Lychguard Deathstar

So, for those Necron players who like to build a super-killy, hard to kill unit, I think a potential candidate is as follows:

-Destroyer Lord with Ressurection Orb, Warscythe, Phase Shifter, and Veil of Darkness

-Cryptek with Chronometron and Solar Staff

-10 Lychguard with Warscythes

So, right out the gate, this unit has 15 x T5 wounds, all protected by a 3+ save (except the Cryptek) and a 5++ against shooting (thanks to Chronometron). They also all have 4+ Reanimation Protocals, due to Cryptek Technomancer rule. Already a very solid unit in terms of survivability.

Now, turn 1, use the Veil of Darkness to “gate” accross the board to your enemy DZ, right in front of the greatest concentration of troops and/or most dangerous units in his army. The whole idea here is to get everything possible to fire at you. Here’s why…. first, use the Solar Staff’s “Solar Pulse” ability to make it so that all enemy shooting at this unit becomes Snap Shots. Second, if required, activate the Ressurection Orb (you can decided if you want to do this, based on if you fail Reanimation Rolls… if not, simply “save” the ability for later in the game).

Between the Solar Pulse and the Resurrection Orb activated, with a little Mathhammering in between, it will on average take the following to cause a SINGLE unsaved wound against this unit:

-216 x Bolter shots

-43 x Plasma, Melta, Krak Missile, or Lascannon shots

-21 x Railgun shots

-40 x Grav Cannon/Grav Amp shots

As you can see, this unit is basically invincible against any kind of shooting for a single turn… the more firepower your opponent pours into them, then better, since they should shrug it off easily and that means less firepower going against the rest of your army.

This also sets you up nicely to make a Turn 2 charge, provided you DSed close enough to your target enemy units. On the charge, this unit can put out 34 x S7 AP2 Armourbane attacks, all at WS4 and I2 with Preferred Enemy (from the attached Destroyer Lord)…. on average, that’s enough to kill 19 GEQs, 19 MEQs, 12 TEQs, or 6 TH/SS Terminators. If any enemy units survive, then they are striking back against T5 with 3+ saves and 4+ Reanimation protocals, which means the Lychguard should take little to no casualties in return against most units. Against vehicles, this unit is even better, especailly if it can multi-charge several vehicles at once and get the most of their S7 AP2 Amourbane attacks (nothing, Land Laiders included, are safe from these type of attacks).

So, as you can see, while quite expensive points wise (the whole formation comes in at well over 500 points), this can an amazing “anvil” unit to crush your opponent and pin his army down for the rest of your Necrontyr forces to maneuver around and destroy at their leisure.


5 comments on “Lychguard Deathstar

  1. greggles says:

    Replace cryptek with Orikan. Now they reroll saving throws of 1. 🙂


    • greysplinter says:

      Good point, and if Orikan “powers up” the deathstar becomes even more powerful. That said, you lose access to the Solar Staff, which is essential to causing Snap Shots during that first round when you teleport right in front of your opponent’s army.


  2. smeg101 says:

    If you took Royal court would it be legal to attach Orikan The diviner + 2 lords into a lychguard unit? Also would Orikan’s rerollable 1’s work on the lords since they are in the unit?


  3. unfortunately you cannot deepstrike without having deepstrike special rule with every model in the unit (deepstrike special rule BRB 7th edition) and veil of darkness gives deepstrike only to the bearer and make reenter from reserve “using the rules for deepstrike” (necrons codex 7th edition) and not “having the deepstrike special rule” which is very very different (the bearer HAS the deepstrike special rule, the unit USE the RULES for deepstrike, so when you USE the rules with the unit, you read the deepstrike special rule and the first sentence is the one above).
    You can do this with Praetorian since they are jump infantry, but no cryptek, still with resurrection orb and protocols and a lot of ap2 shoots (the lychguard does no shooting) it’s a nightmare too, only it’s not a cheat.


  4. greysplinter says:

    Actually, reading the Veil of Darkness entry, it specifically says ” the bearer can use the Veil of Darkness to remove himself AND HIS UNIT (capitalization added) from the table, even if they are locked in combat. THEY (as in the bearer AND his unit, not just the bearer) then immediately arrive anywhere on the board using the rule for Deep Strike.”

    Thus, this Relic Wargear specifically grants the bearer and his unit the ability to be removed from the board and immediately deep strike back in (even if they normally do not have the deep strike rule).

    Vargard Obyron’s “Ghostwalk Mantle” relic also works this same way, so in theory you could create two “teleporting” Lychguard squads if you wanted 😉


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