Sisters of Silence Deployment Tactics

Well, just like Custodes, Sisters of Silence now have a formation that allows players to field them without going the Unbound route. Sisters of Silence have the following stat line:

WS4 BS4 S3 T3 I5 A2 Ld 10 Sv3+ (15 points cost per model, +10 points for Sister Superior)

Additionally, they are Fearless, cause Fear, and have “Bane of Psykers” (get Precision Shots and Precision Hits and may re-roll at to Hit rolls against any enemy units that contain at least one model with Psyker/Brotherhood of Psyker/Psychic Pilot rules) and, more importantly, Psychic Abomination, which is basically the same as the Culexus Assassin’s special rule (i.e. ALL Psykers, friend or foe, within 12″ have -3Ld, do not generate any Warp Charges, and can only harness Warp Charges on a 6+; also, units with this rule can never be affected by any kind of Psychic Power, good or bad, and ANY blessings or maledictions that are “active” within 12″ of a model with this rule are immediately cancelled).

In terms of Wargear, Sisters of Silence come stock with Bolters, CCWs, and Psykout grenades, but can trade out their Bolters for Executioner Greatblades (S: +1 AP2, Two-handed) for free or for Flamers (+2 points per model), giving them solid options for both close range shooting and combat.Obviously, their real value is their ability to shut down enemy psykers (and the Deathstars dependent on them) for a very economical points cost.

Aside from their fragility (T3, 3+ armor saves means they are pretty much like Aspect Warriors), Sisters of Silence’ greatest weakness is mobility, since they lack any form of special deployment like Deep Strike, Infiltration, Scout, etc. and also do not have any inherent access to any dedicated transports.

Out the gate, here are a few ideas on how to get Sisters of Silence “into the mix” and close up to the enemy where they can effectively employ their Flamers, I5 S4 AP2 Greatblades, and/or anti-Psyker abilities:

[1] Lias Issodon — Taking him as your Warlord gives you the guaranteed ability to Infiltrate himself and three friendly units… this obviously works amazing with Sisters of Silence, getting them at least within 18″ of the enemy (as close as 12″ away, if they can find LOS blocking terrain)… on Turn 1, the Sisters move up 6″, then run another D6″, basically guaranteeing that you are within 12″ of a selected enemy unit (or units) and cancel any Blessings cast on it (we are thinking Deathstars here, especially ones that rely on durability buffing spells like Invisibility, Endurance, Warpmetal Armor, Veil of Time, etc.)

[2] Allied Stormraven (with Locator Beacon) and Skyshield Landing Pad — The Sisters cannot start the game in the Stormraven, but they can mount up turn 1 and the flyer can then “dash” forward turn 1, using Jink to help keep it alive. Turn 2, the Stormraven can switch to Zooming mode, making it able to get almost anywhere on the board, and then use Skies of Fury and the Locator Beacon to basically “precision drop” the Sisters of Silence wherever you need them, whether to unleash mass flamer templates on tightly packed enemy infantry or to neutralize enemy Psychic capabilities.

[3] Allied Land Raider Spearhead formation — If you want to go the expensive route (and equip the Sisters for close combat via Executioner Greatblades), then you can use this formation to get three Land Raider transports (which ignore all vehicle damage table results except for Explodes if they are within 6″ of each other) that can safely an entire three squad Null-Maiden Task Force to the front safely. Not only can they get the Sisters of Silence in range to pop out and unleash multiple anti-psykers “bubbles,” but since they are Assault Vehicles the Sisters can also charge in the same turn, putting their 3 x S4 AP2 I5 attacks per model to good use (this should wreck almost any MEQ squad, especially with the Sisters of Silence’s high initiative, but can also be great against 2+ saves enemies that strike at lower initiative, such as Devastator/Assault Centurions, Terminators, Mega Armored Nobz, Broadside Battlesuits, etc.). As with the Stormraven tactic described above, the Sisters have to start the game outside the Land Raiders, but can jump in turn 1, then have their transports move up 12″ + 6″ from Flat Out to get into position quickly.

[4] Allied Fortification with Escape Hatch — As I have discussed a number of times in previous articles, the Escape Hatch trick is a relatively secure (and cheap, points-wise) method to get a friendly foot-slogging unit between 19-24″ across the board turn 1 (i.e. Escape Hatch is deployed 12″ toward the enemy DZ before the game begins, turn 1 the unit disembarks 6″ from it, then run another D6″). While this is not a foll-proof method, it can reliably “sling-shot” a squad of Sisters of Silence toward the enemy DZ and allow them to begin shutting down enemy Psychic abilities/powers as early as Turn 1, in turn making the rest of your army much more powerful against opponents that rely heavily on these abilities.



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