Flameblade Strike Force

I have been looking at the rules for the new “Flameblade Strike Force” and here is what I have come up with so far to maximize its benefits:




1) CORE — Battle Demi-Company — (Cataphractii TDA Captain; 3 Tactical Squads with Flamers, MBs, and DP; MM Attack Bike Squad; Devastator Squad with 4 x MM, DP)


2) HQ — Strike Force Command — (Vulkan)


3) AUX — Ravenhawk Assault Group — (Stormraven with MM/LC and “Istvaan V” Legacy of Glory, Ironclad with dual Heavy Flamers, 10 x Sternguard with dual Heavy Flamers, 5 x Combi-Meltas)



The idea with the Ravenhawk Assault Group is to attach Vulkan to the Sternguard (who are combat squaded), then Turn 2 Deep Strike the Stormraven with no scatter (thanks to “Istvaan V” Legacy of Glory) and unload Vulkan, the Ironclad, and the two Sternguard Combat Squads. You can then precisely hit your opponent with 5 x S6 AP4 Templates with re-rolls to Wound from Vulkan/Ironclad/Sternguard Heavy Flamers (this should wreck anything but the very toughest infantry out there and can even work against light vehicles, since they are S6 Templates with re-rolls to Penetrate). You can also use the Stormraven MM/LC and the 5 Combi-meltas to shoot vehicles, MCs, or elite infantry at the same time that the Flamers are doing their work.


The Tactical squads support this with their own flamers and Objective Secured status. Also, the Cataphractii Terminator Captain joins the MM Devastators to make them pseudo-Relentless (i.e. Slow and Purposeful), so they can Drop Pod in and hit a selected target, like Knights or MCs, with 4 x MCed Multi-Meltas at full BS.


One comment on “Flameblade Strike Force

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very happy to see you are back online again! A pleasant surprise to find a Salamanders article too. Thanks for your contribution to the community.


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