Triumvirate of the Imperium: Belsarius Cawl, Imperial Knights, and the Emperor’s Talon Recon Company

So, the other day I saw a showcase of an Imperial Knights army supported by Sentinels as their “men at arms” and I thought this was a very thematic army, as well as one that had some tactical merit (i.e. the Sentinels fill in some of the weaknesses of Imperial Knights, being relatively cheap and able to provide board control, screening, and engagement of multiple targets a turn; conversely, IKs complement Sentinels well by providing high-threat targets that distract enemy attacks from the fragile walkers, strong close combat abilities, and high end firepower to boot).

Based on this, I put together the following 2000 point list trying to maximize the strengths of such a combination:


*[Warlord] Knight Crusader with Avenger Cannon, RF Battle Cannon, Stormspear Rocket Pod, Memento-Mortispex Relic (495)

*Knight Crusader with Avenger Cannon, RF Battle Cannon, Stormspear Rocket Pod (465)

*Knight Crusader with Avenger Cannon, RF Battle Cannon, Stormspear Rocket Pod (465)


*3 x Scout Sentinels with Multi-Lasers (105)

*3 x Scout Sentinels with Multi-Lasers (105)


*Belisarius Cawl (200)

*3 Kataphron Destroyers with Heavy Grav Cannons (165)


So, that is a 2000 point force on the nose. The Imperial Knights are all Crusaders with Stormspear Rocket Pods because of the versatility of firepower it provides (i.e. between them, they can target up to 9 different units with 36 x S6 AP3 Rending shots, 9 x S8 AP3 shots, and 6 x S8 AP3 Large Blasts; on top of that, they can shoot their Heavy Stubbers at different units to enable them to charge something other than what they shot at).

On top of all this, my Warlord would be a Baron (getting WS5/BS5 for free) and the ability to re-roll WL traits (aiming for Landstrider or Ion Bulwark)… combine this with its multiple shooting options and you have a very potent ranged and close combat unit. Lastly, the Warlord also takes the Memento-Mortispex Relic (thanks to Cawl being in the same army), which gives it the choice of Tank Hunter, Monster Hunter, and Skyfire each turn, making it exceptionally versatile and potent against a whole range of targets (i.e. imagine shooting at a Flying Hive Tyrant with 12 x S6 AP3 shots and 3 x S8 AP3 shots, all at BS5).

As for the Sentinels, they provide cheap firepower (18 x S6 shots a turn, with Preferred Enemy against a selected enemy target), objective grabbing while the Knights take care of business (it helps that they have Scout/Outflank and Move Through Cover for this role), and even a form of light screening to “tarpit” enemy units in close combat so that the Knights can keep shooting unmolested, if required. Finally, Cawl and the Kataphron Destroyers provide a small “firebase” unit than can hold Objectives in the backfield and shoot out to 30″ with 18 Graviton shots a turn. In this unit, Cawl can tank for the Destroyers with his 2+/5++, FNP, and 5 wounds, while also providing potent close combat abilities in case they are assaulted, and the Destroyers can deal with TEQs, Monstrous Creatures,  etc. so the Knights can maximize their combat power against other units.

Importantly for the entire army, Cawl can use his special Canticles to “buff” all friendly Cult Mechanicus units and also all Imperium vehicles within 12″ (so that means both the Knights and Sentinels) with +1BS for a turn (so all Knights in range become BS5, Sentinels in range become BS4, and the Destroyers become BS4), a 6++ save for a turn (great for the Sentinels and for covering the sides of Knights not protected by their Ion Shields), and IWND for a turn (again, great for a chance at restoring lost HPs in this army). He can also use the “normal” Canticles to buff himself and the Destroyers, so there is lots of versatility in the ways he can force multiply the entire battle group.

Overall, while this may not be a “top tier” competitive army, I think in the hands of a savvy commander in has all the tools to both defeat enemy units in combat and also grab Objectives in games where those are vital (remember, the Imperial Knights and also the Kataphron Destroyers are Objective Secured).


One comment on “Triumvirate of the Imperium: Belsarius Cawl, Imperial Knights, and the Emperor’s Talon Recon Company

  1. Scout sentinels to grab objectives huh? that’s a new one. The knights will eat up the vast majority of the incoming anti-tank, but I bet you those sentinels are going to find a lot of heavy bolters and pulse riffles aimed their way.

    but considering the rest of the list, It’s a pretty good fit. It’d be hard to find anything so cheap and far deploy-able. The only other option I could think of would be very small Tempestus Scions squads. 215 points can get you a command squad with 4 volley guns and a five man squad with 2 meltas, but your using an ally slot already.

    There are those star collecting formations, but I really like the idea of the sentinels, the fact that they could be modeled as tiny knights or with Skitarii heads and bits is to cool to ignore!


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