Be’Lakor… the CSM “gold standard” HQ

Many people are familiar with Be’Lakor, but even so I think he may be a bit under-appreciated/under-used by CSM players for what he brings to the table-top.

For the price of 70 MBs, here is a quick look at his stats/rules:

WS9 BS5 S6 T5 W4 I8 A5 Ld10 Sv4++

-Eternal Warrior
-Fearless (what’s you expect, he’s almost a greater daemon)
-PML(3) — Automatically knows entire Telepathy discipline, does not roll for any other powers.
-Flying Monstrous Creature
-Shadow Form: Be’Lakor has a 4+ invulnerable save and the shrouded special rule (+2 to cover)
-Lord of Torment: Receives D3 additional warp charges if an enemy unit failed a morale check in the previous turn.
-The Blade of Shadows: S: +1 AP2, Armourbane, Fleshbane, Master-crafted, Specialist Weapon.

WL Trait: Causes a -1Ld penalty to all enemy units when taking Fear tests as long as he is alive.

So, right out the gate, he is quite a power-house, with excellent mobility (Flying Monstrous Creature), high close combat damage capacity (6 x S7 ApP2 Armourbane/Fleshbane attacks on the charge at WS9 and I8), and great durability (4W at T5 with Eternal Warrior, Fearless, a 4++ Invul save, and the ability to have basically a permanent 2++ cover save between his Shrouded rule and access to Jink). Put another way, he can go toe-to-toe with some of the toughest opponents in the game and have a solid chance of coming out on top, especially given his very high WS and I that allow him to swing first and accurately.

He also can work to support your overall army game plan, with bonus WCs from enemy failing morale checks and the ability to force more difficult Fear tests due to his WL trait.

Most importantly, with his PML(3) and guaranteed access to the entire Telepathy discipline, he brings tremendous versatility to a CSM force:

P – Psychic Shriek — A great Witchfire power, especially combined with the automatic -1Ld to enemy units from Be’Lakor’s WL trait, this can be used against everything from enemy Wraithknights to Centurion death-stars to Tau Ghostkeels effectively, especially since it ignores toughness, armor, and cover saves.

1 – Dominate — A solid little malediction that can significantly hamper all kinds of enemy units, especially ones that require lots of successful actions like moving, running, and charging to be effective (Wulfen come immediately to mind, for example, as do Eldar attempting to use Move, Battle Focus, Shoot type tactics).

2 – Mental Fortitude — Another solid little power that is especially helpful for CSM armies, since they lack ATSKNF and can require morale support to maximize their effectiveness.

3 – Terrify — Use this power to drop a target’s Ld by -1, then hit it with Psychic Shriek (a standard Ld8 unit like Tactical Marines or Crises Suit Teams are now Ld7 and suffer an average of 4 unsaved wounds from Psychic Shriek). Even without Psychic Shriek, the unit will still have to take a morale check at -2Ld, which can force things like Blob Squads or Riptides camping at the back of the enemy DZ to run off the board if your opponent doesn’t roll well.

4 – Shrouding — One of the best abilities, this can turn all nearby friendly winged Daemon Princes into 2++ cover save FMCs, plus it can make entire elements of the CSM army, be it vehicles, Cultists, Plague Marines/Noise Marines/Bezerkers, Heldrakes, etc. much more durable, especially when combined with cover.

5 – Hallucination — A way to nerf enemy “hammer” units like TWC or TH/SS Terminators or Canoptyk Wraiths or Biker Nobz, this power can turn the tide for CSM in a tightly contested close combat or allow them to dominate when required against lesser opponents.

6 – Invisibility — The big daddy, having guaranteed access to this power is enough to take Be’Lakor all by itself. Whether you are using it to cast on a your LOW Lord of Skulls, 30 man blob of Cultists holding a Objective, Chaos Spartan that is delivering 20 Bezerkers into a Tau gun line, or your Juggerlord with escorting Chaos Spawn, you really can’t go wrong with access to this power in a CSM army.


2 comments on “Be’Lakor… the CSM “gold standard” HQ

  1. mika says:

    His Warlord trait makes units take Fear tests at -1 LD not lower LD for whole game. Asaide from that you are spot on!


  2. greysplinter says:

    Great catch… thanks! I will update the article, as that changes thing significantly.


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