Cerastus Knight-Acheron and Psychic Support

The Knight-Acheron is a FW variant Imperial Knight that can be taken as part of  Codex: Imperial Knights or as a LOW choice for any Imperium army.


As you can see, it has basic Imperial Knights stats (AV13/12/12, 6 HPs, WS4 BS4 I4 A4) and Rules/Wargear (Super-Heavy Walker rules, Ion Shield) and comes in at a cost of 83 MBs. What separates the Acheron from other Imperial Knights is its Flank Speed special rule (if it chooses to Run, it moves 3D6″) and its weapons:

1 – Acheron-pattern Flame Cannon — Hellstorm S: 7 AP3 Ordnance 1

2 – TLed Heavy Bolter — 36″ S: 5 AP4 Heavy 3

3 – Reaper Chainfist – S: D 2 Melee, Machine Destroyer (when attacking any target with an Armor value, rolls of 1 on the Destroyer Damage table may be re-rolled)

Obviously, the Acheron is built to get in close with the enemy as quickly as possible, light them up with its Hellstorm template, and then charge into melee with S10 Hammer of Wrath/5 x Destroyer attacks on the charge. The question is, how to make sure you can do this successfully?

To answer this, I think we have to look at two key elements… mobility and survivability. Since Imperial Knights are battle brothers with other Imperium factions, they can benefit from at least some of their buffs, in particular they can profit from allied Psychic support.

Right out the gate, some of the best Psychic Powers that I can see to help the Acheron with its Survivability are:

1 – Invisibility — Naturally, being able to make enemies only Snap Shot at it and only hit it on 6+ in combat makes it WAY more survivable, giving it time to get across the table and lay down the hurt

2 – Warpmetal Armor — Improving the Acheron to AV14/13/13 is a BIG boost to its durability, making it immune to S7 shooting from the front and anything not S8+ in close combat, plus combining with the Ion Shield to make it just that much more tough to damage.

3 – Flame Shield — While the Ion Shield provides a 4++ for ONE facing, Flame Shield provides a 4++ cover save on all sides, making the Acheron 50% less vulnerable to melta drops in its rear arc and other anti-tank shooting that can engage it from the flanks.

4 – Reforge — Basically a power that restores a lost HP and gives the Acheron IWND, which obviously can be very helpful during a game, potentially “healing” up to two lost HPs a turn.

In terms of mobility, the Psychic support options are more limited, but two new Space Marine powers can help the Acheron get across the field very quickly:

1 – Magentokinesis — Grants the Acheron a free 18″ move in the Psychic phase. While it cannot charge the same turn it does this, it can still shoot its mighty S7 AP3 Hellstorm template or just use its 12″ move +18″ Magnetokinesis move + 3D6″ run move displace a total of 33-48″ each turn, setting up basically guaranteed flaming/charging in subsequent turns.

2 – Shifting Worldscape — If the Acheron is inside a piece of terrain, then you can “levitate” that terrain (and the Acheron inside it) up to 24″. This normally forces a Dangerous Terrain test, but with Move through Cover and Super-Heavy status, the Acheron can basically ignore this risk and still shoot and charge the enemy that same turn (the biggest shortcoming of this ability is that Shifting Worldscape costs 3 WCs, making is difficult to cast reliably).

Finally, in terms of enhancing the damage output of the Acheron, there are a couple of options:

1 – Prescience — While the Hellstorm template hits automatically and the Heavy Bolter is already twin-linked, this in essence gives the Acheron “Hatred” in close combat, greatly increasing the chance that its 5 x Destroyer attacks on the charge actually hit their target.

2 – Null Zone — Dropping enemy Invul saves by -2 gives the Acheron much more damage potential against tough units, both in shooting and close combat. Additionally, when dueling with powerful close combat enemies, this can mean the margin of victory for the Acheron.

