Killing Wraithknights part 3…. Dark Eldar and Harlequin Assassin style

Continuing to look at how each different army deals with the new Eldar Wraithknight and its Gargantuan Creature/LOW status.

Dark Eldar have taken a significant hit in this category, since all their poisoned weaponry are reduced to wounding on 6+s (and the Wraithknight has FNP), so they have to rely on Dark Lance/Blaster spam to deal with T8 Gargantuan Creatures (and even this takes tons of focused fire and may not even succeed).

One way to mitigate this is to take an allied Harquin formation, specifically the “Cast of Players” formation, which consists of the following:

-One Death Jester

-One Shadowseer

-One Harlequin Troupe

The entire formation gets Crusader USR and hands it out to allied Dark Eldar within 6″, so not a bad bonus. Also, the Death Jester and Shadowseer must remain attached to the squad, but they are useful enough and the overall points cost of this formation is low enough ot justify taking it without detracting too much from an overall Dark Eldar force.

Now, here is where the the “synergy” comes in. Take 12 Harlequin Player and equip the entire Troupe with Neuro Disruptors (the Shadowseer as well). That’s 13 Neurodisruptors total. Also, take Telepathy and Phantasmancy on the Shadowseer for access to Psychic Shriek and Veil of Tears as the Primaris powers. Finally, take the Mask of Secrets relic on the Shadowseer.

Next, attach them to a Dark Eldar HQ equipped with a Webway Portal and a Blast Pistol (Archon with a Shadowfield could work well). Finally, starting Turn 2+, having them DS without scattering right within 12′ of the target enemy Wraithknight.

From there, in the Psychic Phase, hit the Wraithknight with Psychic Shriek to try and strip some wounds off (average 3D6 roll is 11 and Wraithknight, after -2 Ld from Mask of Secrets, has Ld 8, so that 3 wounds with no saves, reduced to 2 unsaved wounds by FNP).

Following that, in the shooting phase, hit the Wraithknight with 13 Neuro Disruptor shots…. at BS4 and with AP2 and Fleshbane, that should translate into 7-8 wounds…. after the Wraithknight gets its FNP rolls, the end result shoul dbe about 4-5 unsaved wounds. Throw in the BS5 Blast Pistol and you might even get one more unsaved wound.

Now, between Psychic Shriek, the Neuro Disruptors, and the Blast Pistol you should be able to be able to, in a single player turn when the squad comes in from Deep Strike, inflict an average of about 7 unsaved wounds, which results in one dead Gargantuan Creature Lord of War for your opponent and a dramatic shift in combat power in your favor in a single turn.

Of course, the Shadowseer can also cast Veil of Tears in that same turn in order to make the squad MUCH more capable of absorbing enemy return fire after they assassinate the Wraithknight, in turn allowing them to be set up to move, shoot again, and hopefully charge the following turn, thus contributing even more to your overall game plan.


3 comments on “Killing Wraithknights part 3…. Dark Eldar and Harlequin Assassin style

  1. highwind says:

    The (very expensive) ranged weaponry isn’t really necessary imho…

    Combine “mask of secrets” with “armor of misery” for -4LD and just shriek him to (near) death. Put them in a raider for better range (6″/12″ can be measured from every spot of the quite large vehicle). Remaining HP can be handled with lances/blasters/poison.

    This is very potent vs (low-LD) scatter jet bikes aswell!


    • greysplinter says:

      Great point, Psychic Shriek can be very effective when combined with those Relics and, as you point out, can do quite well against both Wraithknights and bikes.


  2. Roosevelt says:

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