Traitor Legions: Emperor’s Children

Rumors are out in force now for the new Traitor’s Legion supplement for CSM and I am quite excited, both for 40K players who use CSM and for the game as a whole, since it appears that each legion is getting legitimate Relics, WL Traits, detachments, and “chapter tactics” unique to it.

One of the first things that caught my eyes is the special rules made available to the Emperor’s Children. Here are the special rules for Emperor’s Children we have seen so far:

—Emperor’s Children Restrictions/Requirements—

*Lucius is the only Unique CSM character they can take

*All units that can must take Mark of Slaanesh or Daemon of Slaanesh if they can

*All units that have access to it get VotLW for free

*All Psykers have access to the Slaanesh Psychic Discipline


—Special Rules—

*All units with VotLW gain Fearless & FNP (6+) (units with Icon of Excess get FNP (4+))

*All units with VotLW get 1 immediate :free” attack if slain during the Fight sub-phase

*Noise Marines are Troops choice


–Warlord Traits—

[1] Eternal Warrior

[2] +2 Initiative

[3] Add 1 to FNP of WL and his unit

[4] Gain Fear and opponents locked in CC with WL/his unit take fear on 3D6

[5] +1A each time you lose a wound (lose this if wounds are re-healed)

[6] Can auto-pass Look out Sir! rolls



[1] Intoxicating Elixir (25 points) — Make D3 rolls on combat drugs table (cumulative)

[2] Shriek Wave (20 points) — 12” S8 AP2, Assault D6, Mental Trauma (before shooting, Target takes Ld test and, if failed, this attack re-rolls to Wound rolls)

[3] Soul Snare Lash (20 points) – Ranged – 6” S4 AP5 Assault 2, Soul Snare; Melee – S: User AP5 melee, Soul Snare (Soul Snare: To wound roll of 6 is AP2/Instant Death)

[4] Endless Grin (10points) – Model has Fear and enemies within 6” have -1 Ld

[5] Bolts of Ecstatic Vexation (15 points) – Bearer’s Bolt Weapons gain Blast, Ignores Cover, and Pinning

[6] Blissgiver (30 points) – S: User AP3, Catatonic Trance (target must pass Ld test/per wound or be removed)
—Unique Emperor’s Children Detachment Rules—

*Re-roll WL Trait

*Combat Drugs (roll on table for all non-vehicles before game starts):

1- +1 WS

2- +1 BS

3- +1 I

4- +1 S

5 – +1 T

6- +1 A

-Core Choices: Chaos War Band, Kakophoni (Lucius/Chaos Lord, 3-6 Noise Marine; get Split Fire and all Sonic Weapons gain Shred; if you take 6 squads of Noise Marines, they also get +1S to their Sonic Weapons)

-Command Choices: Lord of Legion (Lord, Sorcerer, Dark Apostle, or Daemon Prince)

-Auxiliary Choices: Lost and the Damned, Hellforged Warpack, Heldrake Terror Pack, Cult of Destruction, Fist of the Gods, Raptor Talon, Terminator Annihilation Force, Spawn, Daemon Engine

—Slaanesh Psychic Discipline (Updated)—

[Primaris] – Sensory overload — Witchfire 24″, S4, AP4, Assault 4, Blind, Concussive, Pinning

[1] – Hysterical Frenzy (WC1) — Blessing 12″, Friendly units rolls on table for either +1I. +1S , or +1 A

[2] – Delightful Agonies (WC1) — Blessing 12″, Friendly unit gains FNP(4+)

[3] – Symphony of Pain (WC1) — Malediction 21″, Enemy unit loses -1 BS/WS and any Sonic Weapons shooting this targeted unit add +1S (cumulative)

[4] – Sonic Shockwave (WC1) — Nova 9″, S5 AP4 Assault D6, Pinning, Ignores Cover

[5] – Aural Onslaught (WC2) — Beam 18″, S8, AP2 Assault 1, Mental Anguish (before attack, target takes Ld test and if fails you reroll to-wounds here)

[6] – Apoplectic Glee (WC2) — Witchfire 24″, S: Special AP- Assault 1, Ignores Cover, Ecstasy (no roll to wound, rather all non-vehicles hit themselves using their own unmodified strength)


Based on all this, I think there are a lot of excellent possibilities, but what has me really interested is something like this:

(CORE) –Kakophoni Formation with Terminator Lord  (Mark of Slaanesh), 6 x 10 man Noise Marine squads (all with Sonic Blasters, dual Blastmasters,  and Icon of Excess)