3 – Doom (Runes of Fate) and Drain (Runes of Battle) – While Eldar are allies of convenience and so cannot cast Blessing powers on the Acheron, there is nothing stopping them from casting a Malediction on the common foe and benefiting the Imperial Knight in that way. Doom basically grants the Acheron Shred when shooting at a selected target, meaning it has a 97% chance of wounding anything with T5 or below. Drain, on the other hand, lowers an enemy’s WS/I by -1, which can be critical for when the Acheron charges say, an enemy Wraithknight, since it gives the Acheron a better chance of hitting and also the ability to hit simultaneously in close combat.

Khorne Daemonkin Warp Talons

Like I previously posted about Possessed Space Marines, Warp Talons are significantly better if they are taken from the Khorne Daemonkin codex. Taking a look at their profile, they have:

-Power Armor, 2 x Lightning Claws, Jump Packs as base equipment

On top of this, they are required to take Mark of Khorne (so they have Rage and Counterattack) and also now have Daemon of Khorne (so they have Furious Charge, Fearless, Fear, and a 5++ “stock”). Finally, they have the Blood for the Blood God (BftBG) rule, allowing them to benefit from spending Blood Tithe points.

Put all that together and you now have a fast-moving (12″ Jump Pack Infantry) unit with 4 x S5 AP3 Shred attacks on the charge, all backed by 3+/5++, Fear (to possibly reduce the enemy to WS1) and Fearless (removing one of the key issues of most CSM units, their lack of ATSKNF).

Better yet, you have multiple options to “force multiply” them, including the BftBG (e.g. they can get Adamantium Will, FNP, or +1A, depending on how you spend the Blood Tithe), benefiting from the Herald of Khorne ability to hand out Hatred (the Herald can be on a Juggernaut and join the Warp Talons, or he could ride a Chariot and use the “aura” to project it to them), and even the ability to be buffed by allied Chaos Sorcerers (e.g. Invisibility, Hysterical Frenzy, Cursed Earth, and Endurance all come to mind). Finally, Khorne Daemonkin have access to the Skull Cannon, which can be used to mitigate the Warp Talons lack of Frag Grenades (another critical weakness in the CSM book).

Taken all together, this makes even a minimum 5 man squad of War Talons into quite a threat against anything but models with a 2+ save or heavy vehicles.

For example, 5 Warp Talons with Hatred from a nearby Herald and +1A from BftBG get 26 attacks on the charge —

**Against any medium infantry, ranging from an Ork mob to a MEQ squad, this averages 17-18 unsaved wounds, which is obviously quite devastating

**Against Tau Crises Suit squads, this averages 20-21 unsaved wounds

**Against a Wraithknight, this averages 4-5 unsaved wounds (the S5/Shred on the charge helps A LOT here)

**Against a Stormsurge , this averages 7-8 unsaved wounds (or 3-4 wounds if it has a Shield Generator)

** Against a Hive Tyrant, this unit averages 9-10 wounds

**Against a Rhino, Wave Serpent, or any other vehicle with AV10 rear armor, this generates an average of 7-8 stripped HPs

**Even against a 5 man Terminator squad, this unit averages 2-3 unsaved wounds, just through shear weight of re-rollable S5 attacks, meaning that only 2-3 Terminators will live to strike back on average

Outside of damage output, the Daemonkin Warp Talons can use their above average mobility and survivability (don’t forget about their ability to force Blind tests, potentially reducing enemy BS, their 5++, and the access to FNP via BftBG) to catch agile enemy units (Eldar/DE Jetbikes, Space Marine bikes, Necron Wraiths, and Tau Battlesuits all come to mind) and/or capture Objectives in a Maelstrom game.

Finally, Daemonkin Warp Talons can be taken as part of the “Khorne’s Bloodstorm” formation along with 2-4 Raptor squads and 0-1 Heldrakes, which gives them +1S to their Hammer of Wrath/Vector Strike attacks, making them even better against massed infantry on top of the “normal” benefits described above.

In summary, Daemonkin Warp Talons are still quite expensive points-wise and have vulnerabilities (no Frag Grenades, only 3+ save), but overall they are SIGNFICANTLY better value than the CSM codex counterparts and can be genuinely competitive units with the right employment and force multiplying effects in a Khorne Daemonkin army.

