Stormbringer Squadron Tactics

Another new formation from the Kauyon book is the Stormbringer Squadron:

-1-3 Units of Land Speeders

-1-3 Scout Squads (must take LS Storms as DTs)

Rules-wise, the Scouts (but not their LS Storm transports) get Objective Secured, the LS Storms get +1 to their Jink saves if they are within 6″ of a regular Land Speeder from the same formation, and the Scouts are allowed to disembark even if their LS Storm’s have moved 12″ (vice the normal 6″ restriction for most vehicles).

Of these, what interests me the most is allowing Scouts to disembark after a 12″ move by the Land Speeder Storms. Combined with a 6″ disembark move and a D6″ run, that gives them a 19-24″ effective range each turn for grabbing objectives, which is further enhanced by their Objective Secured status.

Even better, this 12″ move + 6″ disembark + 2D6″ charge means that Scouts have a charge radius of 19-30″ (with an average charge radius of 25″ using a 2D6 roll of 7 as the “standard”). This means very significant charge distances, including a solid possibility for a turn 1 charge by the Scouts. This can be a game-winner, as the Scouts can use their MB/Krak grenades to take out vehicles or tie up a key enemy shooting unit, thus preventing it from shooting for at least a turn or two. They can also use this extended charge radius to “speed bump” fast-moving enemy Close Combat death stars, such as TWC… even though the Scouts will likely die pretty quickly, if they prevent the Death Star unit from moving for even a turn or two, that allows your own army to shoot and maneuver for a couple of free turns without fear of being assaulted, which can be invaluable.

I think the extended assault radius that the Stormbringer Squadron provides combines very well with a nearby Command Squad equipped with the Banner of the Eagle Relic… imagine 3 Scout squads (with Vet Sgts and Power Lances/MBs) in LS Storms assaulting the enemy DZ turn 1, with a Reclusiam Command Squad (with Banner of the Eagle) in their Razorback moving Flat Out right up behind them. The Banner of the Eagle gives all the Scouts Fleet and Furious Charge and the Chaplain from the Reclusiam Squad gives them all Hatred… that translates into 36 x S5 AP- attacks and 12 x S6 AP3 attacks on the charge (with Fleet to improve their odds of making their charge distance), all with re-rolls to Hit from Hatred… alternately, against vehicles, that is 12 Krak Grenades and 3 MBs, hitting on 3+s with re-rolls to Hit, so dangerous to all but the toughest vehicles.

Aside from the Scouts, don’t forget about both types of Land Speeders. The LS Storms are quite useful, whether equipped with HF, MM, or Assault Cannons, plus they can use their Cerberus Launchers to Blind enemy troops (especially Tau and Necrons). As for the normal Land Speeders, they can be kitted out for anti-tank with dual-MMs, anti-infantry with dual HBs or dual HFs, or a multi-purpose role with HB/TML… they are fragile, of course, but they are relatively cheap and provide plenty of “pound-for-pound” shooting for their points cost, so they are not a wasted “tax” on your army list.

Overall, I think the Stormbringer Squadron formation takes several units that are already very competitive and provides them benefits that make them even more useful, especially for tactical tasks like seizing objectives and assaulting weak enemy shooters.


6 comments on “Stormbringer Squadron Tactics

  1. ItsPug says:

    “Combined with a 6″ disembark move and a D6″ run, that gives them a 19-24″ effective range each turn for grabbing objectives, which is further enhanced by their Objective Secured status.” – The disembarking scouts will not have objective secured, only the storms.

    “This means very significant charge distances, including a solid possibility for a turn 1 charge by the Scouts.” – As the scouts have the infiltrate special rule, they will not be able to charge first turn anyway.


    • greysplinter says:

      Actually, its flip-flopped from what you say… the Scouts have Objective Secured and the LS Storms do NOT have Objective Secured.
      About the first turn charge, Scouts do not have to infiltrate, they can start the game normally, deployed in their own DZ, then use the 12″ Move + 6″ disembark + 2D6″ charge to potentially get into assault on the first turn of the game.


  2. ItsPug says:

    Sorry, must have misread that rule then.

    However infiltrators do not have the option to deploy normally, they have 2 main points regarding their deployment.

    1) They must deploy after other units (friend or foe) have been deployed.

    2) They may deploy anywhere that is more than 12″ from any enemy unit, as long as no deployed enemy unit can draw line of sight to them, or more than 18″ from any enemy unit, even in plain sight.

    Whether you place them in their deployment zone or not they still fulfil 2) in that they are more that 12/18 from an enemy unit, and 1) because they deployed last, so the restriction “A unit that deploys using these rules cannot charge in their first turn.” would apply.


  3. Spang says:

    Yeah unfortunately if you have infiltrate you have to deploy under infiltration rules. you have no choice. So no turn 1 charges. 😦


  4. tomsev says:

    If they have dt land speeder storms they dont have to infiltrate… If they are on foot they have to…


  5. greysplinter says:

    Good catch Tomsev… that is correct, re-reading the rules, it says that “If a unit with Infiltrate deploys inside a Dedicated Transport, they MAY Infiltrate along with their Transport.

    Bottom line, it does appear that a first turn charge is possible (12″ move + 6″ disembark + 2D6” charge)


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