(COMMAND) — Terminator Lord  (Mark of Slaanesh)

(AUX) — Terminator Annihilation Force with Terminator Lord (Mark of Slaanesh), 3 squads of Terminators with Combi-Meltas, Power Mauls/Power Fists, Icon of Excess, Mark of Slaanesh)

Right out the gate, this gives you 6 squads of Noise Marines with Fearless, FNP(4+), S5 Sonic Blasters with Shred, and a roll on the Combat Drugs Table to form a very potent “firebase anvil” for any CSM army you are building. On top of that, you have 3 x Terminator squads with attached Terminator Lords, all with 2+/5++, Fearless, FNP(4+), Combat Drugs, and lots of Melta to take out vehicles/MCs when they Deep Strike in as a “close combat hammer” element of your army.

What I really think makes all this work, despite the somewhat high cost of Noise Marines with Sonic Weapons and Terminators with Combi-Meltas, is that they are automatically Fearless (mitigating their lack of ATSKNF compared to loyalist Astartes) and they have FNP(4+), which basically doubles their survivability against any S7 and below attacks. Finally, they have solid offensive punch, with lots of I5 in close combat, S5 AP5 Shred, Ignore Cover, Sonic Blasters, S9 AP3 Small Blast, Ignore Cover, Pinning, Blast Masters, and combi-Meltas.



12 comments on “Traitor Legions: Emperor’s Children

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well there are a few things to look at, objective secured is just so strong in 40k so I think a warband would be a better option.


    • greysplinter says:

      That’s true, or, alternatively, you could go with a CAD (Noise Marines are Troops for Emperor’s Children)… you would lose out on the Combat Drugs, Split Fire and Shred/+1S for Sonic Weapons, but in turn you gain lots of Objective Secured, still have Fearless and FNP(4+) with Icon, and also have access to Fortifications and high-end Forgeworld units (like Sicaran Predators, Fire Raptors, Rapier Batteries, etc.)


  2. Mallory Fey says:

    Good article 🙂

    I’m also rather impressed with the EC stuff, having played games where 4+ FNP have kept a marine unit alive against spawn, marines and a terminator all hitting them at the same time for three rounds (I did this via the Endurance spell). After that, my Daemon Prince turned up and saved my marines and that won me the game, which was nice.

    So I’m chuffed to see the FNP bonuses, and I think it’s fluffy too. The FNP spell would work wonders on cultists, making them better than zombies. Do you think the spell can be cast on vehicles too? (I’m sure I’ve seen FNP on daemon engines before…)

    By the way, the BlissGiver sword, I hear, is a Daemon weapon (according to a thread on DakkaDakka), and the Bolts of Ecstatic Vexation is only on the user sadly. Also, the 6+ FNP combines with the icon to make 4+FNP, but doesn’t combine with, say, the spell to make 3+ FNP. only the warlord trait can do that. Still very good however.

    I’m inclined to go for EC over Thousand Sons (I like both Tzeentch and Slaanesh) as the TS sorcerers don’t get any extra rolls for spells, and Slaanesh’s spells are better than Tzeentch’s spells overall. Also, all the TS weapons seem to be geared to work at 12-24 inch range, which puts them at risk of being charged, which they simply cannot handle. EC can.

    I’m also thinking what to put with my Noise Marines – I’m feeling the need for some fast attack, as the Noise Marines have movement issues (salvo etc.) so are more geared to camping midfield. Cultists would bubble wrap them (and with ignores cover, you can shoot through cultists and ignore the cover save given by intervening units).

    Possessed with a Daemon Prince (I can’t remember the formation, but I think it’s not one of the Aux formations you listed above) was my first thought as they can take the icon. Warp Talons would be fab, but no icon for them. Raptors could pop tanks but aren’t killy enough. So either bikers (probably still not killy enough, but they’d be T5 FNP4+), or Slaanesh Daemon riders, who are cheap, have outflank and are killy for the points, and a herald with them could get spells to screw with leadership (I think, from memory, slaanesh daemon spells have this?)

    But I’m ideally looking to stick to mono-codex solutions: so I’m also considering the heldrake formation – it reduces leadership, interacts with pinning and failed morale checks, and gives you a good threat across the board. Maybe you can FNP them too? And they’ll give you anti-air support.

    I’ also thinking of a havoc unit with meltas and a sorcerer rolling on Heretic – he’ll have the ability to turn enemy vehicles against them, repair the heldrakes, pop tanks with haywire attacks, and +1 Toughness or Armour.

