The Ultimate Chaos Lord

Unlike their Loyalist cousins, CSM (depsite the fluff of being such brutal hand-to-hand combatants) struggle to create uber-assault character like the “Iron Hands Biker Chapter Master of Doom” or the “Space Wolves Thunderwolf Shredder of Hopes and Dreams” which dominate many competitive tournaments these days.

Well, despite the weaknesses in the current Chaos Space Marine codex, the Crimson Slaughter supplement provides a way for CSM players to put together a very tough beatstick in his own right. Here is how you do it:

-Chaos Lord with Bike
-Sigil of Corruption
-Mark of Nurgle
-Daemonhart (Relic)
-Blade of the Relentless (Relic)
-Slaughterer’s Horns (Relic)

The net result of all this (very expensive) wargear is a Chas Lord with T6, a 2+/4++ save, IWND, and a Power Sword that gains strength/AP the more you kill (one good round of combat and it can get up to S6 AP2 quite quickly; kill 10 models and it also gets Instant Death for ALL of its attacks). Additionally, the Chaos Lord has +1S and +1A on the charge (from Slaughterer’s Horns), meaning he can “charge up” his sword even quicker. Put him with an escort of Nurgle Bikers or Nurgle Spawn (so everyone is T6 and can move 12″ a turn) and he is basically immune to Instant Death (unless his opponent has a force weapon) and he can laugh off Torrent of Fire shooting (i.e. massed Bolters or Lasguns or Shuriken Catapults or Nid Bio weapons, etc.) with his T6, strong armor, and IWND (i.e. it would take an average of 243 BS4 Bolter shots to kill this particular Chaos Lord, which is like two 10 man tactical squads rapid firing at him for six full game turns).

Against other close-combat oriented characters (i.e. say in a Challenge), his great durability and damage output (especially after Blade of the Relentless becomes AP2) means that he should be able to go head-to-head with some of the toughest assault characters in the game and come out on top, especially if he can get the charge on them (which his Bike gives him a strong chance to do). Finally, if this character is your Warlord, many of the Crimson Slaughter WL Traits make him even better in close combat and he will be quite difficult to kill, thus helping you deny Slay the Warlord to your opponent.


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