Hunting Spiders with Scorpions

As we have seen lately, the latest rage in the competitive meta is MSU Warp Spiders, combined of course with other powerful elements of the Eldar codex like Scatterbikes, Wraithknights, Jetseers, etc.

So, how do  Imperium players counter this trend? What has worked for you against opponents fielded 4+ squads of Warp Spiders?

Here is the best strategy I have come up with so far:

-I am making the assumptions that, number one, the MSU Warp Spiders are minimum 5 man squads and, number two, that we are playing with the ITC interpretation of Flickerjump (i.e. can only be used once per turn).

-(2) Whirlwind Scorpius and a Techmarine from an allied Space Marine CAD (they are Heavy Support choices and, as a Relics, require a Techmarine to “unlock” more than one). For only 23 MBs a piece, you get a Predator Chassis  that shoots a 48″ S8 AP3 Small Blast, Barrage shot… the kicker is that, if the Scorpius stands still, it becomes 1+D3 Small Basts (so an average of 3 x S8 AP3 mini-Pie Plates!).

-Given its 48″ range and ability to ignore LOS (thanks to Barrage), the Scorpius should be able to hit Warp Spiders even if they Flicker Jump. Provided the scatter is not extremely poor, you are getting 3 x S8 AP3 Small Blasts with a good chance of 3-9 hits, based on how clumped up the Warp Spiders are. Wounding on 2+s, this means you have a solid chance of either eliminating the entire MSU squad (with lucky rolls to hit) or at least severely wounding it, in turn rendering it basically impotent (i.e. 1-2 Warp Spiders are a pretty small threat against almost any unit in the game and/or can easily be cleaned up with some “spare” bolter fire).

-Taken all together, two Scorpius (Scorpiuii?) can neutralize/eliminate two Warp Spider squads a turn, meaning that by the end of turn 3 they can potentially have taken out up to six Warp Spider squads (or about 120 MBs worth of points), all for the cost of 46 MBs and two Heavy Support slots of your own.

-Even better, the Whirlwind Scorpius is not limited to just Warp Spiders as a viable target… it can easily engage other Aspect Warriors, Windrider Jetbikes, Eldar Skimmers (remember, it basically is shooting “Small Blast Krak Missiles”) and even Wraithknights in a pinch (S8 AP3 can actually threaten these GMCs effectively). Finally, if you are making an All Comers list, it is effective against other armies as well, be it Marines, Necrons, Tau, Astra Militarum, Chaos Daemons, you name it.


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