Triumverate of the Imperium: Celestine, Teleporting Grey Knights, and the Deathpack

Here is an idea for a battle group that I have been playing around with a bit lately:

-Celestine (and her bodyguards of course)

-10 x GK Interceptor Squad (with 2 Psycannons and 2 Daemon Hammer)

-“Deathpack A” formation from the Space Wolves starter kit (Wolf Lord on TWC with Runic Armor, Thunder Hammer, Wolf Claw, Shroud of the Anti-Martyr Relic; 10 x Grey Hunter with Drop Pod, +1CCW, Power Axe, 2 MGs, WGPL with Combi-Melta and Wolf Claw, Wolf Banner; 4 x TWC, all with PF/SS)

-“Deathpack B” formation from the Space Wolves starter kit (Wolf Lord on TWC with Runic Armor, Blade of the Worthy Relic; 5 x Grey Hunter with Drop Pod, Flamer; 4 x TWC, all with PF/SS)

So, basically, the way this works is that Celestine and her bodyguards attach to the Interceptors and the two “Deathpack” TWC squads (each with their respective TWC Wolf Lords attached) set up on either side of her.

Turn 1, Celestine uses her ability to give the two TWC squads/TWC Lords Fleet and Crusader. Then, everyone (i.e. both TWC packs, Celestine/Interceptors) move up 12″ in the Movement Phase. Meanwhile, the large Grey Hunter squad (with the Wolf Banner) drops in and shoots up a target unit with their Meltas and sets up their Wolf Banner (more on this later).

In the Shooting Phase, the Interceptors can add their Psycannons and Stormbolters into the mix while Celestine shoots with her “one shot Battle Cannon” orbital barrage. Simultaneously, the two TWC squads run forward as well…. thanks to Crusader and Fleet, there is quite a solid chance of the getting a 5-6″ Run per squad (roll two dice and pick the highest, due to Crusader, and re-rolls of any dice, due to Fleet)… this should put the two TWC at 17-18″ across no man’s land (and about 6-7″ from the edge of the enemy DZ).

During the charge phase, the two TWC squads attempt to charge any enemy units deployed along the edge of the DZ (the “Deathpack” formation allows these units to charge after running), which means that they have to make an average of 6-7″ charge, with re-rolls thanks to Fleet (and no slowing due to Difficult Terrain, thanks to being Cavalry)… between the two squads, there is a very solid chance of one or both squads getting the charge off and laying down lots of S10 AP2 attacks… with proper positioning of the Grey Hunters and their Wolf Banner, you can give the one or both of these units +1A, making them even more deadly in close combat.

In subsequent turns, you can use Celestine to give the Wolf Lords (and their units) Zealot with her aura, plus you can have the Interceptors shoot or charge themselves (they can use Hammerhand to give themselves, Celestine, and her Gemini bodyguards +2S, which can make a major difference for the whole unit) and Celestine can give the entire squad Hit and Run. Alternately, you can “shunt” the Interceptors across the board to an Objective and have Celestine/the Gemini bodyguards attach to one of the TWC packs to add durability and attacks (and Hit and Run as well). Finally, the second Grey Hunter Pack can come in on its Drop Pod and grab an Objective and/or put down a Flamer template while the “original” Grey Hunter pack can continue to shoot or even charge into combat (between +1CCW and the Wolf Banner, each Grey Hunter gets 4A on the charge).

Finally, the TWC Lords use their respective Relics (Shroud of the Anti-Martyr for EW on one and Sword of the Worthy for +2S AP2 attacks at I5 for the other) “unlocked” by having Celestine to make them even more potent in combat and, along with their TWC escorts, able to continue to wreak havoc in enemy lines in subsequent turns.


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