Fighting Fire with Fire…. how to kill the Craftworld Eldar Wraith Knight

As almost every probably knows, the Wraithlord in the new Craftworld Eldar book had a points hike and is now a Lord of War and Gargantuan Creature (giving it FNP, reduced damage from poison/sniper, and the ability to shoot all its weapons at independent targets, among other things). There are many arguments about the Wraithknight being overpowered, but the reality is that it is here to stay, so how do you combat it?

From a Space Marine perspective, the ultimate answer is a squad of 3 Grav-Cannon Centurions with an attached Librarian and all riding in a Fast Attack Drop Pod. Say the target is a Wraithknight with Suncannon and Shield, which gives it the most potential survivability possible.

Turn 1, bring this unit in with the Drop Pod within 24″ of the enemy Wraithknight (hopefully there is only one, given that it is now a Lord of War). Use Prescience on the squad from the allied BA Librarian to get the following:

-(15 shots)*(8/9 to Hit)*(8/9 to Wound)(*2/3 to fail 5++ Invul)*(2/3 to fail FNP) = 5-6 unsaved wounds, which is just enough, if you error on the lucky side of averages, to “one shot” the Wraithknight… even if it has 1-2 wounds left, with focused fire from the rest of your army (say a supporting Triple Lascannon Predator or a Biker Squad with Grav guns), you should be able to finish off the Gargantuan creature.

The good thing about this battle group is that it is not a “niche” unit that is only good at killing Wraithknights… Centurions in a Drop Pod with Libby support are excellent against a whole range of targets and are basically guaranteed to get the first round of shooting in without interference, given the mobility of the Drop Pod and their ability to start in Reserve. Also, you can potentially have 2 of these battle groups for redundancy and to engage multiple targets (heaven forbid you face an enemy with two Lords of War slots, meaning you have to take out two Wraithknights!).

As I have mentioned in previous articles, taking out the physical unit is a big deal, but even more than that is the wrench you can throw in his game when you remove his “uber” unit in a single shooting phase Turn 1 of the game… it is kind of the equivalent of scoring a touchdown on the first play of a football game, with the opponent thrown back on his heels by the suddenness and shock of your success, not to mention the havoc you wreak on plans by taking out a critical cog of his army.


2 comments on “Fighting Fire with Fire…. how to kill the Craftworld Eldar Wraith Knight

  1. Anonymous says:

    the problem is that his d weapon flamers will then kill your centurions in one turn


  2. Huron Blachkheart7 says:

    Come on guys!!!!
    A wraithknight??
    I don’t play like this!
    I keep my money for something else!


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