Kytan Daemon Engine of Khorne… leveling the playing field for Chaos!

As many have probabaly seen already, Forgeworld has release new Chaos versions of Imperial Knights and has also released the Kytan Daemon Engine of Khorne:

As you can see from the rules, the Kytan Daemon Engine is like a “normal” Imperial Knight, but has better WS, I, A, and also has Rage, Fleet, and Crusader, making it ideally suited for getting into and exceling at close combat. The Kytan is no slouch in shooting either, with a S8 AP3 Heavy 8, 48″ range Gatling Cannon that also has the Pinning rule (the medoicre BS3 somewhat detracts from this, but with the special Daemonforge rules that allows re-rolls to Wound once a game, it can be quite an effective fire support platform as well).

Combined with Super Heavy rules, 6HPs, AV13/13/10, IWND, a 5++ save on all sides from the Daemon USR (vice a 4++ on a single side against shooting that normal Knights get from their Ion Shields), and D strength close combat attacks, it is a tremendous addition to any Chaos Space Marine/Chaos Daemon/Khorne Daemonkin army that takes it as a Lord of War choice.

Based on all this, what is the best way to competitively integrate a Kytan Daemon Engine into a Chaos army? Well, first off, you can supplement it with Psychic powers from allied Sorcerors/Daemons. While this is not fluffy (i.e. Khorne hates psykers and all), it can make the Kytan even more potent:

1 – Prescience from an allied Crimson Slaughter Sorceror with the Balestar of Mannon Relic — Allowing the Kytan to re-roll all to Hits (both shooting and combat) makes it significantly more dangerous in damage output and allows it to maximize its value all game long.

2 – Invisibility from allied Belakor — No one needs to be told how potent Invisibility would be on this Lord of War, making it all but immune to enemy shooting and much more survivable against even the toughest close combat troops.

3 – Allied Chaos Psyker with Cursed Earth from Malefic discipline — Since the Kytan counts as a Daemon, this means it gets a 4++ save if within 12″ of the caster. Combine this with Grimoire and suddenly you have the potential for a Lord of War Super Heavy Walker with a 2++ save!

Finally, outside of Psychic powers, there are a few small other ways to buff the Kytan with allies, such as keeping it within 12″ of Abbadon when fighting Space Marines (Abaddon’s Black Crusader trait gives all friendly units within 12″ Preferred Enemy: Space Marines). Generally, the best way to integrate the Kytan into a Chaos faction army is to cause target saturation for your opponent with lots of other dangerous melee units so that he is on the horns of a dilemma… i.e. does he shoot at your Kytan and ignore the rest of your massed Maulerfiends and allow them to rampage into his DZ, or does he focus on the rest of your army and allow the Kytan to move up with its 12″ move and Fleet/Crusader running and threaten his army in that way.


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