Chaplain Enkomi and Vanguard Vets — Bane of Hatred

Chaplain Enkomi is a FW special character with rules from the Badab Wars Imperial Armour books (see last page of PDF below):

More specifically, he is the Reclusiarch of the Minotaurs Chapter and, combined with the latest iteration of Vanguard Veterans, I think he can make for a very potent “fire-fighter” unit for a Space Marine army.

What does Chaplain Enkomi bring that sets him apart from a regular Chaplain?

1 – Wargear/Profile — He comes with PA, Rosarious, Jump Pack, and a Power Fist as part of his base profile. Additionally, for 2 MBs he can exchange his Crozius and Auxilary Grenade Launcher for a Mastercrafted, Concussive Power Sword that is also a Specialist Weapon (so +1A when used in conjunction with his PF) and also for a S3 AP3 12″ Assault 1, Twin-Linked, Blast shooting weapon. Combined with his 3A base (more than your average Chaplain), this means he has 4 PF or 4 MCed Power Sword attacks base. Finally, he has I5, which is superior to most Chaplains and allows him to hit first against a large percentage of his potential opponents.

2 – Special Rules — Like all Chaplains, he has Zealot, which is an obvious boon to any assault focused unit. More importantly, he has a unique special rule called “Bane of Hatred” which gives him and his unit of Minotaurs the Rage USR. That means on the charge he has 6 PF or 6 MCed Power Sword attacks and that his squad gets +2A per model, provided that they didn’t suffer from a Disordered Charge.

So, how does this combine with Vanguard Vets? Well, first of all, due to their Heroic Intervention rule, they never suffer from Disordered Charges, meaning they will always get the +2A that Enkomi provides. Additionally, since they can easily become Jump Infantry, they combine quite well with Chaplain Enkomi, since he also comes with a Jump Pack.

Add in the new, reduced cost for weapons upgrades for Vanguard Vets and you can make a very reasonably costed, highly mobile “hammer” unit combining Enkomi and a squad of say 8-10 Jump Pack Vanguard Vets. For example, take the following:

-Chaplain Enkomi
-4 Vanguard Vets with Jump Packs and PF/LC combo
-4 Vanguard Vets with Jump Packs, Storm Shields, and LCs
-Allied Sanguinary Priest with the Angels Wing Relic, PF/LC combo

On the charge, this unit puts out 40 Lightning Claw attacks and 6 Power Sword attacks at Initiative, all with Re-rolls to Hit from Zealot. Alternately, this unit can put out 30 Power Fist attacks and 16 Lightning Claw attacks against a foe with higher Toughness and/or a 2+ save. This combines with the high mobility from having all models equipped with Jump Packs, solid durability with 4 Stormshields to absorb enemy AP3/2/1 attacks, and FNP (from the Snaguinary priest Narthecium) for the entire unit to mitigate Torrent of Fire attacks.

Finally, the Angel’s Wing relic jump pack makes the whole unit able to Deep Strike more accurately and safely (i.e. against Interceptor fire) if required, giving the whole unit some versatility in deployment. Overall, I believe this can be a competitive unit to either shore up your own gun-line against enemy assault units or “breakthrough” unit to rapidly advance and engage the enemy gunline.


One comment on “Chaplain Enkomi and Vanguard Vets — Bane of Hatred

  1. greggles says:

    These are great little articles…as I had no idea this character existed! So many FW guys to pull from!


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