Chaos Space Marines and the new Vindicator…

Forgeworld just came out with some new units, including the Deimos pattern Vindicator, which Chaos Space Marines have access to as a Heavy Support choice:

As you can see, if the Deimos Vindicator stays still, it can fire 3 x S9 AP1 TLed Ordnance shots out to 48″ (with the risk of a 1 in 6 chance of losing a Hull Point to “overheat,” like Plasma weapons). For the price of 5 PFs and a MB, that gives you a tank which is like the much more expensive Predator Annihilator (i.e. on TLed Lascannon and two regular Lascannons), but with AP1 on its Lascannons, all of its shots TLed (unlike just one on the Predator), and the Ordnance rule (allowing two dice, pick the highest, for each roll to penetrate).

Not only is this vehicle strong against vehicles, but it can perform like a long-range, 3-shot, vehicle based sniper, with 88% accuracy per shot and wounding almost anything in the game (except Wraithknights/Lords) on a 2+, with no Armor saves allowed. Put another way, think of this as a vehicle based Vindicare Assassin with slightly less range and BS, but cheaper, more versatile, and with 3 shots a turn, vice only one.

Since CSM generally lack effective long-range fire support (Obliterators and Havocs aside), I think the Deimos Vindicator (or even a pair of them… there is no Relic Vehicle rule like with Sicaran Predators) could be an excellent addition to a competitive Chaos Space Marine task force. Take two Deimos Vindicators, place them on a Skyshield Landing Pad for a 4++ save (doubling their survivability against shooting), and punch out 6 x S9 AP1 Ordnance shots at BS4 (twin-linked) a turn… this should provide an excellent firebase to support the maneuver of the rest of your Traitor Marines on the battlefield.


2 comments on “Chaos Space Marines and the new Vindicator…

  1. Anonymous says:

    for just a few more points you can take a squad of 3 rapier batteries with laser destroyers – exact same damage output – way more survivable – while this model looks great… If you want that kinda damage output its really not the best choice.


    • greysplinter says:

      Hmmm, that is a good point, if you are using FW stuff already. On the other hand, this only takes up a single FOC slot and is cheaper, so it depends on what the rest of your army looks like. Good point though.


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