Defeating Wulfen/Thunderwolves

I recently played a 2000 point game with what I consider a competitive Ultramarine/allied Astra Militarum list featuring Skyhammer Annihilation Force with Grav and Multi-meltas, Grav Centurions in a Drop Pod, dual Stormravens, and AM Mech Vets plus Wyverns.

I played against a Space Wolves player who ran the following:


-Wolf Lord on TWC with RA/SS/PF

-Iron Priest on TWC

-2 x Blizzard Shield/Great Axe Venerable Dreads

-Murder Fang in a Dreadnought Drop Pod

-Large TWC Pack with Storm Shields on everyone


-3 x Rune Priests on Bikes with PML(2) (and Helm of Durfast on one of them)


-2 x Wulfen Packs, each with two TH/SS models, two dual Frost Claw models, and Pack Leader with Frost Claws

Despite a pretty potent alpha strike with my Centurions/Skyhammer Devastators that took out a Wulfen Pack, Murderfang, and a decent “bite” out of his TWC/Rune Priest death star, I ended up being defeated pretty solidly, with the remaining TWC and Wulfen munching through my Grav units, the Wyrdstorm Brotherhood taking out my Wyverns with “The Living Storm” witchfire power, and his Blizzshield Dreads guarding the Biker Rune Priest who had seized the Relic.

Since I thought I had a pretty strong list, this has made me really step back and look at things. Part of the problem could be my own game-play/generalship, but I have also re-worked my army to make it more potent against this kind of opponent and (hopefully), better as a general 2000 points “all-comers” list.

Here is my latest iteration:


-2 x Assault Squads with Jump Packs (bare bones objective seizer/skirmisher “speed bumps”)

-Devastator Squad (1) with Drop Pod, 4 x Grav Cannon, 10 models total (can combat squad for flexibility, either splitting the Grav shooting or having all Grav on one target and Bolters on other for suppressive effects)

-Devastator Squad (2) with Drop Pod, 4 x Plasma Cannon, 5 models total (general fire support than can be used against light and heavy infantry, plus light vehicles in a pinch)


-Tigurius (flexible Psychic support, based on who I am facing; rides with one Centurion squad generally in a Drop Pod; can also use Storm of Fire WL Trait to hand out Rending to a friendly unit)

-2 x Scout Sniper Squads (Objective Camping and light fire support)

-Storm Talon with CML (solid fire support and, in a pinch, shooting against enemy flyers/FMC)

-Fast Attack Drop Pod (ride for Centurions)

-Centurion Squad with Grav Cannon/Amps and Hurricane Bolters (more Grav and Bolter support)

-Battery of Rapier Quad Mortars with three Guns (lots of anti-horde, anti-vehicle, and anti-Wulfen shooting at either S5 AP5 Small Blasts or S8 AP4 Sunder shots)


-Librarians with PML(2) and Hunter’s Eye Relic (rides with Centurions or joins Quad Mortars to provide TLing via Prescience and Ignore Cover via Hunter’s Eye, plus 2 more WCs for my force)

-Scout Squad with BP/CCW and Heavy Bolter Land Speeder Storm as a DT (some more anti-infantry capacity, plus very rapid Objective Secured objective grabber units)

-Fast Attack Drop Pod (second wave of Centurions ride in this, or, in a pinch, Scouts can ride this to get to a require objective)

-Centurion Squad with Grav Cannon/Amps and Hurricane Bolters (even MORE Grav and Bolter support! 😉 )

Basically, the idea of this force is to bring LOTS of Grav so I can kill Wulfen/TWC, use the Quad Mortars and Storm Talon to help against light infantry/light vehicles spam, use the Tigurius/WS Librarian to buff units as required, and use the Scouts/ASM to grab and hold objectives, as required.

The Plasma Devastators provide “generalist” support against a wide-variety of targets and can even attach the WS Librarian (at the cost of losing their Chapter Tactics, of course) after they arrive to make their S7 AP2 Blasts ignore cover, thanks to the criminally under-costed Hunter’s Eye relic! Finally, the Drop Pods ensure I can basically null-deploy and react to my opponent’s moves accordingly, or at least keep my forces safe until they can deliver their initial strike.

So, those are my current ideas, but I would love to hear from you all… any ideas on how to take on Wulfen/TWC mix and still maintain a strong all-comer’s list? What has been your experiences facing a force like this? Thoughts and ideas are quite welcome! 😉



4 comments on “Defeating Wulfen/Thunderwolves

  1. Dale says:

    Did the Rune Priests roll on any other powers than tempestus to beef up the Wulfen or Cavalry units?


    • greysplinter says:

      Yes, I believe he rolled on Biomancy, but he never used any of the powers their to really have any impact on the game, as I remember (Endurance would of course made his TWC Deathstar even tougher, if he had access to it).


  2. Dale says:

    I think the tactics you used were solid. You want to remove a wulfen squad immediately to negate the Murderpack bonus. Murderfang is a beast so he was a good choice as well. I used Murderfang to tie up a stormsurge for 3 or 4 turns in 2 consecutive games. Your list looks strong. My only suggestion is to swap the plasma devastators for a Sicaran tank or a Predator with the plasma executioner turret weapon that doesn’t get hot.


    • greysplinter says:

      Unfortunately, with the Skyhammer Annihilation Force, I have to take two squads of Devastators in Drop Pods, so no flexibility there (though I see your point).

      I think you are correct about my target priority, but I still did not have enough firepower turn 1 to weaken his army sufficiently… now that I am swapping out the Stormravens for other options, I think I might have enough to critical hurt him with my turn 1 shooting.


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