. I still think this is an expensive Relic, but put in the right circumstances, I see your point about how it can be worth its points cost.


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