Tactical Thought of the Day – Incubi and Spiritseers

Incubi are generally pretty good units, for their points, especially since they strike at I5 with AP2 weapons, which is quite uncommon for non-hero units without Relic equipment. Now, they are fragile, with T3 and a 3+ save (off-set a little as the game goes on and they gain FNP) and they lack assault grenades, but other than that they have quite a solid profile in close combat, with 3 x S4 AP2 attacks on the charge each, all swing at WS5 (this becomes S5 on the charge once Power through Pain activates Furious Charge on Turn 4 and they gain Rage on Turn 6 for a total of 4A each on the charge).
So, how to make them even better? Eldar allies of course! With their access to the Runes of Battle discipline and PML(2), Spiritseers are a great IC to attach to a squad of Incubi. Runes of Battle means the Spirit Seer can potentially:

-Increase the Incubi Strength by +1 (so S5 base, S6 with Furious Charge)

-Increase Incubi WS/I by +1 (so WS6 and I6, putting them on par with elite enemy characters)

-Increase Incubi armor by +1 (2+ save means they become like uber Honor Guard)

-Grant Incubi Fearless

-Add +3″ to their run moves (with natural Fleet, than means very solid ability to foot slog)

-Grant the squad in essence a “Psychic Heavy Flamer” (to soften up hordes)

-Give the Squad Shrouded (combined with some terrain and they are shrugging off even AP2/3 shooting).

As you can see, the Spirit Seer potentially brings A LOT of utility to an Incubi squad. If you really want to go crazy, add a Spirit Seer and Jain Zarr to a squad of 8 Incubi in a Raider (Jain Zarr’s Mask decreases enemy I and WS by -5, meaning that the lack of grenades doesn’t matter so much and also increasing the sqauds’ damage and survivability in close combat; oh, and she is a beatstick herself in the assault phase). Pretty much anything they charge should be toast and, with the right psychic abilities and Power through Pain buffs, they should become pretty survivable as well.


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