Traitor Legions: Talisman of Burning Blood and World Eaters Bikers

Looking at the new World Eaters rules today and something that really jumps out at me (and which I have seen discussed in other forums/blogs) is the Talisman of Burning Blood, which gives +3″ to the Move, Run, and Charge distances of the bearer and his unit. Very simple, but very powerful, especially when combined with the free 2D6″ move given to non-vehicle units by the special World Eater’s detachment.

In terms of how to apply this Relic tactically, there are tons of options, but I think one of the best will look something like this:

-Chaos Lord with MoK, Juggernaut, Sigil of Corruption, LC/PF, and Talisman of Burning Blood (Relic)

-Chaos Lord with MoK, Juggernaut, Sigil of Corruption, and Axe of Blind Fury (Relic)

-Chaos Lord with MoK, Juggernaut, Sigil of Corruption, and Gorefather (Relic)

-Chaos Lord with MoK, Juggernaut, Sigil of Corruption, and Bloodfeeder (Relic)

-10 CSM Bikers with MoK, 2 x Meltagun, Champion with LC/PF


If taken as part of the World Eaters “Butcherhorde” detachment, then this unit gets the following:

-Free 2D6″ movement before Turn 1 + 15″ Move (12″ move as Bikes/Cavalry and additional 3″ from Talisman of Burning Blood) + 2D6+3″ Charge

This translates to a minimum Turn 1 Charge Threat Radius of 22″, a maximum Turn 1 Charge Radius of 42″, and an average Turn 1 Charge Threat Radius of 30″ (with Re-rolls for failed charges, thanks to the Butcherhorde detachment special rules).

Combine all this with Fearless, Furious Charge, and Adamantium Will on the unit, thanks to World Eater “Chapter Tactics,” and the four very “choppy” Juggerlords, and you have a unit that can very reliably cross the table and get into combat on Turn 1 and wreak some serious havoc. The Khorne Bikers themselves put out 36 x S5 attacks on the charge, plus 5 x S5 AP3 Shred or 5 x S9 AP2 Unwieldy attacks (from the Biker Champion), plus the following on the charge:

-Juggerlord 1 (Talisman of Burning Blood) — 7 x S5 AP3 Shred or 7 x S9 AP2 Unwieldy attacks

-Juggerlord 2 (Axe of Blind Fury) — 7-13 x S7 AP2 attacks

-Juggerlord 3 (Gorefather) — 6 x S7 AP2 Armourbane, Murderous Strike (i.e. 6+ to Wound = ID)

-Juggerlord 4 (Bloodfeeder) — 4-14 x S6 AP2 attacks (with 1s to Wound hitting friendlies)

Since the assault of this battle group cannot reliably be countered by things like Interceptor (Tau) or shooting for a turn or two before they get into combat (everyone else), due to their amazing speed across the table-top, I think this will shake up the meta pretty significantly in the future. Honestly, this reminds me a lot of the old, 5th edition Biker Nobz deathstar lists that were so hard to deal with, except a little less durable and bit more mobile/choppy.

Overall, I think this will be a good thing for anyone who wants to play a very aggressive, assault-based CSM army that relies on speed and hitting power to win the day, vice the shooting and psychic power shenanigans that are so in vogue right now.


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