Ultramarines Assault Centurions and Librarious Conclave

A Battle Group idea that I have been batting around is as follows:

-6 man UM Assault Centurion squad with Sgt Upgrade, TLed meltaguns, and Hurricane Bolters

-3 man UM Libarious Conclave with Tigurius and 2 x  TDA/SS/Force Axe Librarians with PML(2)

Assault Centurions provide durability (12 x T5 wounds with 2+ armor), anti-tank/anti-MC (meltaguns shooting and Siege Drills in assault), and anti-horde (36 TLed Bolter shots at 12″). Tigurius provides great Psychic support (more on that later), the Storm of Fire WL Trait (making all those Hurricane Bolter shots Rending!), plus the ability to force multiply the rest of your army with his Reserve re-rolls. Finally, the 4 TDA/SS/Force Axe Librarians provide Warp Charges, NUMEROUS chances to roll on the desired psychic disciplines, and the ability to tank for the Centurions against AP2/1 attacks with their Storm Shields.

So, how does all of this work? Well, the key to this “Assault Centurion Deathstar” is of course Psychic powers. LOTs of Psychic Powers! Between Tigurius and the Librarians, this battle group is generating 7 powers (not counting Primaris power from Psychic Focus) each game, with Tigurius able to re-roll to have a better chance at getting his preferred 3 powers. Additionally, based on the rules of the Libarious Conclave, Tigurius can use ALL of the powers from the entire formation and harness WCs on a 2+ (re-rollable thanks to his Hood of Hellfire) as long as he is within 12″ of the other two Librarians and they are not used to harness WCs.

Summarizing, this means that Tigurius and company have a very strong chance of getting at least some of the powers they are aiming at, plus an almost guaranteed chance of successfully casting those powers (he has a 97% chance of successfully harnessing each individual Warp Charge). Now, how do all these powers support the Assault Centurions? Let’s take a look by each available psychic discipline:

1 – Divination – Prescience for re-rolls to Hit in close combat, Forewarning to give the Assault Centurions and Tigurius a 4++, Perfect Timing to allow weapons shooting to Ignore Cover, and Precognition to turn Tigurius into a close combat champ are all great options from this discipline for the Centurion/Conclave Battle Group

2 – Pyromancy — Fire Shield gives everyone a 4+ Cover save in the open, Fiery Form gives Tigurius a 4++ and basically Shred for all the Pyromancy Witchfires, plus a whole bunch of “crowd control” Witchfires to help the battle group deal with hordes makes this a decently useful discipline to roll on.

3 – Telekinesis — Not the greatest options for maledictions and witchfires, but Levitation addresses one of the key weaknesses of this battle group (i.e. lack of mobility) with a free 12″ additional move in the Psychic Phase, Telekine Dome gives the Centurions and nearby allies a 5++ against shooting, and Psychic Maelstrom provides an “uber psychic demo charge” to Tigurius every turn, making him a real threat to anything T5 and below with its S10 AP1 Large Blast.

4 – Telepathy — Invisibility of course is a winner her, but The Shrouding is solid as well for giving the unit a 5+ cover save in the open or a 3+ cover save in basic terrain. Additionally, Psychic Shriek is a great Primaris witchfire against tough opponents and the other Blessings/Maledictions can all support your army effectively.

5 – Biomancy — Some useful Witchfires in this one, plus the ability to make Tigurius into a monster stomper with Iron Arm and/or Warp Speed, but what really shines here is Endurance (for EW and FNP(4+) on the entire unit) and Enfeeble (making enemies -1T/S, which amps up the offensive and defensive capacities of the Assault Centurions multiple levels.

6 – Sanctic Daemonology — While the dangers of perils increases here, Tigurius’ ability to harness WCs on a re-rollable 2+ means you can reliable cast almost any power with minimum dice, in turn minimizing the chance of a Perils. Banishment is only good again Daemons and Hammerhand doesn’t really help the Centurions (they are already S10 AP2 and striking at I4), but Gates of Infinity for mobility, Sanctuary to give the SS Librarians a 2++ for tanking purposes, and the three witchfires are all quite solid.

