Champions of Fenris Greatpack

I think the Champions of Fenris Greatpack is quite intriguing, especially with its new version of Logan’s “High King” rule:

1 – All units gets Fearless

2 – WG, TDAWG, and TWC get +1WS

3 – All units from this Greatpack within 12″ of Logan get one of the following rules each turn (you choose): Tank Hunters, Monster Hunters, Preferred Enemy, Relentless, or Furious Charge

With the new “High King” 12″ bubble (which can be extended even further by putting Logan on his sled ), you basically are getting an improved version of the infamous Tau Puretide Engram Chip which affects multiple units at once, instead of just the bearer and his unit.

There are tons of possible applications, but here are some that jump to my mind right out the gate:

1 – Logan Drop Pods in with multiple Plasma Grey Hunter Packs and uses Preferred Enemy to buff all their S7 AP2 Rapid Fire goodness.

2 – Logan rides his Chariot in the middle of multiple maxed out Blood Claw Packs (along with some nearby Wulfen to amp up their abilities even more) and grants them Furious Charge.

3 – Logan rides in his Chariot with multiple meched up Long Fang Packs and grants them Relentless so they can shoot from the hatches of their Rhinos or dismount from their Razorbacks at full BS even after moving.

4 – Logan rides in his Chariot along with multiple TWC packs, granting them either Preferred Enemy (general use), Tank Hunters (assaulting enemy mech), Monster Hunters (for tearing down Tau Riptides and Eldar Wraithknights in close combat), or Furious Charge (for S6 attacks on the charge against T3 enemy like Eldar and Tau).

As you can see, there are many uses for Logan and his Greatpack formation. I think the biggest drawback is the high minimum unit requirement to make this work (i.e. Logan, 2 WG/TDAWG/TWC Packs, 3 Blood Claw variant Packs, 4 Grey Hunter Packs/Land Speeders, 2 Long Fang Packs MINIMUM, which is going to be most of your points right out the gate).

Still, I think the Champions of Fenris Greatpack will make for a competitive, fun, and fluffy option for Space Wolf players. I think this would work particularly well, if you can spare enough points, in conjunction with an allied BA Lucifer Armoured Task Force, which can put multiple armored units (with lots of Flamestorm cannons) up in the enemy’s face before the game even begins, thanks to Scout moves, thus taking target priority away from Logan (who is the lynchpin of this force) and all the Space Wolves escorting him.


2 comments on “Champions of Fenris Greatpack

  1. WestRider says:

    There’s a required Unit of Wolf Scouts, too, taking the bare minimum for the Formation with Logan up to almost 900 Points, and the effective minimum to probably somewhere between half again and twice that. Makes things pretty tight at common Points values, but it probably does start being workable around 2K, which still shows up occasionally.

    The problem then becomes that at 2K, way too many Armies can easily smoke Logan on his Chariot right off the bat 😛


  2. greysplinter says:

    Good point about the Wolf Scouts (forgot about them), which are definitely a “tax” without much upside.

    In terms of Logan’s survivability at 2000 points, you are right, he is pretty vulnerable, especially against Grav weaponry. Perhaps the best way to run him is actually on foot, attached to a squad, so he can use LOS to keep himself (and his buffs to the rest of the army) alive.

    I think something like this might be effective, using the Wolf Claw Strike Force:

    -2 squads of WG in Pods
    -1 squad of Wolf Scouts
    -3 squads of Blood Claws in Pods
    -4 squads of Grey Hunters in Pods (one with Wolf Banner; Logan rides with this unit)
    -3 squads of Long Fangs in Pods

    THE CURSEBORN (Auxiliary)
    -Murderfang in a Pod

    Since you have a Wolf Claw Strike Force, you benefit from the Counter-charge rule, which can be great with all these CC units arriving by Drop Pod. You also have 13 Drop Pods, meaning 7 arrive turn 1. Logan can make the Long Fangs Relentless, if needed, or you can have them come in later and he can give everyone Preferred Enemy, making the Alpha strike much more effective. Turn 2, bring in more Reserve Drop Pods and charge as required. Overall, an expensive force, but I think this kind of Drop Pod saturation works really well in conjunction with Fearless and The High King rules from the Champions of Fenris Greatpack (and the ability to Counter-charge, thanks to having a Wolf Claw Strike Force).


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