The “Titurion,” or a Decurion for Grey Knights

Here is how I would “modernize” the current codex to give Grey Knights their own Decurion and bring their units in line with other Astartes armies:


1 — Dreads/Venerable Dreads gain 4A base, the ability to squadron 1-3, and Psy-amplifiers (makes them “project” Sanctuary to all friendly units within 6″ when successfully cast)

2 — Purgation Squads lose Night Vision, gain Astral Aim rule (add 12″ to the range of all their shooting weapons; if the weapon is a Template weapon, then it becomes a Torrent (6″) weapon instead)

3 — Strike Squads gain the Scout rule

4 — Paladins gain “Indomitable” rule (enemy units must re-roll successful to Wound rolls against Paladins; if the enemy targeting the Paladins has Shred or some other rule that grants re-rolls to Wound, then these two rules cancel each other out)

5 — Brotherhood Champs and Crowe gain the Herald of Titan rule (grants their squad, but not them, +1WS)

6 — Techmarines upgraded to 2W, 2A, BS5, and Ld9 base (just like C:SM Techmarines). May also take up to 3 Servo-Skulls at +5 points each

7 — Grand Masters gain +1W, but cost +10 points

8 — Brother-Captains cost -10 points, may exchange TDA for artificer armor for free, and, if wearing artificer armor, may take a Personal Teleporter for +20 Points

9 — Stern gains a unique Brotherhood Banner for free in addition to his other Wargear (“Banner of the 3rd Brotherhood” — Normal Brotherhood Banner, except that it gives Stern’s unit +1A AND Furious Charge)

10 — Crowe may use ONE stance in normal close combat and BOTH stances when in a challenge

11 — All GK vehicles that have/can take Assault Cannons lose them, but get Psycannons in their place (replace for free or, if an upgrade, same cost as the old Assault Cannon upgrade)

12 — All GK vehicles that have/can take Heavy Flamers lose them, but get Incinerators in their place (replace for free or, if an upgrade, same cost as the old Heavy Flamer upgrade)

13 — GK Teleporter Homers remove DS scatter for friendly Grey Knight Strike Squads, Nemesis Dreadknights, Nemesis Dreadmages, and any unit with a Personal Teleporter, as well as any friendly units in Terminator armor


-Brotherhood Champion
-Grandmaster Mordrak
-Brother-Captain Stern
-Chief Librarian Verithar
-Castellan Crowe

-GK Terminators (Justicar Thrawn)
-GK Strike Squad

-GK Paladin Squad
-GK Purifier Squad
-Nemesis Dreadmage
-Dreadnought/Venerable Dreadnought Squadron

-GK Interceptor Squad
-Stormraven Gunship

-Stormshadow Dropship
-Xiphon Interceptor



-GK Purgation Squad
-Nemesis Dreadknight
-Land Raider
-Land Raider Crusader
-Land Raider Redeemer

-Lord Kaldor Draigo
-Nemesis Dreadknight Furion

***Grand Master Mordrak — Infantry, Character, Unique — (HQ choice) — 210 points
WS6 BS5 S4 T4 W4 I5 A4 Ld10 Sv2+/4++
*WL Trait: First to the Fray

-Frag/Krak/Psykout Grenades
-Teleporter Homer
-Iron Halo
-Ghost Hammer — MCed Nemesis Daemonhammer that forces enemies who suffer wounds from it to re-roll successful Invulnerable Saves

*Special Rules:
-The Aegis
-PE (Daemons)
-Purity of Spirit
-Eternal Warrior
-Ghostly Bodyguard — At the end of each phase, for each unsaved wound that Mordrak suffers, one “Ghost Paladin” (with baseline Paladin Wargear/Rules/Stats and the Shrouded USR) immediately joins Mordrak (these Paladins count as Wargear, just like Space Wolf Fenrisian Wolves, so Mordrak may still join other units due to being an IC). If Mordrak is slain, then all Ghost Paladins summoned in this manner immediately are removed as casualties as well.

***Chief Librarian Verithar — Infantry, Character, Unique — (HQ choice) — 175 points
WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W3 I4 A3 Ld10 Sv2+/5++
*WL Trait: Lore Master

-Frag/Krak/Psykout Grenades
-MCed Nemesis Warding Stave
-Hood of Malcador — Psychic Hood that allows Verithar to harness WCs on a 3+ for casting Powers and a 5+ for Denying the Witch

*Special Rules:
-The Aegis
-PE (Daemons)
-Purity of Spirit
-Master of the Librarium — Verithar may choose one of his powers instead of rolling for it before the beginning of each game.

***Justicar Thrawn — Infantry, Character, Unique — (Upgrade option for a single GK Terminator Justicar) — 40 points
WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I4 A3 Ld10 Sv2+/5++
*WL Trait: Locus of Power

-Frag/Krak/Psykout Grenades
-Halberd of Justice — NF Halberd with Swiftstrike rule (grants bearer +2 Initiative in close combat)

*Special Rules:
-The Aegis
-PE (Daemons)
-Brotherhood of Psykers
-Purity of Spirit
-The Undying Knight — Thrawn has FNP(2+). Additionally, Instant Death attacks directed against Thrawn are treated as normal attacks (i.e. they cannot remove all his wounds at once, they do not cancel out FNP, etc.).

