Skyhammer Fist of Medusa Task Force

I think this might be an unusual, but competitive, army build using the Iron Hand’s Fist of Medusa detachment. Basically, you use the following components:


*Battle Demi-Company (Terminator Captain in Cataphractii Armor,  3 Tactical Squads in Drop Pods with Melta/Combi-Melta, ASM squad in Drop Pod with double Flamers, Devastator Squad with 4 Multi-Meltas, Drop Pod)


*Strike Force Command (Terminator Captain in Cataphractii Armor with Relic Blade and Auspex)

*Strike Force Command (Terminator Captain in Cataphractii Armor with Relic Blade and Auspex)


*Skyhammer Annihilation Force (2 ASM squads, 2 Devastator Squads with 4 Grav Cannons, Drop Pods)

*Raptor Wing (2 Stormtalons with TLed Lascannons, Land Speeder with 2 Heavy Bolters)


So, the idea with this Task Force is that each Cataphractii Terminator Captain joins a Devastator squad from the Skyhammer Annihilation Force (and the one from the Demi-Company joins the Multi-Melta Devastator squad from the Demi-Company), providing multiple benefits: first, it allows them to continue to be “Relentless” all game long (even after arrival), meaning they can move and shoot to full capacity all game long. Second, the Cataphractii Captains can “tank” for the Devastators with their 3W, 2+/4++ (and re-rolls to Invul saves of 1). Third, the Captain provides some close combat capability in case they get charged (or he can split off and charge an enemy unit preemptively, if necessary). Fourth, the Auspex reduces enemy Cover saves, which is one of the only defenses against massed Grav Cannon shooting. Finally, and perhaps most significantly, each Captain gives his squad (and any nearby Iron Hands infantry) FNP(5+), thanks to the rules of the Fist of Medusa strike force, thus greatly improving their overall durability in the game.

As for the rest of the Task Force, the Tactical Squads (and their Drop Pods) provide more Objective Secured unit and some anti-armor capability via their melta/combi-melta weapons, while the Drop Pod ASM gives you some anti-horde with dual flamers (and even more Objective Secured units). The bare bones ASM from the Skyhammer provide mobile “skirmisher” units to grab objectives, tie up enemy forces, and/or screen your own forces. Finally, the two Storm Talons provide general fire support and anti-Flyer capacity (at least if you are not using the Death from the Skies rules), while the Land Speeder spots for them and also provides some additional Heavy Bolter fire (don’t forget, if any of these Flyers/Skimmers are within 12″ of one of the Cataphractii Terminator Captains from this detachment, then they get PotMS, allowing them to “split fire” for free).

In terms of employment, if your bring in the Skyhammer on Turn 1, then you have a total of 5 Drop Pods arriving with your Alpha Strike, allowing you to hit your opponent with 40 Grav Shots and 8 Melta shots if you want. In subsequent turns, you can bring in the remaining two Drop Pods (with the Flamers on the ASM and the Melta/Combi-Melta on the Tacs) to support your force on the deck or seize other objectives (since EVERYTHING from the Demi-Company is Objective Secured, this can be very effective). You also get to bring in the Stormtalon Gunships automatically on Turn 1, thanks to the Raptor Wing rules, and can employ their TLed Assault Cannons and TLed Lascannons to great effect wherever you need them, especially when you add in Strafing Run (for BS5) against ground targets and the “Priority Target Received” for re-rolls to Wound/to Penetrate against a selected target.

Overall, I think an army like this, based around the Fist of Medusa detachment (and especially the Demi-Company and Skyhammer formations), makes for a versatile, competitive Iron Hands Task Force that can reliably take on almost any kind of opposing army.



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