7 – Librarius — One of the best options, IMHO. Emperor’s Wrath and Fury of the Ancients are decent witchfires and Psychic Fortress/Psychic Scourge provide solid buffs to your ability to beat enemy Psykers, but the real winners are Might of Heroes (making Tigurius into basically a Lord of War), Veil of Time (Centurions can re-roll their 2+ saves and Librarians can re-roll their 2+/3++ armor and Invul saves), and Null Zone (reducing enemy Invuls by -2 makes Assault Centurions even more potent in combat, especially against enemy close combat characters like Lysander, Calgar, Abbadon, Greater Daemons, Dreadknights, Wraithknights, etc.).

8 – Fulmination — Again, some decent witchfires for crowd control and Electroshield providing a 3++/Fists of Lightning providing more close combat power to Tigurius, but where this shines is Magnetokinesis and Electrodisplacement powers, which allow for almost OP levels of mobility, especially with the ability to move the unit up to 18″ for “free” or switch its position (and charge afterwards) with another friendly unit.

9 – Technomancy — Most of these don’t apply to this Battle Group doesn’t have any vehicles, but Warpmetal Armor can make the unit majority T6, which basically turns the Centurions into mini-MCs and VERY hard to take down with anything but heavy anti-tank firepower or Grav Weapons.

10 – Geokinesis — One of the less useful disciplines for the Centurion/Conclave battle group, but Shifting Worldscape allows the unit to “ride” a piece of levitated  terrain up to 24″ around the board, making for basically an improvised “transport” that they can then assault out of in the same turn, which can obviously be a game changer for Assault-focused unit like this.

Of all these, the top 5 psychic powers I would aim for in this battle group are Endurance, Invisibility, and Veil of Time for improved survivability, Magnetokinesis for improved mobility, and Prescience for improved close combat to Hit rolls.

Force multiplying the Leviathan Dreadnought

The Leviathan Dreadnought is available to Space Marine, Space Wolf, Blood Angel, and Dark Angel armies as a Relic Heavy Support choice.


Weighing in at 57 MBs base, it is very expensive points-wise (and gets more so if you take any of its numerous options). So, what do you get for this Land Raider(+) investment? It has WS5 BS5 S8 I4 A4 base, along with AV13/13/12 and 4HPs to make it exceptionally durable (you can even upgrade with Armoured Ceramite to make it proof against melta weapons, which is one of the few things that can easily damage it).

Wargear-wise, the Leviathan comes stock with two Siege Claws (and built-in melta guns), two Heavy Flamers on its Torso, Smoke Launchers, Frag Grenades, and Extra Armor. It also has a 4++ save from its “Reinforced Atomantic Shielding” rule, plus Move through Cover and an ability called “Crushing Charge,” which gives it TWO Hammer of Wrath hits and +1 Initiative (so I5) on the charge.

Finally, the Leviathan has multiple upgrade options, including Armoured Ceramite (as already mentioned), up to three Hunter-Killer missiles, the ability to take a Dreadnought Drop Pod as a DT, and the following weapons options:           

-Leviathan Siege Claw — S: X2  AP2 Melee, Wrecker, Severing Cut (baseline weapon, Severing Cut allows for potential to inflict extra D3 wounds for each Unsaved Wound caused)

-Leviathan Siege Drill — S: X2  AP2 Melee, Wrecker, Armourbane (one MB upgrade that makes its attacks VERY potent against vehicles and fortifications)

-Leviathan Storm Cannon (costs 4 MBs to replace Siege Claw) — 24″ S7 AP3 Heavy 6, Sunder (it loses a close combat attack for each Siege Claw replaced by this, but provide strong anti-MEQ/light vehicle shooting, especially when combined with BS5)

-Cyclonic Melta Lance (costs 4 MBs to replace Siege Claw) — 18″ S9 AP1 Heavy 3, Melta (again, loses close combat attacks when equipping this, but provides potent anti-TEQ/anti-vehicle shooting)

As you can see, the Leviathan has LOTs of options and tremendous combat power potential, both in shooting and close combat, but you also pay a lot for these capabilities. In terms of making the most of the Leviathan, let’s look at the you can “force multiply” its already significant capabilities:

-MOBILITY — One of the biggest weaknesses, it can only move 6″ a turn and, while Move through Cover helps, it can potentially spend most of the game trying to come to grips with the enemy. Ways to mitigate this include taking a Dreadnought Drop Pod for it, letting it ride on a friendly Stormraven (nothing prevents this in its rules), or using friendly Psykers to “catapult” it toward the enemy with the Magnetokinesis power (from Fulmination discipline).

