Wave of Fire: Lias Issodon, Centurions, and Purifiers

Lias Issodon (FW Raptors Chapter Master) is one of my favorite characters in the game and, I think, one of the best on the table-top. Among his many abilities, he has the WL Trait “Master of Ambush,” which allows him to infiltrate himself and 3 non-vehicle units.

Now, combine this with an allied GK Nemesis Strike Force and you have quite a potent potential strategy.

1 – Pre-game, Infiltrate Lias with a Squad of 4-6 Grav Cannon Centurions, flanked by two squads of 10 Purifiers, each equipped with 4 Psycannons and Halberds/Hammers to taste. If you can put Lias and the Centurions into cover, this his natural Shrouded USR means they are rocking a 3+ cover save in addition to their T5 2W and 2+ armor.

 2 – Turn 1, engage the heavy infantry and/or heavy vehicles with the Centurions, the medium vehicles with the Psycannons, and use the multiple Cleansing Flame powers of the Purifiers to clear out any hordes.

3 – On top of this, if the Grey Knights have anything Deep Striking in turn 1 (due to Nemesis Strike Force special rules), then they can land within 6″ of Lias and have zero scatter, thanks to his Locator Beacon. Add in a few “shunting” Dreadknights and you can quicly overwhelm an opponent’s battle-line with target saturation that should overwhelm his targeting priorities pretty quickly.



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