***Nemesis Dreadknight Furion — Gargantuan Creature, Character, Unique — (LOW choice) — 350 points
WS6 BS5 S6 T6 W6 I5 A5 Ld10 Sv2+/4++
*WL Trait: Unyielding Anvil

-Personal Teleporter
-2 x Gatling Psilencers
-Emperor’s Justice — SD AP1 Nemesis Greatsword

*Special Rules:
-The Aegis
-Deep Strike
-PE (Daemons)
-PML(2) — Always knows Banishment, Sanctuary, Vortex of Doom powers
-Enhanced Force Shielding — Gives 4++ save

***Nemesis Dreadmage — Monstrous Creature, Character — (Elite choice) — 170 points
WS4 BS4 S6 T6 W3 I4 A2 Ld10 Sv2+/5++

-Truesilver Gauntlet — S: User AP-, Warpbane (causes ID to any Psykers and Daemons)

-Aegis Great Shield — Gives Dreadmage a 5++ save and gives the Dreadmage and all friendly GK units within 12″ re-rolls to any Deny the Witch Rolls
-May take a Personal Teleporter for +30 points

*Special Rules:
-The Aegis
-Deep Strike
-PE (Daemons)
-Purity of Spirit
-PML(3) — Always knows the “Warp Quake” (WC2 malediction that causes enemy units DSing within 18″ to scatter 4D6″ and re-roll any “Hit” results), the “Summoning” (WC1 blessing that causes one friendly non-vehicle units in reserve with The Aegis rule to instantly Deep Strike onto the table within 12″ of the Dreadmage with no scatter), and “Warp Rift” (WC3 witchfire power that is S: D AP1 Template) powers.

***Xiphon Interceptor — Vehicle, Flyer — (Fast Attack choice) — 150 points
BS4 AV11/11/11 HP 3

-2 x TLed Lascannons (may replace with 2 x Heavy Psycannons for +20 Points)
-Xiphon Rotary Missile Launcher — 60″ S8 AP2 Heavy 2, Twin-Linked, Cluster Warhead (if it causes a Penetrating Hit, then it removes D3 HPs instead of 1 HP), Terminal Tracking (target must re-roll successful Jink saves)
-Armoured Ceramite

*Special Rules:
-Deep Strike
-Agile — Add +1 to Jink Saves


***Stormspectre Dropship — Vehicle, Flyer, Hover, Transport — (Fast Attack choice) — 160 points

BS4 AV12/12/12 HP3


-2 x Psystrike Missiles (48″ S6 AP4, Large Blast, One Use, Psyshock)

-Ceramite Plating

-Extra Armor

-Locator Beacon

-Shrouding Generators — Grants Shrouded rule to Stormspectre

*Special Rules:

-Transport — Can carry 20 models and/or up to 2 Dreadnoughts/Venerable Dreadnoughts

-Assault Vehicle

-Skies of Fury

-Deep Strike

-Precision Arrival — Stormspectres may always choose to roll to enter from reserves starting turn 1, even if they are part of a detachment that does not normally allow this. If they do not choose this option, then they roll to enter from reserves normally starting turn 2. If they choose to arrive via Deep Strike, they only scatter D6″.

1 – Daemon-slayer — WL and all friendly GK units within 12″ gain Hatred (Daemons) and harness WCs for Banishment on a 2+ (Draigo has this)
2 – Hammer of Righteousness — WL and his unit have Hammer of Wrath and Fleet (Crowe has this)
3 – Unyielding Anvil — WL and all friendly GK units within 12″ gain Stubborn and Counterattack (Stern and Furion have this)
4 – First to the Fray — WL and his unit automatically pass their reserve rolls and scatter D6 less inches than normal if they DS (Mordrak has this)
5 – Lore Master — WL gains +1 PML and must roll for one more power on the Sanctic table. This does not affect Psychic Focus (Verithar has this)
6 – Locus of Power — WL and his unit harness WCs to activate Force power on a 2+ and, if the Force Power is activated, the WL gains Shred for his melee attacks (Thrawn has this)

1 – Curaiss of Sacrifice — TDA that grants +1T and FNP(4+)
2 – Fury of Deimos — SB that is S4 AP5 Assault 3, Purge — On 6+ to hit, automatically inflicts an AP2 wound, regardless of toughness, and is a Precision Shot
3 – Soul Glaive — NF Halberd with AP2, Master-crafted
4 – Domina Liber Daemonica — (Librarian only) Reroll one failed Psychic test per turn
5 – Bone Shard of Solor — Bearer must re-roll failed Invul saves. If bearer is within 12″ of a model with the Daemon USR, then he also gains +1 to his Invul save (to a max of 2++)
6 – Nemesis Banner — All friendly GK units within 12″ gain Fearless and +1A

-Has 1-2 Core, 0-3 HQ, and 1-10 Auxiliary options
-Grey Knight Commander — If WL is in this detachment, he may reroll his WL trait
-Rites of Teleportation — May roll for units in DS reserve starting turn 1. Units from this detachment may run/shoot or shoot/run on the turn they DS.
-Might of the Brotherhood — If you take two Demi-Brotherhoods, one with a Brother-Captain and one with a Brotherhood Champion, then you have a full Brotherhood and all units in the Brotherhood only scatter D6″ when deep striking and harness WCs for Hammerhand on a 3+.

