Assassins and Killing the Necron Phalanx

With the changes to Reanimation Protocals, Necron Warriors (especially in blocks of 20 models) are exceptionally durable and difficult to take down. Throw in a few Ghost Arks to regenerate additional models and a Cryptek for a 5++ save against shooting and 4+ rolls on Reanimation Protocals and many armies will struggle to deal with large Warrior Phalanxes over the course of a game.

For Imperium players, one potential solution is the use of Assassins, with each of the four different types playing a different potential role in defeating the hordes of metal space zombies:

1 – Vindicare — With the ability to choose his target (and to reduce enemy LoS! rolls for ICs to a 4+), the Vindicare can use his specialized ammo to potentially “one shot” any Crypteks attached to the phalanx, taking away both a potentiall 5++ save and reducing the formation’s Reanimation Protocals back to a 5+.

2 – Callidus — Being able to pop up right next to the formation with no scatter (or even infiltrate right next to it) and then hit it with a strong template weapon turn 1 can significantly weaken it. Additionally, since the Necrons can only snap shot at her the first turn she arrives, the Callidus has solid chance of surviving until the next turn and charging in, where she can wreak havoc in close combat.

3 – Eversor — Potentially the best option, this one man wrecking crew was made to take down Necron Warriors. With a 3D6 charge range, if you start him in an assauslt vehicel, the Eversor has the ability to get off a Turn 1 charge against the Necron phalanx, basically negating their powerful shooting and either tying them up or downright destroying them in the assault phase. On the charge he has 8 attacks at S5 AP3, all at WS8, meaning he can cause multiple casualties and very likely recieve little to no damage in return from the Necron Warriors. This in turn, coupled with his high initiative, means he can quite possible charge the phalanx, win combat, and sweep the entire formation before Turn 1 is even over, completing taking them out before the game even gets going.

4 – Culexus — An awesome unit, but since almost all of his abilities are best used against Psykers (and Necrons have none), he is probably least useful against a full phalanx. That said, his Etherium means it is very difficult to shoot down and he is surprisingly good in close combat, even against non-Psykers, so he could potentially tie up a phalanx in combat for many turns, thus keeping them from shooting, claiming objectives, or other important actions.


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