Warpmetal Armor and Ancients of the Fang

Using an allied Libarious Conclave or a Wyrdstorm Brotherhood, Space Wolves players can roll on Technomancy discipline and, if they get the Warpmetal Armor power (WC2 Blessing that gives +1AV to all facings of target vehicle unit), they can use it to buff the Ancients of the Fang formation (i.e.  5 x Venerable Dreadnoughts with Fenrisian Great Axe/Blizzard Shield in a Squadron).

This means entire formation has AV13/13/11, 3++ to the front, Venerable, and, if you put the mandatory Iron Priest on a Bike and Turbo-boost him up so that he is within 6″ of the unit, they gain IWND and he can attempt to repair HPs as well. That is a VERY survivable unit that should be able to weather a lot of enemy attention until they can get “stuck in” to combat.

Speaking of combat, with the new FAQs out, SW Dreads now have 4A base, so that means these 5 Dreads with Great Axe/Blizzard Shields have a total of 30 S10 AP2 attacks on the charge, all at WS5, I4, and with re-rolls to Hit (as long as at least three Dreads are still alive), thanks to the Gathering of Ancients special rules. Even if they multi-charge or are charged themselves, the formation has 25 x S10 AP2 attacks base which, combined with their 3++ and AV13, makes them quite a potent close combat unit (e.g. this should be able to tear up even big threats like Wraithknights, Imperial Knights, Stormsurges, enemy Wulfen, etc.)

Finally, in terms of mobility, they do have to footslog (since they are a unit, they cannot take Drop Pods), but if you are able to roll up the Magentokinesis ability on the Libarious Conclave/Wyrdstorm Brotherhood (WC2 ability from Fulmination discipline that basically allows the target unit to”displace” a free 18″ in the Psychic Phase), then turn 1 they can move 6″, use Magnetokinesis to move another 18″, and then run D6″, for a net displacement of 25-30″ in a single turn. That should more than set them up for a turn 2 charge (or multi-charge) of key enemy units.






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