Khorne Berzerkers and “The Fist of Khorne” formation…

The new Blood Oath campaign has several new formations for both Space Marines and Chaos, including the “Fist of Khorne” formation:

As you can see from the rules, not only can the Kharibdys Assault Claw be used as a S: D missile if it hits an enemy building/vehicle, but most importanly it comes in turn 1 and the 20 Khorne Bezerkers on board can assault THAT SAME TURN!

This can be a game changer (literally) for Chaos players, as it gives them a very potent tool first turn. If you place the Kharibdys correctly and are lucky with your scatter, the Bezerkers can potentially multi-charge several units at once on turn 1. Imagine some of the following scenarios:

1 – Bezerkers multi-charge several Tau Fire Warrior squads, Pathfinder squads, Broadside teams, and/or Riptides at once…. not only does that mean these units can’t shoot for at least a couple of turns (giving the rest of your Chaos army plenty of time to get accross the table unmolested), but you can very likely kill off several of these units in close combat with your pumped up Berserkers (i.e. WS5, S5, and 4A on the charge)

2 – Berzerkers multi-charge multiple squadrons of AM Leman Russes, Artillery vehicles, and/or critical force multipliers like Command Squads on turn 1. Between massed S5 attacks or massed Krak Grenades, you have a very good chance of kicking the stool out from underneath the AM fire base, setting them up for the rest of the game being on the backfoot (if not unravelled entirely).

3 – Berzerkers multi-charge several squads of Eldar Jetbikes turn 1. Besides very likely killing them outright, the Bezerkers are preventing the Jetbikes from both shooting (which is a big deal) and maneuvering (which is an even bigger deal), basically rendering them almost useless the rest of the game and likely removing a key element of the Eldar player’s battle plan.

4 – Bezerkers charge an enemy Centurion deathstar turn 1 (remember, Centurions are Slow and Purposeful and so cannot fire overwatch), tying them up before they can move, shoot, or cast powers like Invisibility or Gates of Infinity on themselves. This is an ideal method for “neutralizing” an otherwise highly potent deathstar unit, allowing the rest of your Chaos army to operate with much greater impunity knowing that the Centurion threat is removed.

As you can see, there are many ways to effectively employ the Fist of Khorne formation (I am sure you can think of others besides what is listed here) in a competitive game and really give your Chaos army an effective, and unexpected, advantage. Also, don’t forget, these models are drawn from the Khorne Daemonkin book, so they can benefit from the “Blood for the Blood God/Blood Tithe” special rules and buffs and their Bezerker Champion can take an Axe of Khorne (i.e. S: User AP2, ID on 6+ to Wound, Strikes at Initiative!!).


5 comments on “Khorne Berzerkers and “The Fist of Khorne” formation…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, ( and I hope I am). the rule seems to be badly written, redundant, and not what people seem to be reading it as. the rule doesn’t say anything about deep striking. It only says that the unit can charge the same turn they disembark just as if the vehicle was open topped or an assault vehicle ( I find this odd since The assault claw already has assault vehicle) That would seem to indicate that the restrictions on assaulting after deep striking still apply. I hope I’m wrong and this is a case of formation trumping core rule book.


    • Chris John says:

      Totally poorly written. But the intent is clear and it does give you permission to assault- the turn you disembark. Which includes the turn you arrive from reserves.

      In the other formation they use the same language for drop pods, which can Only disembark the turn they arrive from reserve. so yeah.


  2. highwind says:

    I agree with you, “spear of sicarius” uses the same stupid wording and there it gets very clear that the unit is allowed to charge after deep striking (because deep striking and disembarking is always the same turn for normal marine drop pods)…

    I think this ” fist of khorne” formation alone changes the khorne deamonkin codex from quite mediocre to very competitive… 20 berserkers on steroids raping in CC is already good on its own, but when you think what this does for your blood hounds and blood thirsters which consequently won’t be shot at (neither normally nor while charging) because the berserkers lock the enemy’s in CC it gets really great!


  3. greggles says:

    The two problems with this formation are the wording and the points cost.

    It’s an easy 600+ point costed unit, that relies on your opponent having no idea what the formation does.

    You can’t place a deep striking unit to mishap intentionally, as it has to be placed legally on the table before rolling scatter. The only way to get that D hit, is if it happens to scatter on top of something. The mawloc has a specifically written and worded rule to allow this to happen. This formation doesn’t have that wording.

    If your opponent knows what the unit does, they’ll deploy defensively with bubble wrap, so the beserkers assault something, annihilate it beyond all doubt, then get shot up by AP3 weapons. (really awesome distraction unit though, just points heavy).


  4. that guy says:

    I didn’t think you could target an enemy unit when placing your deepstriking models either but when i read the rule for deep strike it doesn’t say anything except to place the first model to arrive where you want it and roll scatter then resolve any mishaps and since the drop pod doesn’t suffer mishaps i would think you could place it on an enemy model and hope for a direct hit


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