Lost Brotherhood Strike Force: First Impressions

The rumors for the new Blood Angel Codex are out and appear to be pretty solid, so based on what we have seen, here is my initial take on the “Death Company Decurion” half of the new codex:



So, this detachment appears to consist of the standard configuration as follows:


  • 1+ Core choice (only option is the DEATH COMPANY STRIKE FORCE)
  • 1-3 HQ options (must be chosen from ASTORATH, LEMARTES, or the new DEATH COMPANY CHAPLAIN)


If you meet these minimum requirements, then the entire detachment gains the ability to re-roll the WL trait, the Red Thirst (i.e. +1I on the charge), and a free 6” move after Deployment (this is separate from any Scout moves, and also does not appear to have the restrictions of Scout moves, so assaulting Turn 1 is a viable possibility, especially for units in transports or with the ability to move 12” in the Movement phase, like Bikes or Jump Infantry).

Obviously, these are very solid special rules, especially +1I on the charge (combines well with BA Furious Charge “chapter tactic”) and the free 6” move to get your forces in position. Looking at the specific formations, here are some of the components that stand out to be right away:


[1] DEATH COMPANY STRIKE FORCE (Core) – Consisting of a DC Chaplain (who now grants re-rolls to Wound on the charge, just like Astorath does), 3 DC squads, and 0-3 DC Dreads, this is already a very solid formation, even without any extra rules, whether take by itself or as part of the Death Company Decurion. With this particular formation, any units within 12” of the Chaplain gain +1A, which means that normal DC have 6 x S5 AP- attacks at I5 (with re-rolls to Hit and to Wound, if the Chaplain is attached) on the charge and DC Dreads have 9 x S10 AP2 Shred attacks at I5!!!!! on the charge. With the 6” free move, access to Jump Packs, and/or fast moving Dedicated Transports, this unit should be able to easily make it into combat by Turn 2, or Turn 3 at the latest, where it can handily when the Assault Phase against all but the most powerful enemy close combatants.


[2] ORBITAL INTERVENTION FORCE (Aux) – Consisting of three squads of either Tactical or Assault Terminators (any mixture), this formation requires that they start in DS Reserve, but allows all of them to come in on a single Reserve Roll and then either shoot twice or charge on the same turn they Deep Strike (they count as Disordered when they charge, though). Combine three squads of TH/SS Terminators from this formation with a nearby Corbulo (arriving by Drop Pod) for +1WS or Sanguinor (DSing with his Jump Pack) for Fearless/+1A (you can access either of these characters via an Allied Detachment) and you have a devastating charge from Deep Strike that your opponent will have a hard time stopping. Add in some Scout Bikes/Drop Pods/Storm Ravens with Locator Beacons or an allied Inquisitor with Servo-Skulls and you can make their DS more accurate and reliable, further enhancing the potency of this formation.


[3] LUCIFER ARMOURED STRIKE FORCE (Aux) – A very solid option in its own right, this formation gets even better when part of a LOST BROTHERHOOD STRIKE FORCE. Consisting of 1 Techmarine, 3-5 squadrons of Predators/Baal Predators, and 1-3 land Raiders (any variant), this is an inherently point-heavy Auxiliary choice, but gives all of its units “Fast Vehicle” upgrades for free, plus the Scout USR. Combine this with the bonus 6” move from the LOST BROTHERHOOD special rules and all your vehicles get a “free” 18” move before Turn 1 even begins, setting up some exceptional possibilities for Flamestorm Cannons on Baal Predators/LR Redeemers, side armor shots with Lascannons and Assault Cannons, and an almost guaranteed Turn 2 charge for any friendly BA units embarked on the Land Raider(s). Add in “Fast Vehicle” status to allow better moving/shooting options and you have a very potent, flexible formation that can be competitive all game long.


[4] RAPID ASSAULT FORCE (Aux) – While there are no special bonuses for this specific formation (and it can only be taken as an Auxiliary to the ANGEL’S BLADE and LOST BROTHERHOOD detachments), it does give Blood Angel Commanders access to 1-3 Assault Squads, Bike Squads, Attack Bike Squads, and/or Land Speeder Squadrons. If part of the LOST BROTHERHOOD, then all of these units benefit from the +1I and 6” free moves of the overall detachment, making all of them significantly more flexible and dangerous, especially for setting up Turn 1 shooting and/or assaults. With access to Eviscerators now, plus +1S/+1I on the charge, Blood Angel Assault Squads are significantly more dangerous than their “vanilla” Space Marine counterparts and still make for cheap and effective Objective Grabbers. Similarly, BA Bike Squads with Grav weapons are excellent MEQ/TEQ/MC hunters, MM Attack Bikes that get a free 6” move can threaten vehicles up to 30” away on turn 1, and Blood Angel Land Speeders provide solid multi-purpose fire support platforms against the whole spectrum of enemy threats.


I did not even touch on the 10th Company Ambush Force, Storm Raven Squadron, LOST BROTHERHOOD unique Relics and WL Traits, etc. etc., but whether you take this detachment as your primary force or as an ally to your main army, I think it will attract many players because of its competitive make-up and “rule of cool” appeal (who doesn’t want to field an entire army of raging Death Company in Black Armor that storms across the board with lots of Dreads, Tanks, Terminators, and Flyers in tow??!!).


3 comments on “Lost Brotherhood Strike Force: First Impressions

  1. Brian Butler says:

    I look forward to getting this supplement this weekend!


  2. G says:

    Yo, are you sure you’re right about the DC dreads on a charge? I think Blood Talons are St6 AP3, rather than St10, AP2? Or am I missing something? Nice post though!


    • greysplinter says:

      I double-checked and DC Dreads are S10 AP2 (either with their “baseline” PFs or if you upgrade them to Blood Talons for 2MBs, which is the same, but also gives you Shred, so no reason not to do it).

      I think you may be thinking of the old version of Blood Talons, perhaps, which were S6 AP3 and were able to “chain” their attacks (i.e. every Unsaved Wound they inflicted generated another free attack).


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