Psychic Assassination … Shadowseers, Succubus, and Grotesques

So, this is a way to combine Harlequin and Dark Eldar allies to make a resilient, very hard hitting unit that can drop in and precisely assassinate a powerful character, then continue contributing the rest of the game.

The battle-group is as follows:

-2 x Harlequin Shadowseers  with PML(2), both using Telepathy Discipline; one has Mask of Secrets.

-DE Succubus with Archite Glaive, Armor of Misery, and Web Way Portal.

-Max unit of Grotesques, with Liquefier Guns as appropriate.

Entire unit squads together, then uses Web Way Portal to deep strike in turn 2+ with no scatter, putting both the Mask of Secrets and the Armor of Misery within 12″ of the intended target (let’s say it is a Tau Riptide, just for example). That means that the target already has -4 Ld, which means, on a Riptide with base Ld9, it is operating at Ld5. Next, both Shadowseers use Psychic Shriek (primaris power, so guaranteed) to target the Riptide… on average, each Psychic Shriek that gets through is inflicting about 5-6 wounds, so a total of about 11 wounds if they both go off, which in turn means about 7-8 unsaved wounds after the Riptide 5++, killing it and any drones in a single volley. If you really want to have some insurance, bring Neuron Disruptors on the Shadowseers and a Blast Pistol on the Succubus so you can dish out some more AP2 goodness in the Shooting Phase and finish off the target (if required).

The Grotesques make everybody majority T5 and provide some major tanking (FNP and multiple wounds), plus can deal with hordes with their Liquefier Guns and multiple close combat attacks. If any of the Shadowseers get Invisibility, then you can basically make the formation invincible on the turn it comes in (or even later turns), giving it time to continue to put out more damage in both shooting and close combat. Alternately, if you get The Shrouding power, then you can combine them with terrain for very strong cover saves.

To get access to two Shadowseers you either need to take Masque Detachment or one of the Formations that include multiple Shadowseers, so there is a significant “tax” for this, but generally you can make the rest of the required Harlequins quite useful to your army alongside their dark brethren. If you ware fighting a non-fearless/non-ATSKNF army, then have the Succubus bring along an Archangel of Pain as well and pop that when you arrive from reserve… every enemy unit within  9″ will then have to a take a Ld test at -6 (so Ld 4 if they start with Ld10, Ld 2 for most units) and suffer a AP2, no cover saves allowed wound for every point they fail the Ld test by… given that average Ld roll is 7 and most units will be reduced to Ld 2, that means most units within 9″ will take about 5 unsaved wounds, on top of any shooting/Psychic Shrieks this battle group puts out afterwards.

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