-PROTECTION — While the Leviathan is already very tough, it is still vulnerable to enemy MCs/GMCs, melta weapons, Necron Gauss shooting, Haywire attacks, Destroyer weapons, etc. To protect your pricy investment, there are a number of techniques, including sheltering it with a Void Shield Generator, taking the Armoured Ceramite upgrade, using terrain and Move through Cover to your advantage, using friendly Techmarines to keep it repaired, and, of course, buffs from friendly Psykers. Chief among these Psychic Blessings include Invisibility (for obvious reasons), Warpmetal Armor (making it AV14/14/13!!!), and Reforge (repairs HPs and gives IWND).

-FIREPOWER — With the right load out, the Leviathan can be an exceptional “fire base” unit, with up to 12 x S7 AP3 shots or 6 x S9 AP1 Melta shots, plus two Heavy Flamers and up to 3 Hunter-Killer Missiles (remember, Walkers can move 6″ and still shoot ALL their weapons). BS5 means these shots will reliably hit and you can combine this with Psychic powers like Prescience (for even better accuracy), Phase Form (for Ignore Cover and LOS shooting), and Null Zone (for reducing enemy Invul saves) to make them even more effective. You can also buff the Leviathan with a nearby Rhino Primaris, allowing it to Snapfire at full BS for a turn (i.e. great against Flyers, Invisible units, etc.) or with a nearby Ammo Dump from a friendly Fortification (re-roll 1s to Hit and BS5 means a 97% accuracy rate).

-CLOSE COMBAT — This is obviously where the Leviathan was built to go, as its stats and war gear all shout “CHARGE THE ENEMY AND SMASH HIS DEATHSTAR WITH YOUR UBER DREADNOUGHT”!!! With 5 x S10 AP2 attacks at I5 and swinging with WS5 on the charge, plus potential extra wounds via Severing Strike, you can easily dismantle enemy squads, vehicles, and even MCs/GMCs with the Leviathan in close combat. To enhance this even further, you can cast Prescience on the Leviathan (for Re-rolls to Hit), Unleash Rage (for 2A on the charge instead of 1A), or use Enfeeble on the enemy (i.e. reducing their T by -1, in turn allowing the Leviathan to inflict ID on anything with base T6 or lower).

As you can see, there are many ways to make the Leviathan Siege Dread even more potent and, given its high points cost, it is probably worth investing in maximizing its combat capability if you do decide to take one in your army.


Relics of Nocturne

Here is my review of the new Salamander relics that came out with the Angels of Death Supplement:

1 – Drake-Smiter (10 MBs) — Basically a MCed Thunder Hammer with one extra rule… Mighty Strike… which allows the bearer to swap all the normal attacks for a single Strength D attack. This is quite a solid capability, since it allows the bearer to bypass FNP/Re-animation Protocols, gives the equivalent of S10 (so ID to anything T5 or below), and inflicts D3 wounds in most instances (and D6+6 wounds 16% of the time). This gives you a great chance of taking out non-EW enemies in a challenge, chipping down wounds/HPs from powerful Close Combat opponents, and even “one-shotting” things like Imperial Knights or Wraithknights if you roll the lucky 6 on the Destroyer table. In terms of employment, I think this is best used on a tough character with good survivability (since they are striking last due to the Unwieldy rule), but actually you get the most value of a character with lower base attacks, since you only get one swing with Strength D anyway, whether you are a 2A Librarian or a 4A Chapter Master.

