Eldar Wraithknight and Necron Wraith Hunting…. Nob Bikerz to the Front!

Back in the day (4th and 5th edition) Nob Bikerz were THE deathstar unit to fear, especially with their ability to use multi-wound shenanigans, cover saves, and FNP to distribute wounds without losing models.

Now, in 7th edition, Orks are considered a “mid-tier” army at best by many players and Nob Bikerz are only a shadow of their former glory, especially compared with recent books like Necrons and Eldar, with Wraithlords, Jetbikes, Wraiths, and Destroyers, etc.

Despite these changes, I think Nob Bikerz actually might be underated in the current metagame, especially in their ability to help Orks deal with armies like Necron and Eldar. If that is the case, what do Biker Nobz have going for them? Consider the following Biker Nob Battle Group:

-Warboss with Warbike, Power Klaw, and Lucky Stick Relic

-Painboy with Warbike

-10 Nobz with Warbikez and Power Klawz

Total, this unit has 26 x T5 wounds, all protected by 4+ armor, a 3+ cover save if they turboboost (which they should always be doing, for both mobility and protection reasons), and FNP. The unit also has WS5 (or better) due to the Luck Stick Relic and a total of 45 x S9 AP2 Power Klaw attacks on the charge (due to Furious Charge), which should be able to put a hurting on almost any unit they engage (remember, 12″ move + 12″ turboboost turn 1 gives a VERY high chance for a turn 2 charge).

Against a unit of 6 Necron Wraiths, Wraiths strike first with 18 S6 attacks at WS4, getting an average of 9 hits, 6 wounds (of which about 1-2 rend, on average), nettng a total of about 3-4 unsaved wounds after Nob armor saves and FNP rolls… that translates into about two dead Nob Bikerz. 8 Nob Bikerz and Warboss strike back with 37 x Power Klaw attacks, of which 30-31 wound and the Wraiths fail 10-11 invul saves, resutling in 5-6 dead Wraith (or a completed wipeout of this unit).

Against Craftworld Wraithknights, the Nobz Bkers charge in and the Wraithknight strike first at I5 with 4 attacks, hitting with 2 of them, and kiliing an average of 2 Nob Bikerz. 8 Nob Bikerz and Warboss strike back with 37 x Power Klaw attacks, of which 24-25 wound… 16-17 of these get through the Wraithknight’s 5++ Invul save and 10-11 of those get through the FNP saves, resulting in a very dead Gargantuan Creature in a single round of combat.

As you can see, Biker Nobz with a a Warboss/Pain Boy make for a very potent offensive tool for Ork Armies. Like some of the other anti-Wraithknight units I have mentioned in previous articles, the advantage of Nob Bikerz is that they have significant utility against other units and even other armies, so you are not confined to just using them to defeat “uber” units like Wraithknights and Necron Wraiths. Their mobility in particular makes them an exceptional asset for getting around the battelfield, sezing objectives, disrupting the enemy battle-line, and getting “stuck in” as often as possible.


3 comments on “Eldar Wraithknight and Necron Wraith Hunting…. Nob Bikerz to the Front!

  1. greggles says:

    I think the reason that nob bikers have fallen to the way side, is the lack of hit and run. I’ve seen some ork players combine the painboy and warboss on a bike with a unit of deff kopta’s instead. It’s a far cheaper point unit, just as survivable, but now it has scout and hit and run. (Some will do this with zhad, so they all have 3+ jink’s as well)


    • greysplinter says:

      Good point… Hit and Run is critical for fast moving melee units without strong armor/invul saves (i.e. Hammernators), so Nob Bikerz really need to wipe a unit out round one, then move on and get stuck in somewhere else. What you suggest about Warboss/Pain Boy with Deff Koptas is an excellent alternative.


      • greggles says:

        I’ve also noticed at most players use the bikers as applied dakka, more then assaulting these days. Could be the lack of hit and run, but I also think nob’s are a bit overpriced these days (sadly). Especially if SM sargs are getting +1W…


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