Heavy Destroyers and Triarch Stalkers…. Hoverboard Guass Snipers of Doom!!!

Many have talked about this before, but the new Necron codex has some tremendous potential for synergistic combinations.

Out the gate, one of the best combinations is 2-3 squads of maxed out Heavy Destroyers, all staying within 6″ of a Triarch Stalker Squadron. Between the +1BS bubble of the Triarch Stalkers and the Preferred Enemy USR of the Heavy Destroyers, they have 2+ to hit with re-rolls, which translates to about a 97% accuracy for their shooting. Since PE also allows re-rolls of 1s To Wound (and Gauss Cannons are S9), they have a 97% chance to wound against anything T7 or less (so almost all non-vehicle units in the game).

Now, if you have, say, 3 squadrons of 3 Heavy Destroyers each, that means you get 9 shots a turn that will hit 97% of the time, that will wound 97% of the time, and that will ignore all armor saves due to AP2. So, outside of cover and Invul saves, they should be inflicting 8-9 wounds each turn, especially since their Gauss Cannons have a 36″ range.

Even against vehicles, the S9 AP2 Gauss Cannons are quite effective, especially given their high accuracy, and the Triarch Stalkers can supplement them with their ability to each fire Basically 2 Multimelta shots a turn. About the the only weakness this battle group of Heavy Destroyers and Triarch Stalkers have is against either hordes (which Necron units like Warrior phalanxes, Scarab Swarms, Flayed Ones, and Tomb Blades excell against) or against Flyers (which Night Scythes provide a solid counter to).

Throw in some Wraiths for rapid moving interdiction and some Lychguard for rock solid melee and you have a very well rounded Necron task force, built around the “core” of Heavy Destroyers and Stalkers.

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