2 – Nocturne’s Fury (4 MBs) — A flamer with AP4 (vice the normal AP5) that is only available to a unit that can normally take selections from the Special Weapons options. On top of this, it can either be an Assault 1 template weapon (like most flamers) or a Heavy 1 Torrent weapon. Finally, if taken on a model from a Flameblade Strike Force, then it goes up to S5 and it still gets re-rolls to Wound/for Armor Penetration, due to Salamander Chapter Tactics. Employment-wise, the big advantage of this weapon is the extra range from the Torrent option, but that normally means the model has to stand still to shoot (and so be very defensive). If you take this on a Relentless model (i.e. like a Biker or a model in a unit that has Endurance cast on it) or a unit with Slow and Purposeful (i.e. like a Legion of the Damned squad or a model in a unit that has an attached Cataphracti Terminator Captain), then you can still move the squad and use the Torrent option to full effect (i.e. like coming out of a Drop Pod or disembarking from a vehicle or after moving 12″ with a Bike).

3 – The Salamander’s Mantle (6 MBs) — Very simple, this does not replace a weapon and simply gives the bearer EW. Great on an already kitted out Captain or Chapter Master that you want to keep alive at all costs (i.e. if he is your WL and/or if you intend to use him to “tank” for his squad). This also gives you a second, cheaper, alternative to the Shield Eternal, meaning that you can potentially have two different Salamander characters with EW in your army, if you really want to double down on the survivability of your ICs.

4 – The Tome of Vel’cona (5 MBs) — A Librarian only relic, this gives the bearer the Molten Beam power for free/automatically (does not affect Psychic Focus) and increases the strength of all Pyromancy powers used by the Librarian by +1S. Not only is this fluffy for Salamanders, but it greatly enhances the utility of the Pyromancy discipline, with Flame Breath becoming S6 AP4 Template, Spontaneous Combustion inflicting S7 AP3 initial hits, Sunburst becoming a S5 AP5 9″ nova, Inferno becoming a S5 AP5 Large Blast, and Molten Beam moving up to a S9 AP1 Melta beam. Finally, having guaranteed access to Molten Beam can allow for several strategies, such as the Librarian jumping out of a Drop Pod turn 1 and smoking multiple tanks in a single shot (thank you S9 Melta!) or “sniping” key enemy units like commanders, banner carriers, etc, with careful “aiming” of the beam itself.

5 – Vulkan’s Sigil (6 MBs) — Only available to Chaplains, this is another simple, but effective, relic. During one fight sib-phase per game the bearer can activate the Sigil, giving himself and his unit +1A for the rest of the phase. Since close combat rounds can often be decided in a single turn, being able to reliable swing the odds in your favor for a chosen player turn can be decisive. Employment-wise, I think this works best on a Chaplain leading a potent close combat unit, like Assault Centurions or Hammernators or Honor Guard. Combined with the re-rolls from Zealot, +1A for charging, and any other buffs (like +1A for the Banner of the Emperor Ascendant) and you can make a potent assault unit absolutely devastating for the turn when it must destroy a particular enemy at all costs.

6 – Wrath of Prometheus (2 MBs) — The cheapest Salamander relic (and perhaps the best value for its points), this is in essence a MCed Bolter with Rending, 30″ range, and Heavy Bolter equivalent hitting power (i.e. S5 AP4 Rapid Fire). While this can go well with any character, I would argue that the best option would probably be a cheaper character like a Techmarine or Captain with high Ballistic Skill (remember, you can only take one Relic per character, based on the recent FAQs, so better not to use this on a Chapter Master who could take Drake-Smiter or The Salamander’s Mantle instead). Wrath of Prometheus won’t be a game-changer by itself, but with a few lucky Rending rolls, you can take out expensive enemy models or knock the last wounds of a key enemy character. Really, the best way to think of this Relic is like a light-weight, “pocket” Assault Cannon that can be taken by any character you want it on.

Hunting Spiders with Scorpions

As we have seen lately, the latest rage in the competitive meta is MSU Warp Spiders, combined of course with other powerful elements of the Eldar codex like Scatterbikes, Wraithknights, Jetseers, etc.

So, how do  Imperium players counter this trend? What has worked for you against opponents fielded 4+ squads of Warp Spiders?

