Skyweavers and Farseer Allies… Harlequin/Eldar Integration

Looking for synergies with the new Harlequin Book, especially with their Eldar/Dark Eldar cousins. Right now, one of the best combinations that I can come up with is as follows:

-6 Skyweaver Jetbikes, all with Zypherglaive upgrade.

-Eldar Farseer on a Jetbike with Singing Spear and all powers taken from Divination discipline.

Based on what powers the Farseer gets, he can buff the Skyweavers appropriately:

-Prescience – The best power, improving both shooting and close combat (and guaranteed to have). With 24 x S5 AP2 attacks on the charge, all with WS5 and I5, the Skyweavers with Prescience on them will get an average of about 21 hits against normal WS4 opponents (i.e. MEQs), of which about 14 will wound, with no armor saves. That means this unit can wipe out an entire Power Armor Squad a turn, or about 9-10 Terminators before they even strike, or about 4-5 Hammernators before they can strike back (this doesn’t even account for the Hammer of Wrath attacks by the bikes and the Farseer’s attacks as well). Shooting-wise, with Prescience on, the Skyweavers can put out 18 S6 AP5 Bladestorm shots a turn, all at BS4 and Twin-linked… against MEQs, that’s about 16 hits, about 3 “quasi-Rends” and about 10 “normal” wounds, of which MEQs will fail another 3. Even against vehicles, 16 hits with S6 means the Skyweavers have a solid chance of glancing to death any vehicle with AV12 or less.

-Perfect Timing – Ignoring cover is great, especially with the multiple Shuriken Cannons the Skyweavers bring to the fight, whether shooting at infantry behind cover or targeting skimmers that can use a Jink save.

-Forewarning – Great ability that gives unit a 4++ (not just against shooting and not just once a game, like the Skyweaver Mirage Launchers normally allows). This is a significant improvement over the normal 5++ the bikes have from their holo-suits and reduces their inherent fragility.

-Foreboding – Decent ability that make charging Skyweavers (which most units will not be doing anyway) extra dangerous, especially allowing them to overwatch at full BS.

-Precognition – Allowing the Farseer to better tank wounds and inflict damage on his own (especially with his Witchblade), this is a decent ability that can support the overall Skyweaver unit in both survivability and close combat.

-Misfortune – A Malediction that causes all attacks against the selected target to have Rending… since the Skyweaver Shuriken Cannons already have Bladestorm and their close combat attacks are already AP2 on the charge, the main benefits of this power to the Skyweavers is enabling them to damage vehicles better (especially AV12 and above vehicles ) and to give them the ability to inflict wounds in close combat better in turns after their initial charge, where they are only S3 AP3. That said, still a very useful power, especially when combined with other Eldar and Harlequin units.

-Scrier’s Gaze – Not directly benefiting the Skyweavers, but still quite a boon to the overall Eldar/Harlequin task force in terms of reserve manipulation. A useful power to have on the Farseer in any event.

So, as you can see, almost all Divination powers on a Farseer make Harlequin Skyweavers much better, especially Prescience, which is guaranteed. Combining a large Skyweaver squad with a Divination Farseer can be quite an effective Tactic, especially if you integrate this fast-moving, hard-hitting unit effectively with the rest of army to provide supporting fire, target saturation, and redundancy for seizing objectives.

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