White Scar Relics (NEW)

Well, White Scars and Raven Guard just got basically “mini-codexes” with the Kauyon Campaign Book, which is AMAZING (i.e. multiple new detachments, formations, WL Traits, Relics, etc.)

One thing that jumps out right away to me is the new White Scar Relics:

(1) – Banner of the Eagle (6 MBs) — Gives Furious Charge and Fleet to all friendly White Scar units within 12″

(2) – The Glaive of Vengeance (6 MBs) — Master-Crafted melee weapon with one profile for charging (S+3 AP2) and one profile for everything else (S+1 AP3)

(3) – The Hunter’s Eye (4 MBs) — Gives bearer +1BS and gives him/his unit Ignore Cover for all shooting attacks

(4) – Mantle of the Stormseer (4 MBs, Librarian only) — Gives Librarian Adamantium Will and free/automatic access to the Psychic Maelstrom Psychic Power (WC3 power from Telekinesis) in addition to any other powers he has (does not impact Psychic Focus)

(5) – Scimitar of the Great Khan (5 MBs) — Master-crafted Melee weapon with S+1 AP3 and +3WS to bearer in challenges

(6) – Wrath of the Heavens (5 MBs, cannot be taken by model with JP or TDA) — Space Marine Bike that can turbo-boost 18″ and “jump over” intervening units when it does Turbo-boost.

While all of these are quite solid, the ones that stand out to me the most are the first four:

a) Banner of the Eagles — This, for a very reasonable points cost, can be a tremendous force-multiplier for any White Scars melee army, especially with their native Hit and Run. For example, put this in with a White Scars Command Squad with Bikes, Power Lances, and an attached Chaplain and you have a genuinely deadly “lancer” unit that can threaten pretty much anything in the game that isn’t T8+ and/or doesn’t have a 2+ save (even MCs, like the new Tau Stormsurge, are in significant danger from 20 x S6 AP3 attacks, all with re-rolls to Hit on the charge).

b) The Glaive of Vengeance (6 MBs) — With +3S and AP2 on the charge, this combines tremendously well with the Banner of Eagles to make your “uber Warlord” devastating on the charge (remember, he has Hit and Run, so he can “rinse and repeat” with ease). Imagine this on a Chapter Master attached to the Command Squad described above (i.e. with the Banner of Eagles and Power Lances and a Chaplain)… the Chapter Master would get 6 x S8 AP2 attacks at I5 on the charge, all with WS6 and re-rolls to Hit from the Chaplain…. that is Marneus Calgar levels of close combat goodness, with the Chapter Master wounding almost everything on 2+s and causing Instant Death to any targets T4 or below, all while striking at full  initiative.

c) – The Hunter’s Eye (4 MBs) — Hands down, this is the best Relic of the bunch, and what I consider insanely underpriced (it could be 10 MBs and still be a steal!). With the ability to give the bearer +1BS, that is already a solid bonus, especially if he a BS4 HQ (like a Librarian) who is rocking a combi-weapon, Grav pistol, or manning a gun emplacement. Giving the bearer and his entire unit Ignore Cover (no Psychic Test, not LD test for Orders like Astra Militarum, nothing!) is just hands down off the chain. Imagine the Hunter Eye on a Librarian attached to a Centurion deathstar, or a Biker Chaplain with the Hunter’s Eye attached to an allied Dark Angel Black Knights squadrons, or a Techmarine with The Hunter’s Eye attached to a full Thunderfire Cannon Battery (i.e. 12 x S6 AP5 Ignore Cover Blasts, all fired at BS6), or a Chapter Master with The Hunter’s Eye attached to an allied Militarum Tempestus Command Squad with 4 Volley Guns and the ability to Twin-Link their shooting via Orders. Needless to say, this is extremely potent and competitive Relic!

d) – Mantle of the Stormseer (4 MBs, Librarian only) — Adamantium Will is a nice little boost, but what really makes this shine is guaranteed access to Psychic Maelstrom. Consider this basically a WC3, S10 AP1 “psychic demo charge” that can be used every turn (vice One Use Only) and which combines VERY well with the Hunter’s Eye above (i.e. Librarian becomes BS5 and gets Ignore Cover for this attack, making it even more deadly). The most risky part of this Relic is that it is a WC3 power, meaning you have to roll a lot of dice to reliably get it off (and so have a high chance of Perils). Based on that, probably the best way to use this is with a White Scar Librarius Conclave attached to another squad in a Drop Pod… the Drop Pod get them within range of their target turn 1 and the Conclave allows the using “Stormseer” to channel WCs on a 2+, making it SO MUCH more reliable (and less dangerous) to channel 3 Warp Charges successfully. Combined with Ignore Cover from either “Perfect Timing” power or The Hunter’s Eye relic and you can nuke strike a unit of your choice turn 1 with a S10 AP1 Ignore cover Large Blast.

Even the remaining two relics, basically an enhanced Power Sword that is good at challenges and a Space Marine Bike that can turbo-boost better than average are decent relics, just not as crazy good as these ones. No matter what, I don’t think you can go wrong with these new White Scar relics, especially since you can choose them in conjunction with the “baseline” relics from Codex Space Marines (i.e. it is not an “either/or,” but rather “both/and” choice).


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