Imperial Assassins and neutralizing the Craftworld Eldar Jetbikes…

Another upcoming Craftworld Eldar unit that us getting lots of attention as “overpowered” is the Windrider Jetbike squadron upgraded with Scatter Lasers (every model can choose this upgrade).

Throw in a Warlock “squad leader” upgrade, which can give the squadron Shrouded or other Runes of Battle powers, and an attached a Divination Jetbike Farseer (for Prescience, ignore cover, all attacks becoming Rending, etc. etc.) and you have the makings of a cheap, robust, highly mobile, hard-hitting unit that makes the already top-level Eldar even more competitive.

This of course begs the question, how do you cost-effectively counter the new Windrider Jetbikes? There are several different solutions, but for any Imperium army, the option to take Imperial Assassins provides a versatile tool in combating this Xenos threat:

-Vindicare – With the ability to ignore armor, cover, and Invul saves with his Shieldbreaker rounds, not to mention his top level BS, the Vindicare is ideal at taking out Warlock squad leaders… this not only removes a 50+ point model, but removes Leadership, supporting Psychic powers, and the ability to make their Jink save into a 2+ cover save (which is key for them holding onto Objectives). Alternately, you could use him to finish off the last wound on a Jetbike Farseer, again debuffing the unit significantly. Finally, you can use the Vindicare and Hellfire rounds to strip one Jetbiker a turn, if all else fails.

-Culexus – With great survivability against shooting, multiple S5 AP2 shots at BS8, and dangerous close combat abilities, not to mention Infiltrate, the Culexus can get in close, shoot, and even charge Windrider Jetbikes and take them out of the game early on. As mentioned, he also wreaks absolutely havoc on Psykers, so he can strip the Windriders of any psychic buffs and effectively snipe out their Warlock/Farseer. Better yet, he can (and likely will) absorb lots of the shooting attention from the Jetbikes, preventing them from focusing on the rest of your army.

-Callidus – With only Snapshots at her the turn she arrives or Turn 1, she is survivable like the Culexus (at least early on) and her ability to position exactly where she wants to be means her Neural Shredder (SX AP2 template that always wounds on a 4+) makes her ideal for roasting down half a squad of Windriders turn 1 and, if she survives, Neural Shredding them again turn 2 followed by a charge with 6 x S6 AP2 attacks with her C’tan blade, giving her the potential for neutralizing or even destroying multiple Windrider squads a game.

-Eversor – The most maligned of the Assassins, the Eversor is the ideal counter to Windrider Jetbikes…. With 8 x S5 AP3 attacks on the charge and (if he starts in an Assault Vehicle like a Land Raider) a potential 30” charge range turn 1, he can potentially get into combat turn 1 and, between winning combat/Sweeping Advance (assassins have better Initiative than Eldar even), carve a path through multiple Windrider squads over the course of a game. Throw in his multiple BS8 pistols shots a turn and his MBs (to threaten any nearby Eldar vehicles and you have a unit that is ideally equipped to disrupt the synergy of Eldar Jetbike heavy armies.

Put all these assassins together (if you take the Assassin detachment) and you can potentially “defang” a Saim-Hann battle-group from the get-go and provide your Imperium army the ability to deal with the rest of his force effectively.

2 comments on “Imperial Assassins and neutralizing the Craftworld Eldar Jetbikes…

  1. Samsa says:

    This is just a great idea! Thanks for this good, new impression, since i’d learned to love the Culexus included in a “tournament-army”…


    • greysplinter says:

      Glad that this is helpful. I thin Imperial Assassins are a potentially points-effective addition to most Imperial armies that can really give them the edge against certain opponents, such as Jetbiker Eldar armies this case.


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