Here is the best strategy I have come up with so far:

-I am making the assumptions that, number one, the MSU Warp Spiders are minimum 5 man squads and, number two, that we are playing with the ITC interpretation of Flickerjump (i.e. can only be used once per turn).

-(2) Whirlwind Scorpius and a Techmarine from an allied Space Marine CAD (they are Heavy Support choices and, as a Relics, require a Techmarine to “unlock” more than one). For only 23 MBs a piece, you get a Predator Chassis  that shoots a 48″ S8 AP3 Small Blast, Barrage shot… the kicker is that, if the Scorpius stands still, it becomes 1+D3 Small Basts (so an average of 3 x S8 AP3 mini-Pie Plates!).

-Given its 48″ range and ability to ignore LOS (thanks to Barrage), the Scorpius should be able to hit Warp Spiders even if they Flicker Jump. Provided the scatter is not extremely poor, you are getting 3 x S8 AP3 Small Blasts with a good chance of 3-9 hits, based on how clumped up the Warp Spiders are. Wounding on 2+s, this means you have a solid chance of either eliminating the entire MSU squad (with lucky rolls to hit) or at least severely wounding it, in turn rendering it basically impotent (i.e. 1-2 Warp Spiders are a pretty small threat against almost any unit in the game and/or can easily be cleaned up with some “spare” bolter fire).

-Taken all together, two Scorpius (Scorpiuii?) can neutralize/eliminate two Warp Spider squads a turn, meaning that by the end of turn 3 they can potentially have taken out up to six Warp Spider squads (or about 120 MBs worth of points), all for the cost of 46 MBs and two Heavy Support slots of your own.

-Even better, the Whirlwind Scorpius is not limited to just Warp Spiders as a viable target… it can easily engage other Aspect Warriors, Windrider Jetbikes, Eldar Skimmers (remember, it basically is shooting “Small Blast Krak Missiles”) and even Wraithknights in a pinch (S8 AP3 can actually threaten these GMCs effectively). Finally, if you are making an All Comers list, it is effective against other armies as well, be it Marines, Necrons, Tau, Astra Militarum, Chaos Daemons, you name it.

Warpmetal Armor and Ancients of the Fang

Using an allied Libarious Conclave or a Wyrdstorm Brotherhood, Space Wolves players can roll on Technomancy discipline and, if they get the Warpmetal Armor power (WC2 Blessing that gives +1AV to all facings of target vehicle unit), they can use it to buff the Ancients of the Fang formation (i.e.  5 x Venerable Dreadnoughts with Fenrisian Great Axe/Blizzard Shield in a Squadron).

This means entire formation has AV13/13/11, 3++ to the front, Venerable, and, if you put the mandatory Iron Priest on a Bike and Turbo-boost him up so that he is within 6″ of the unit, they gain IWND and he can attempt to repair HPs as well. That is a VERY survivable unit that should be able to weather a lot of enemy attention until they can get “stuck in” to combat.

Speaking of combat, with the new FAQs out, SW Dreads now have 4A base, so that means these 5 Dreads with Great Axe/Blizzard Shields have a total of 30 S10 AP2 attacks on the charge, all at WS5, I4, and with re-rolls to Hit (as long as at least three Dreads are still alive), thanks to the Gathering of Ancients special rules. Even if they multi-charge or are charged themselves, the formation has 25 x S10 AP2 attacks base which, combined with their 3++ and AV13, makes them quite a potent close combat unit (e.g. this should be able to tear up even big threats like Wraithknights, Imperial Knights, Stormsurges, enemy Wulfen, etc.)

Finally, in terms of mobility, they do have to footslog (since they are a unit, they cannot take Drop Pods), but if you are able to roll up the Magentokinesis ability on the Libarious Conclave/Wyrdstorm Brotherhood (WC2 ability from Fulmination discipline that basically allows the target unit to”displace” a free 18″ in the Psychic Phase), then turn 1 they can move 6″, use Magnetokinesis to move another 18″, and then run D6″, for a net displacement of 25-30″ in a single turn. That should more than set them up for a turn 2 charge (or multi-charge) of key enemy units.