Waaaghing with the Great Waaagh!-band

,The Waaagh! Ghazghkull supplement for Orks provides multiple additional Relics, formations, and options to the Ork armies. It also provides an Ork “uber-detachment” similar to the Necron Decurion or Space Marine Gladius Strike Force… the “Great Waaagh!-band” detachment.

This detachment provides several additional rules, including changes to the Mob Rule table, a requirement to accept challenges and bonuses if you win them, and Hammer of Wrath for any units with 10 or more models that successfully charges. Most importantly, it allows a Warlord from this detachment to call a Waaagh! every single turn, EVEN THE FIRST ONE!

In terms of a “tax,” the Great Waaagh!-band requires one or more CORE choices, 1-10 AUXILIARY choices, and 1 HQ choice per CORE choice. The CORE choices both require a significant points investment, but are decent, the HQ choices range from small/flexible (Oddboyz) to large/powerful (Council of the Waaagh!),and the Auxiliary choice are generally quite versatile, allowing you to take several effective formations or customize your army with multiple specialist units like Tankbustas, Stormboyz, Deffkoptas, Battlewagons, Mek Gunz, etc. etc.

So, how do you maximize the special rules of this detachment, namely the ability to declare a Waaagh! every single game turn? Here are some of the key ideas I have right out the gate:

1 – Mechanized Ork Boyz — If you take the Waaagh-band CORE choice, then you have to take at least 6 squads of Boyz and 1 unit of Nobz/Meganobz. Mount them all in Trukks with Boarding Planks, declare a Waaagh! turn 1, then move up 6″, disembark 6″, run D6″, and finally charge 2D6+2″ (with the ability to re-roll one charge dice, thanks to “Ere we go)… that translates into an average charge threat radius of 23-24″ on turn 1, giving you multiple opportunities to charge any opponents deployed on the edge of their DZ in the first game turn (or at least the second, if they are deployed deep in the DZ). This of course is exactly where Orks want to be, especially when combined with potent AUXILIARY choices like Mek Gunz for efficient supporting fire, Gazghkull’s Bully Boys for Fearless WS5 Meganobz with potent CC hitting power, or lots of cheap Gretchin to take objectives all game long.

2 – Stormboyz — With the ability to declare a Waaagh! turn 1, Stormboyz can move 12″, run another 2D6″, and finally charge 2D6″ more, for an average charge threat radius of 26” on turn 1. While not the most powerful CC units by themselves, the Stormboyz can tie up enemy units until slower elements of the Ork army (like Meganobz) can catch up and lay the smack down in assault.

3 – Ork Flyerz — Since all three of the have the Waaagh! Plane rule, allowing them to fire +1 shot with any Assault type weapons when a Waaagh! is declared, then they all benefit significantly from being able to call a Waaagh! every single game turn. This is especially true of Dakka Jets, which can put out 12 x S6 AP4 shots with their TLed Supa Shootas a turn (combined with BS3 via Strafing Run and the Flyboss upgrade and you are averaging 9 x S6 AP4 hits a turn, which can do some serious damage against light vehicles and infantry, just ask Eldar Jetbikes with Scatter lasers!).

4 – Ghazghkull himself — If you take the big ole War Boss (the only way to do so is via the clunky Council of the Waaagh!, unfortunately) as your Warlord, then you can pile on benefits from being able to declare a Waaagh! every turn. First off, this means that Ghazghkull and his unit can ignore their Slow and Purposeful and still run/charge when Waaaghing, which means you can potentially get him, his S10 AP2 attacks, and his unit into combat as early as TURN 1 if they ride in a Battlewagon with Boarding Plank to start the game. Second, Ghazghkull’s gains a 2++ save, making him RIDICULOUSLY tough to kill, as he then has T5, 4W, Eternal Warrior, FNP (thanks to the Mad Dok), and 2++ save to boot! Finally, with Ghazghkull as your WL and the ability to declare a Waaagh! every game turn, you basically make your entire army Fearless the entire game, as long as Ghazghkull is still alive… this is AMAZING for Orks, as low leadership/Mob Rule is one of their biggest “built-in” weaknesses and this completely negates it (i.e. even your humble Boyz squads will never run and fight to the death against enemy Wraithknights, making them very useful as tarpit units and/or objective seizers).

As you can see, there are multiple ways to leverage the “Great Waaagh!-band” detachment special rules (probably several I haven’t thought of to mention here) and, while the CORE and HQ choices of the detachment can be somewhat restrictive, I think a savvy Ork War Boss can craft a pretty competitive army using these rules.


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