Blackmanes + Skyhammer

This may seem like an obvious one, but based on the new rules for Ragnar’s Blackmanes and the already outstanding rules for the Skyhammer Annihilation Force, I think you can have a really potent Drop Pod army as follows:


*Ragnar (rides with Grey Hunters)

*5 man TDAWG Pack (combi-Meltas)

*4 x 5 man Blood Claw Packs (Flamer, Drop Pod)

*1 x 5 man Grey Hunter Pack (Meltagun, Wolf Banner, Drop Pod)

*3 x Land Speeders (Dual Heavy Bolter)

*1 x 5 man Long Fang Pack (4 x ML, Drop Pod)


*2 x 5 man ASM Squads (Jump Packs, dual Flamers, MB)

*2 x 5 man Devastator Squads (4 x Grav Cannon/Amps, Drop Pod)


*2 x 3 man Scout Biker Squads (Locator Beacon, MB)

*1 x 5 man Scout (Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles)

So, total, that is 8 Drop Pods (Long Fang pod is empty, but can be used to grab objectives or block LOS), all coming in automatically turn 1. Also, all Blackmane units in this formation are Fearless and have FNP(6+) that first turn, plus they have Counterattack, the Blood Claws get re-rolls to Hit as long as Ragnar is alive, and any units within 6″ of the Wolf Banner get +1A.

That same turn, this battle group can put out 6 Melta shots, 8 Flamer Templates, 40 Grav-Cannon/Amp shots, 4 Krak/Frag Missiles, and 18 Heavy Bolter shots (remember, UM Skyhammer can use Devastator doctrine to twin-link all their Grav Cannon shots turn 1)

Scout Snipers, Land Speeders, and Long Fangs can sit back in cover and provide long-range fire support while RG Scout Bikers use their Locator Beacons to bring in all the Drop Pods precisely between their Infiltrate and Scout abilities (remember, even if you go second, they have a 2+ Jink save because of their first turn access to Shrouding).


2 comments on “Blackmanes + Skyhammer

  1. Chris says:

    Ooof, very nice list. Will have to use that some time against my elder friend 😀


  2. Chris says:

    ELDAR firend!! Lmao I’d never bring such a list against our more eh, senior club citizens xD


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