    When Forgeworld is allowed in a game, it’s Conversion beamer rapiers for me, and maybe those fighter planes (I can’t remember the name of them, but they’re the ones the Heldrakes were before turning Daemon).

    So, for me…
    Nose Marines for midfield/defence.
    Cultists to overrun the board (with Fearless from the zealot, FNP4+ spell and ability to come back on a 4+).
    2 heldrakes/fighters
    Maybe an Aegis with comms tower for reserve rerolls?
    A daemon princess or two
    Sorcerers because I still think we’re better at the mojo than TS 🙂
    Melta havoc squad

    Probably way over 2k, but that’s where my head’s at…

    Apologies for the rantiness 🙂



  3. greysplinter says:

    Some very good points here. I agree, FNP(4+) on any MEQ units (or even TEQs makes them surprising resilient, especially if you can find some good cover.

    I also agree with you that “bubble-wrapping” with Fearless Cultists can be quite effective, as can support from DPs and/or Heldrakes from the air.

    One note, Daemon Engines do not benefit from FNP, unfortunately (I think it would be neat if they did, though, and appropriately fluffy, since they are kind of “bio-mechanical” in nature).


  4. WestRider says:

    I think I’d leave some of the Noise Marines with Bolter/BP/CCW so they could be a bit more mobile. You really don’t need 60 MEqs as a backfield Firebase. Being I5 and Fearless, they’re surprisingly good in Combat with the extra CCW, and they can still kick out quite a lot of short-ranged firepower with Bolters and a Doom Siren. They end up working out pretty similarly to Grey Hunters in overall role, except that they can’t take Melta/Plasma, so they’re stuck in more of an Anti-Infantry role.

    I’d probably also shell out for a ChainFist for each Terminator Squad, but otherwise leave them with Mauls to take advantage of I5.


    • greysplinter says:

      I think you are right on here… some more mobile Noise Marines in conjunction with the “firebase” Noise Marines would probably be good practice. I think you are right about them being similar to Grey Hunters as well, as very good “generalists.”


  5. James Nobles says:

    I would say with some of the forces, as I have read them, Chaos sorcerer in Termi armor might work better for the Terminator annihilation force, as well as keeping it warband for both flexibility of forces and objective secured. Plus Sensory overload on the heavy weapons types(againist havocs or devastators etc.) of the opposition is just silly fun

    Mind you I am looking at this as a new player getting say a Betrayal box and a DV box and using everything I can in it.


  6. BC says:

    How many points is the list given above and is that a normal size for tournament games of 40k?


  7. Anonymous says:

    Just curious, but how are you getting dual blastmasters in a 10 man noise marine squad? I thought that it was only 1 per 10? Or did I miss an amendment to the original CSM Codex somewhere?


  8. Anonymous says:

    I think a traditional warband wins out here, since a full Kakophoni Formation is almost 2000 points.

    On 1500: Take 6 units of 5 noise marines with Sonic Blasters, a Chaos Lord with Mark of Slaanesh and a Spawn with Mark of Slaanesh. That works out to be 773 points and you get the Kakophoni formation along with a basic roll on the chart, which probably won’t do much.

    Then, take Night Lords. Take 3 units of 5 Raptors with 2 meltaguns each and meltabombs on the champ. Take a Chaos Lord with a jump pack(Free, because of the formation.) and a Spawn.

    That’s 458 points, +773 points is 1231 points. Note that, unlike the Warlord Ability that decides Night Fighting is automatic on turn one, the Night Lord ability lets you decide if the Night Fighting rules will be used. You -will- be using them for the whole game.

    If anything gets within range of the Noise Marines that isn’t a vehicle, they’ll be wiped off the board if they aren’t a vehicle. That’s 90 S 5, shredding, ignore cover shots a round. The Raptors all stick to cover and get a bonus because Night Fighting is always in effect. They jump out to rock vehicles with meltaguns and gang up on them.

    Everything in your army ignores Night Fighting, so it’s just a bonus for you. You risk a few Dangerous Terrain checks, but your Raptors will have 2+ cover saves in Night Fighting and can counter-charge people who deep strike.

    Spend the last 269 points on characters. I’d recommend a Night Lord Daemon Prince with the armor that gives +1 to cover saves. Suddenly, you have a Daemon Prince with a 2+ armor save, 2+ cover save and who might even roll Infiltrate.


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