Dark Reapers and the Macro-Cannon… Double, I mean Triple, D power!!!

So, even though it is modeled as an Imperium structure, the Aquila Strongpoint is in the Stronghold Assault Book and is available to any race that is willing to cough up more than two land raiders worth of points to get it. One of those races is the pointed eared, arrogant space elves who are trying to cling to the last vestiges of survival… Craftworld Eldar, of course!


Eldar have many things going for them these days, including super-charged dedicated transports, the ability to run/shoot or shoot/run, firepower all over the place, and even T8 MCs that can jump around the battlefield at a clip of 12″ a turn (Necron C’Tan are SO envious!).

Another thing they have going is Exarchs… yep, those WS5 BS5 super squad leaders who also happen to have some nifty little abilities that are, unsurprisingly, called Exarch Powers. In the case of the Dark Reapers, the Exarch can take an ability called Fast Shot, which enables them to shoot one more shot per shooting phase than they normally can… while this is quite useful with something like an Eldar Missile Launcher, where it really comes in handy is when the Exarch is manning a emplaced weapon system with a BIG payload… and pretty much nothing has a bigger payload than the Aquila Strongpoint with its Macro-Cannon that puts out 2 x S:D AP1 Pie Plates a turn.

Well, normally, that is. With the Dark Reaper Exarch on the gunner’s toggles, that suddenly becomes THREE S:D AP1 pie plates a turn… oh, and did I mention, they ignore Jink saves due to the Exarchs Reaper Rangefinder war gear (that means Bikes and Skimmers are Very afraid of this guy)…. oh, and did I mention that the Exarch is BS5, so those 5″ Blasts are only scattering an average of 2″ a turn, if they don’t roll a straight up Hit to begin with?!

Even if the rests of the Eldar army is dancing around at high speeds and gracefully avoiding the clumsy attacks of their enemies, it pays to have a small Dark Reaper squad occupy a Aquila Strongpoint (or in the Eldar’s case, more appropriately a “D-Matrix Portal” or something like that) and rain down three Large Blasts of Destructor power a turn!

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