White Scars, Khan, and massed Graviton weapons…

Since White Scar armies with Kor’sarro Khan as their Warlord still maintain the ability to Scout all Bike units and all units embarked on Rhinos/Razorbacks, that opens up some signfiicant possibilities for a first turn, Graviton weapon “Alpha Strike:”

1 – Take the Gladius Strike Force with a Full Battle Company as follows —

a) Khan on Bike and Chaplain

b) Command Squad with Bikes and 4 Grav Guns and Apothecary

c) 6 Tac Squads with Free Rhinos and Grav Cannon

d) 2 Bike Squads with Dual Grav Guns

e) 2 Devastator Squads with Free Rhinos and 2 Grav Cannons each

2 – So, altogether, that gives you 3 Bike squads with 24 Graviton shots a turn, plus Scout to get within range turn 1. You also have 6 Tactical Squads that can Scout in their Rhinos and then let loose with 48 Graviton shots total, as well as 2 Devastator squads that can Scout in their Rhinos and put out 20 Graviton shots a turn. Total, that is 92 Graviton shots from Scouting units turn 1!

3 – Since you have so much anti-vehicle/heavy anti-infantry shooting, about the only thing missing is anti-horde capability and anti-flyer capability. To deal with this, you can supplement this force with a Storm Wing formation (i.e. Stormraven and 2 Stormtalons), kitted out with Typhoon Missile Launchers and TLed Assault Cannons (Stormtalons) and TLed Lascanon/TLed Multimelta (Stormraven). This should provide a very versatile options for dealing with enemy armor, massed infantry, and flyers/FMCs, providing the ground elements with all the support they require.


4 comments on “White Scars, Khan, and massed Graviton weapons…

  1. Itgel says:

    I really like your idea of a competitive but still fluffy White Scars list using a Gladius Strike Force 🙂 Especially after knowing no bike heavy formation exists I’m happier to see another way than using a CAD from rulebook. Thank You and Greetz from Berlin 🙂


  2. greysplinter says:

    Glad to hear that you find this idea useful and I do think it will be competitive. Who knows, maybe GW will come out with some other “Gladius-like” formations (like the rumored Lance and Javelin Strike Forces) that have Bikes or other units as the foundational units.

    Cheers back to you from the United States!


  3. BM says:

    It sounds like a fun army to play. Downside is that those two demi’s come in at over 1500pts making it really hard to fit anything meaningful as the obligatory auxiliary in a 1850 army (stormwing is over 400pts) and if your opponent knows your list they just have to deploy deep in their dz to nullify your alphastrike.
    What I do like is the opportunity to roll all that grav dice first turn using doctrines, re-rolling misses and then re-rolling wounds. Always nice to roll a bucket of dice 🙂


  4. Itgel says:

    I played a game against eldar using a CAD with one Wraith Knight, 3 x 5 Scatter Bikes and other stuff like warpspiders and artillery D cannons. I used a similar list including a battle company and a suppression force. First turn I could manage to kill the wraith knight but the rest of his army was deep deployed and his scatter bikes punched my army hard. After turn 4 I conceded only having one whirlwind 2 tactical squads and a chaplain left.

    My conclusion was that a drop pod alpha strike is much stronger than khan’s scout alpha strike because the enemy can simply stay outside the grav range or nullify my scouting by using servo skulls or infiltrators


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