-1 Brother-Captain (or Stern) or Brotherhood Champion, 0-1 Dread/VD squadron, 3 Strike Squads or GK Terminator squads, 1-2 Interceptor squads or Purgation squads, 0-1 Nemesis Dreadknight
-Objective Secured
-Psybolts — The SBs, Psilencers, and Gatling Psilencers on units from this formation gain the Shred USR

-1 Grand Master (or Mordrak), 0-1 Brother-Captain (or Stern), 0-1 Brotherhood Champion (or Crowe), 0-1 Librarian (or Verithar), 0-1 Techmarine
-Grand Strategy — May select 3 friendly GK units before the game begins. All three units gain either Scout, Objective Secured, or Preferred Enemy (must all get the same rule)

-1 Supreme Grand Master Draigo or Nemesis Dreadknight Furion

-2-4 Librarians (may replace one Librarian with Chief Librarian Verithar)
-Each Psyker from this formation may re-roll ONE result when rolling for powers and may harness WCs for any Sanctic powers on a 2+ if within 12″ of another Librarian from this formation

-1 Grand Master (or Mordrak/Draigo), 1-2 squads of Paladins, 0-2 Nemesis Dreadknights or Nemesis Dreadmages (may replace one of these with Nemesis Dreadknight Furion)
-Heroes of Legend — All units in this formation gain Eternal Warrior
-Uncanny Precision — Units from this formation may re-roll the scatter dice if they arrive by Deep Strike

-Castellan Crowe, 2-4 Purifier Squads
-Azure Flame — Cleansing Flame cast by units from this formation cause 6 +D6 hits (instead of the normal 2D6 hits)
-Implacable Purity — All units in this formation gain Adamantium Will and Zealot as long as Crowe is alive

-1 Dreadnought/Venerable Dreadnought Squadron, 1 Techmarine
-Adepts of Mars — Techmarine gains +2 to his Blessing of the Omnissiah rolls when attempting to repair a Dreadnought from this formation
-Machine Fervor — The Techmarine from this formation may grant one of the following rules to the Dreadnought unit from this formation, as long as it is within 12″ of him, at the beginning of each friendly Movement Phase until the beginning of the next friendly turn: Interceptor, Skyfire, Fleet, Rampage, or IWND.

-1-3 Interceptor Squads, 0-2 Nemesis Dreadmages (Dreadmages must take the Personal Teleporter upgrade)
-Storm from the Skies — Units from this formation may charge on the same turn they arrive by DS, but they may only charge D6″
-Rites of Interdiction — As long as at least one Interceptor Squad from this formation is still alive and present on the battlefield, enemy forces suffer -1 to all their Reserve rolls. Range of the Warp Quake power is increased by 6″ for the Dreadmages from this formation.

-1-2 Purgation Squads, 1-2 Stormraven (Purgation squads must start the game in a Stormraven; must take equal number of Purgation Squads and Storm Ravens)
-Vanguard Arrival — Stormravens from this formation gain Deep Strike. All units in this formation must start in Reserve and all units from this formation come in together on a single successful Reserve roll
-Storm of Retribution — Purgation squads from this formation gain the Relentless USR any turn they disembark from a Stormraven from this formation

-1 Brother-Captain (must be in Artificer Armour and cannot take a Personal Teleporter), 2-4 Strike Squads (Justicars must take Teleporter Homers)
-Wayfinders — Units from this formation have Infiltrate and Acute Senses
-Cloak of Secrecy — Brother-Captain from this formation always has The Shrouding power automatically (he does not roll for any other powers)

-1-3 Land Raiders (any type), 1-3 GK Terminator squads
-Blessed Artifacts — Land Raiders of any type from this formation only have their armor reduced to AV13 by Lance weapons and melta weapons only gain +D3 to their penetration rolls when used against vehicles from this formation.
-Relentless Assault — GK Terminators from this formation gain Furious Charge on the turn they disembark from a vehicle from this formation

-1-3 Xiphon Fighters
-Abomination Slayers — All Xiphons in this formation have +1BS when shooting at a Monstrous Creature, Flying Monstrous Creature, Gargantuan Creature, or Flying Gargantuan Creature
-Monster Hunter USR


-1 Stormraven Gunship or Stormspectre Dropship


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