Zagstruk and Da Vulcha Boyz…

So, this is quite an interesting formation in the Waaagghhh Ghazghkull Supplement. Basically, you take Zagstruk and three Mobs of Storm Boyz, with the option to merge them all into a single, “uber” formation (which gives up multiple VPs if destroyed). Additionally, the formation has special rules that makes it only scatter D6″ when deepstriking and giving all members the shred USR for their Hammer of Wrath attacks.

So, how can this formation be used? Well, if you combine it with a Warboss with Waaaggh! and the Stormboyz ability to run 2D6″, you can potentially get Zagstruk and 30+ Stormboyz accross the table and into combat as soon as turn 1. While this is good for getting some early close combat damage against the enemy, what it is REALLY good for is when you use a giant formation like this to pull of a turn 1 multi-charge and tie several enemy units in close combat at once. That means, of course, that those enemy units are not shooting, which buys invaluable time for the rest of your Ork army, whether foot-slogging or mechanized, to get accross the board with minimal damage get stuck in.

This tactic would work especially well with a Green Tide style list, since it disrupts the enemy DZ, reduces his shooting, and allows those green hordes to get accross the table-top while you “hold” the enemy in place with the gian Vulcha Boyz mob. Put another way, you are limiting your opponents ability maneuver and shoot (i.e. reducing his options) while increasing the options for your own army. In this way, aside from any damage they do themselves, Da Vulcha Boyz formation is an excellent “force-multiplier” unit for many different Ork army styles, enabling the rest of the army to doe their jobs better, even in a competitive, tournament oriented all-comers list.


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