Sicarian Infilitrators and Rending (Librarious Conclave + Misfortune)

Looking back through the Skitarii Codex, something that caught my eye is the sheer amount of shooting and close combat attacks Sicarian Infiltrators can generate when equipped with the Taser Goad/Flechette Blaster option. A squad of 10 Infiltrators can put out 50 x S2 AP- Shred shots and then follow it up with 41 x S6 AP- Taser attacks on the charge (so a net total of 91 shots/attacks against their selected target).

Since these attacks have no AP and, in the case of the Flechette Blaster, are extremely low Strength, the natural assumption is that they are only good for dealing with light infantry hordes or, at best, overwhelming MSU Power Armor squads through sheer volume. While that may be normally true, if you can support them with an Allied Psyker using the Misfortune power (from Divination dicispline), all that changes.

Imagine the following:

-10 Infiltrators with Flechette Blasters/Taser Goads

-Allied Space Marine Librarius Conclave (5 x PML(2) Librarians in TDA, all using Divination)

-2 x Space Marine Fast Attack Drop Pods

Infiltrators and TDA Librarians each ride in a separate Drop Pod. Turn 1, they both arrive, disembark, and Librarians cast Misfortune on the target (say an enemy Wraithknight) and Prescience on the Infiltrators. Infiltrators use their Doctrina Imperatives to boost themselves to BS5. They then shoot with 50 Flechette Blaster shots at the Wraith Knight… with re-rollable BS5 shots, they average 48-49 hits…. these hits wound and ignore armor on 6+s (due to Rending) and the Flechette Blasters allow re-rolls to Wound due to Shred, so that averages about 15-16 AP2 wounds on the Wraith Knight. If the Wraithknight has a 5++ shield save, then that makes for about 10 wounds inflicted, with FNP further reducing that to about 6-7 total Unsaved Wounds. Result, one dead Wraithknight.

Now, you can simply “rinse and repeat” against other targets the following turns, with the added advantage that the Infiltrators can move 9″, shoot another 50 shots, and then charge 2D6 +3″ (average 10″ charge range) with 41 x S6 AP- Taser attacks… with the additionally generated hits due to the “Taser” rule, Prescience for Re-rolls, and the Neurostatic Aura reducing enemy WS by -1, against most units (and vehicles) the Infiltrators will get an average of about 50 S6 hits… with 6+ to rend, they generate about 8  Rending hits on average rolling, meaning that they can handily kill a MC, wipe out a Terminator squad, or even glance an enemy Land Raider to death. Alternately, if they need to take out enemy hordes, then their mass shooting and close combat attacks can easily decimate even the biggest Ork Mob or AM Blob squad.

As you can see, the tactical applications of Misfortune combined with Sicarian Infiltrators and their exceptional volume of shots/attacks are numerous. The biggest weaknesses of this tactic are 1) Needing to roll up Misfortune reliably before the game begins and 2) the Infiltrator’s fragility, since they are T3, 2W, and only have a 4+ save/6++ Invul/FNP. They do, however, have Stealth (i.e. cover is their friend, especially when they first come out of the Drop Pod) and the allied Librarians can potentially give them a 4++ or Invisibility or Shrouded, any of which can make them much better able to survive enemy return fire. Finally, you are not restricted to deploying them with allied Drop Pods, since they have Infiltration organically and they also can move 9″ and run D6+3″ a turn, letting them get upfield very quickly (i.e. basically the same net mobility as Assault Marines) and work hand-in-hand with the Librarians/Misfortune to wreak all kinds of havoc on the enemy force.

Finally, this unit can be utilized as a “deathstar antidote”… imagine a maxed out squad of 6 TWC, all with PFs and Stormshields and led by a Wolf Lord with PF/SS and Runic Armor. That is 16 wounds, all protected by 3++ saves and (in the case of the Wolf Lord) 2+ armor as well, not to mention some VERY dangerous CC capacity!

Doing the math, if you successfully cast Misfortune on the TWC deathstar and Prescience on a squad of 10 Infiltrators, the Infiltrators can shoot 50 times and then charge with 41 attacks. Shooting at BS5 with Prescience causes about 5-6 unsaved wounds, which means abut 3 dead TWC (assuming the Wolf Lords LoS! the wounds onto the TWC)… the subsequent charge at WS4 (With re-rolls to Hit) versus WS3 (TWC have -1WS due to Neurostatic Aura) generates 41 attacks and, after Taser bonuses, about 50 total hits. Of these, about 8 are Rending, which causes another 2-3 unsaved wounds after SS saves (so a fourth TWC killed)… finally, the non-Rending hits generate about 25 wounds, which means 4 unsaved wounds after the 2+ saves from the WL Runic Armor is used, on average (so the WL is dead, but still gets to strike back, due to I4 vs I4). The remaining TWC attacks back with 8 PF swings, they killing an average of 2-3 Infiltrators… the result, Infiltrators win combat by six wounds, with 7 Infiltrators and 2 TWC left…. next round, the Skitarii melee experts should be able to kill the remaining two TWC before they even get to strike back. As you can surmise, this is a VERY favorable return on your investment against an otherwise quite deadly enemy threat.


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